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It's dark and it might be morning but the eerie blackness defines it as night. The sun? It really doesn't come up anymore. Not in this city. The shadows run against the walls of each building creating paranoia in Edwards mind.

Anything, anything at all could happen now. He looks toward the other two, Silus and Faith, their scared forms huddled together as they drag along the street with him, guns clutched firmly in their shaking hands.

"Where are we going?" Faith asks, pressing blonde bangs from her eyes.

They got ammo now. They should be good for a while.

Edward frowns and pauses in step. Where are they going? Out of here for sure.

"We're leaving this city." Edward says blankly. The tiny bit of hope that Roy might still be alive runs from his mind and sinks to the ground. Roy's not alive. He can't have hope like that anymore.

Silus speaks up, "There's a barrier of some kind around the whole city. A spell from alchemy? To keep anything from escaping."

"Oh…" is all Edward can mutter before he remembers, yeah, there is that boarder but it keeps dead things in. They are alive.

Edward says, "We can pass." He says, "I'm sure of it."

The streets seem almost lonely as the three walk down them, except for the small fact that monsters may be lurking anywhere. How did this happen anyways? This was never supposed to happen.

Jump to right before the explosion. Edwards in the colonel's office sitting on one of those not so comfy black couches.

"Hey," Roy says, taking a sit next to he blonde, lacing Edwards's flesh fingers with his own.

"Hey," Edward says back, pressing a kiss to the colonel's shoulder.

Of course, the Colonel should be doing paper work but why would you when there's a gorgeous blonde sitting on your couch.

There's a rumble in the ground but both boys mistake it for an earthquake quickly disregarding it as not important. In the next moment the ground shakes again and Edward's eyes widen. He feels heat, overwhelming, almost, and then it happened.

The explosion.

Now, back to the gloomy shadowy streets where the three are walking.

A figure lurks in the shadows, watching. He can't leave this place now. He dead.

Edward feels the unmistakable feeling of eyes on him and he pauses, Faith and Silus stopping with him.

"There's something." The alchemist whispers.

Faith bites her lip and Silus stares into the blackness. An ally.

They wait a few grueling minutes, but nothing.

"Stay here." Edward whispers to the other two. They both nod but their eyes are on the look out.

The blonde boy carefully steps into the darkness and as he steps closer he hears footfalls step backwards. There's a gun clutched in Edward's right hand and he clenches it, ready to shoot. He steps closer and he can make out the figure. Tall, shadowy and familiar.



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