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Walking down the long carpeted hallway, Relena Dorlain paused at several doors and taking a quick peek at the rooms behind the doors was reminded with a vengeance of just how much repairs would have to be done on the third floor before the rooms were available to rent.

Going over to the elevator she pressed the down button intending to make her rounds on the second floor but as the elevator doors opened her eyes met the eyes of one of the hotels best house keepers. Hilde Schibecker was staring at her with an extremely annoyed look on her face.

Sighing softly Relena stepped unto the elevator and turning to Hilde asked, " What's wrong, Hilde?"

Hilde let out a soft groan as she answered, " One of the sinks on the first floor has busted and in case you didn't hear the fire alarm for the few seconds it was on, let me be the first to inform you that some of the guests on the second floor decided it would be fun to light the drapes on fire.The new ones by the way not those scuzzy old ones that could only have been improved by being torched."

Relena let out a groan of her own at this news. " So basically you are telling me some idiot has just ruined a five hundred dollars set of drapes and not only that we have a broken sink in one of the rooms?"

Hilde nodded glumly in reply. Leaning back against the elevator wall, Relena's forehead wrinkled in pain from the headache that was starting to form right behind her eyes.Taking a deep breath she straightened out her light pink pants suit and turning to Hilde said, "Call Duo have him come and repair the sink, I will go inform the guests in," stopping mid sentence Relena asked, " What room did you say they were in again?"

Hilde slapped a hand to her head in a show of frustration," I didn't say, I was to annoyed at the jerks to remember to do so. They are in room 223."

" All right, I will go and tell the guests in room 223 that they will be leaving today and that the price of the drapes will be added on to their hotel bill along with anything else they might have destroyed."

At that moment the door to the elevator dinged open and Relena and Hilde walked out of the elevator going their separate ways down the hallway.

Just as she reached the door to room 223, she felt her cell phone vibrate, grabbing it she glanced to see who was calling, reading Front Desk on the screen, she stepped away from the doorway and over to a window that was out of people's walkway.

Clicking on the phone she answered it all the while repeating in her head, Please let it be good news, please let it be good news, Dorothy answered her hello with, " Relena we have a problem get down here now!"

Pressing her lips together firmly so the foul word that had sprung to her mind wouldn't leak through, Relena walked back to the elevator and press the button labeled Main Floor.

When the door dinged open this time Relena stepped out of the elevator on to tile floor this time and as she walked her low heel light pink heels made a soft clicking sound.Going over to the wide oak desk which Dorothy was currently standing behind, Relena walked up behind her and laying a hand on her shoulder, smiled at the two young men standing in front of the desk said," If you will kindly pardon the interruption gentlemen I need to discuss some matters with my coworker."

The young man of about medium height and build, with blonde hair and light blue eyes said, " Oh, yes, that would be just fine with us." His friend who was taller and thinner with reddish brown hair done up in one of the strangest hairdos, Relena had ever seen, nodded in agreement.

Taking Dorothy by the elbow she lead her a few paces away from the counter and asked in a hushed voice, " All right, Dorothy, what kinda of trouble are we having that you could not handle it on your own?"

Dorothy cast a dirty look over her shoulder at the young men waiting patiently then said in a low whisper, " They want to keep sick animals here!"

Relena blinked in shock at this bit of information then asked, " Did you happen to ask them why?"

Dorothy just gave her a ' look' which Relena returned full force. Seeing that Relena wasn't going to back down, Dorothy answered Relena's question. "No I did not ask why they wanted to house sick animals at a hotel. I mean it really isn't hard to see that their are just a couple of weirdo's."

Relena snuck a quick glance at the men, the blonde was dressed in a nice suit and the brunette in a dark green turtleneck and a pair of jeans.

Turniing back to Dorothy, Relena said, " You're right, Dorothy they look completely insane."

Dorothy began to bristle at the obvious sarcasm in the comment but before she could let loose her tongue, which Relena knew from experience could be very biting, Relena held up her hand and said, " I am going to go ask them why they want to keep sick animals here and if they have a good reason and are willing to pay for any damages the animals could cause, we will rent them as many rooms as they desire to rent. And you will treat them with respect if they become guests at this establishment."

Dorothy nodded, a little resentfully but Relena was grateful that at least she didn't cause a scene.

Walking back to the desk she said, " Gentlemen my colleague informs me that you would like to keep some animals here. While we do allow pets may I inquire why you need to store them here and how many?"

The blonde smiled at these questions and answered with a hint of relief in his voice, " Oh, yes of course I will explain what is going on, Miss?"

Relena answered the question in his voice by saying, " Dorlain sir, please go on."

" Well, Miss Dorlain my friend Doctor Barton's veterinary clinic burned down and while it is being rebuilt he needs a place to watch over his patients. Would it be okay with your establishment if he keeps them here?"

After hearing the man's explanation the tension that was creeping into her shoulders eased and Relena said. " That sounds just fine sir, will you be staying with your friend?"

" Hmm no, I just wanted to pay for the rooms." At this the man behind him, now know to Relena as Dr. Barton finally spoke, " Quatre, I told you before I can paid for the rooms myself."

The man know as Quatre replied, " And I told you to keep your money, you have taken care of a lot of my pets over the years and it will be my honor to pay for your hotel bills while you are rebuilding. Now stop arguing."

Dr. Barton shook his head but said no more. After setting the man up with five connecting rooms on the ground floor, Relena paged Catherine Bloom another housekeeper and speaking to Dr. Barton said, " A maid will be here shortly to show you to your rooms. Thank you for choosing Peacecraft Hotel."

As the men moved over the side of the desk, Relena let out a quiet sigh of relief and moved aside so Dorothy could return to her job. Walking back towards the elevator Relena hoped that her day would finish with more incidents.But as Catherine walked off of the elevator and towards their new guest she found that hope to be in vain.

For when Catherine's eyes caught the eyes of their new guest a startled gasp flew from her mouth, and she stuttered out, " Trowa!"

Dr. Barton's face was in a state of shocked recognition but as he stepped toward Catherine his hand out stretched towards her, muttering a soft, " Cathy?" Catherine turned white and crying out " No, not now!" she fled the room.

At this Relena slammed her now throbbing forehead into her hands and said, " Will anything go right today!" Then turning to the confused young man in front of her said, " Sir Dorothy will show you to your rooms. And if you will kindly excuse me I must see to our employ."

Ignoring the dirty look Dorothy gave her at this comment, Relena ducked into the servants hall that Catherine had run into.

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