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Sally pulled out a chair across from the startled apartment manager and reaching behind her into the mini fridge, she grabbed two soda's and placing one in front of Relena, she snapped open her own and after taking a sip said in an easy going tone, "So, Relena, who is it that is getting on your nerves today?"

Grasping the strawberry soda in front of her, Relena placed the cold soda against her aching head and said shortly,"Dorothy."

A look of understanding appearing on her face, Sally asked,"What did she do this time?"

Letting out a weary sigh, Relena said,"Same as normal.But with Catherine having a small break down, Dorothy acting like a snotty brat was just a little to much for me today."

Eyebrows raising in interest and concern, Sally said,"Catherine had a break down? What happened to cause that? Is she okay now?"

Shrugging her shoulders in a helpless manner, Relena said,"Yes, she's all right now and to the best of my knowledge what happened was a new guest."

Sally stared at Relena for a minute and then said in a tone of disbelief,"A new guest caused Catherine to have a break down? Are you sure about that?"

Nodding, Relena said,"Yes, I am sure that it was the new guest. And before you ask how the new guest could ruffle our normally calm Catherine so badly, all I can tell you is that it seems that they knew each other before she came to work here. And that all I can tell you."

"Now that's an intriguing statement. Can you at least tell me this mystery guest's name?"

Giving Sally a sassy grin, Relena said,"The guest's name? You mean you don't want to know their gender?"

Laughing softly, Sally said,"It's rather obvious that the guest is male, Relena."

"It is?" Relena asked curiously.

"I have never seen Catherine thrown off by another woman, that and I have also never seen Catherine hanging out with any man but Duo. So I always kind of suspected that she had man trouble in the past. And now that I have given you my reasons for supposing the guest to be male, would you kindly give me his name?"

Laughing over Sally's rather nosy observations, Relena held up her hand and in a breathless voice said,"All right, all right, I will tell you his name. But you have to promise not to go off and bother the poor man, okay?"

Waving a hand in a careless manner, Sally said,"I promise, now tell me his name."

Shaking her head over her friend's eagerness for gossip, Relena said,"His name is Trowa Barton. And that's all I am telling you about him. Got it?"

Smiling in a mischievous manner, Sally said,"Trowa Barton, huh? I'll have to ask Catherine about him later."

Relena gave Sally a incredulous look and then with a small growl reached across the table and lightly smacked her arm.

"You tricked me!"

Smiling cockily, Sally said unrepentantly,"Yep!"

Relena opened her mouth to say something, what she wasn't sure, when her phone gave a jingle.

Sighing, she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out her bright pink cell phone and seeing that she had a text message from Dorothy said,"I have to take this, Sally, but don't think that I am finished with you."

Her smirk still firmly in place, Sally gave a jaunty little wave as Relena stood up and began walking out of the room. At the door she finally read the message and to her surprise it was a very short one.All it said was,'Security's here. Come down.'

Turning a little she examined herself in the mirror above the sink to make sure that her hair was still in place. Seeing that a few honey blond strands had fallen out of the light blue bow in the back. Relena tucked them back in and tightened the by now drooping bow just a little.

Then she quickly walked out the door and down the staircase.

As she came around the corner, her eyes caught sight of a set of broad shoulders encased in a denim blue work shirt, her brow crinkling in confusion, after all she thought the new security guard would be an older man, Relena stepped up behind him and said politely,"Hello, may I help you?"

The man turned around in what felt like slow motion to Relena and when he was finally face to face with her, all thoughts in her head scattered to the four winds.

His eyes were the deepest shade of blue she had ever seen, and in them dwelt an intensity that made her want to stare into them until she figure out what the reason for that intensity was.

Swallowing hard, Relena nervously licked her suddenly dry lips and said in the most professional tone she could muster,"Are you wanting a room here?"

The young man continued to stare at her rarely blinking and giving her no sign as to whether or not he was going to answer either of her questions.

Relena could feel herself beginning to squirm under his gaze and just as she was scouring her mind for something else to say to him, he spoke,"Heero Yuy,it's a pleasure."

Blinking in dumbfoundment Relena began to raise her hand to shake his in greeting before realizing he hadn't taken his out of his jean pockets.

Clenching her hand into a fist, Relena hoped he hadn't noticed that she was about to hold it out to him and doing her best to cover her nervousness, said with a warm smile,"I'm Relena Dorlain. Is there anything I can help you with?"

In the same monotone as before, he said,"I'm your new security guard. I am also here to put in your new security system."

Her cheeks flushing a bright pink as her brain finally reminded her of Dorothy's text message, the reason she had come down here in the first place, Relena stammered out,"O-oh, well welcome aboard, Mr. Yuy. Is there any thing you need to know about your new job or are you all set?"

As she was saying this, more like rambling it actually, Relena wasn't sure but she thought she saw a hint of amusement flicker in the depths of his eyes. But before she could be sure, he spoke again, "I need you to show me where to put in the new system."

Her cheeks burning even brighter, Relena said,"Yes, you would, wouldn't you?

Well, if you would please follow me, I will show you that right now."

As Heero walked past her in the direction she had motioned towards, Relena's whole body seemed to stand at attention as his scent filled her nostrils.What that scent was Relena had no idea, but she did know one thing as she followed her new and far to attractive security guard to the basement.

She was going to do her best to avoid him from now on.


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