The following morning was filled with rushing persons. Some going to the kitchen to make their final breakfast together. Some going to their cars to make sure everything was in place and that had enough fuel to make it home.

Billy was loading Hayley and Ethan's things into his car. He didn't want his new friends to meet an untimely death on their journey home, so he offered to take some passangers. Tommy was still unhappy. Sure Ethan and Conner wouldn't be fussing like they had on the way there but he still had to deal with the white ranger and the red rangers arguements. To Kira's joy and Trent's disappointment, the yellow ranger was to be seated in the front while the white ranger had to deal with unwanted comments from their leader.

When it came time for breakfast, the group settled down on the patio for one last time. They chattered a bit, but after several days of being with each other, they didn't really have anything to say.

After breakfast, they all stood outside saying farewell to the first pink ranger. Kim's cab had arrived earlier than they expected.

"Goodbye, Kimberly." Trini said squeezing her friend tightly as they hugged. "I'll miss you."

"I know." Kim said wiping away her tears. "I'll see you when that baby is born."

Trini just nodded. Kim turned to Zack and hugged him.

"How come we're always saying goodbye?" Zack asked.

"I don't know, but hopefully this will be the last time. I don't think I can stay away any longer."

"Good." Zack said as he let her go. He kissed her cheek before he handed her over to Aisha.

"Girl, you had better visit me soon." Aisha said giving her best friend a bear hug.

"How can I not?"

"Not too soon, though." Rocky said as he received his hug. "We won't be home sometime next month."


"Second honeymoon."

"Well, it sounds romantic."

"She can visit you guys in August." Jason said as he lifted Kim into his arm.

"Yeah," Kat said hugging her. "You have to be a bride's maid at my wedding."

"I'll be happy too."

Kim hugged Billy, Hayley, Adam, Tanya, and the Teens. Words of farewell were exchanged and Kim promised to send Kira some of her songs.

Kimberly turned to Tommy. They exchanged shy smiles before Tommy wrapped his arms around her waist and hers wound around his neck. He kissed her then.

It was a sweet long kiss. A promise of love and happiness.

Snickers were heard from the door and the couple looked over. Their friends were doubled over with laughter.

"What's so funny?" Tommy asked confused.

"Hey, guys," Jason managed to say. "I hear the words, but I don't see who said them."

"Um... Dr. O." said Ethan. "I think your gem decided you needed some privacy."

Luckily they cad driver was reading the newspaper and wasn't paying attention to the teary goodbye.

Tommy blushed, but before he made Kim and himself visible again, he made sure the blush was gone.

"Sorry." he mumbled to his love.

"It's ok."

They rested their foreheads against each other and smiled. Small pecks were placed on their lips.

"I'll miss you, Handsome."

"I'll miss you too, Beautiful."

Tommy kissed her again, this time making sure his dino gem did not react.

"I love you." Kim said as she moved away and opened the door to the cab.

"I love you too." Tommy said as he watched her enter the cab. He snuck another kiss before shutting the door.

"I'll try to call you often."

"Email's cheaper."

"Yeah." She paused. "Goodbye."

"No goodbye. See you soon."

"See you soon."

Those were their final words before the cab drove down the long driveway. Kim turned in her seat and waved goodbye and blew kisses. Her friends laughed at her over dramatic departure.

Tommy smiled. He knew someday they would be together forever.

Kimberly knew this too, but she had a bad feeling that things were going to get worse before they got better.

The End

Sorry about the ending. I really bite at endings.

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