Once Upon A Time
by Bil!

.PG - General/Angst – SS – Complete

It was a fairy tale, and he had his role to play.


It was a fairy tale with the usual suspects. There was a war to fight, in which Good had to defeat Evil. There was a kingdom to protect, complete with a castle. There was an evil sorcerer, the epitome of darkness. There was the wise old man to offer advice, and noble warriors to fight for the cause. There was even a princess, who doubled as a noble warrior. And of course there was the boy, the hero, the prince of light who would save the world.

And then there was him. A twisted version of a fairy godmother, he'd decided, one who couldn't just wave a magic wand and set everything right. One who had descended into evil and become a part of the shadow, but then rose out of the darkness and offered the prince the weapon needed to smite the evil sorcerer and provide the traditional ending.

The prince won, of course; that's how all good fairy tales run. The prince won and those on the side of Good cheered and threw a party. The wise old man smiled knowingly, the noble warriors got nobly drunk, the prince married his princess, and they celebrated the beginning of their happily-ever-afters.

As he watched them celebrate, though, he wondered. What does the fairy godmother do when her task is complete and they don't need her anymore? What happens to her at the end of the story, when she doesn't matter anymore? What can she do to earn a happy ending?

They didn't see him leave, didn't notice him disappear into the night to become just one more shadow in the dark. He had served his rôle as plot device, and now he would look for his own story.

Without a regret, Severus Snape went in search of his own happily-ever-after.


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