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Aeons ago in the years before Alchemy ruled the world of Weyard, four great tribes were created by the gods. The Mars gods created the tribe of fire known to all as Proxians and settled them to the north of Weyard upon which they created the village of Prox. The Proxians were a great people with the ability to freely control fire and magma and transform into any creature at will. The Mercury gods created the tribe of water and called them Lemurians and sent them to live on an island to the west which they dubbed as Lemuria. The Lemurians were a peaceful people who spent most of their time in the sea, as it was their element. Lemurians could walk upon land freely but when in the water, grew a tail and gills. Thus earned them the second title of merpeople. They were marvelled for their control of water and ice, their healing and their beautiful scales that glittered when they swum. The Venus gods created their tribe the Suhullans of the earth, who settled on the southern continent of Weyard. They created the city of Suhulla. The Suhullans were known for grace, speed, pointed ears and their ability to bring plants and stones to life. The Suhullans were also known as elves and had close ties to the faeries and centaur people. But it was the Jupiter gods who created the perhaps most powerful tribe of all, the tribe of the wind, the Anemos who settled on eastern Weyard. The Anemos were a beautiful people and had incredible knowledge. The Anemos could control wind and lightning, read the minds of others, teleport anywhere in seconds, see any lies and it was rumoured they blessed with the ability to fly. Thereafter some of the lesser gods created the lesser species, the humans. Others created many beasts to roam the land of Weyard. Now these four main tribes were at war over which was stronger for many years until the god that took the dead to the underworld, Charon, and the goddess who brought messages to Weyard, Iris, decended from the sky to Mt Aleph, bringing with them the Stone of Sages, which contained the power of Alchemy which they bestowed upon the tribes, bring with it great knowledge and immense power. The tribes made their peace and proceeded to build the elemental lighthouses to anchor the power of the Stone of Sages into the land. When the lighthouses were completed and lit a Golden Sun formed over the land and tied the power of the tribes to the Stone of Sages. Using this golden light the gods created a range of creatures to help the Adepts, which called themselves Djinn. There were four species of Djinn created; one species for each element: Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. These Djinn watched over the tribes, who now that they had united agreed on a common name: Adepts. Weyard was peaceful for many hundreds of years until something disurbed the four Adept tribes who declared war on each other yet again. But then a group brave and wise Adepts rose from the people and blamed the war on Alchemy. These Adepts set out to seal away the power of Alchemy and succeeded in sealing the powers of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter into four palm sized stones, naming them elemental stars. The wise Anemos foresaw what would occur next and ripped their city from the earth and guided it to stars. The graceful Suhullans disappeared from the face of Weyard. It is known to no one where they went. The brave Adepts raced to Sol Sanctum to seal away Alchemy but not unnoticed. The gods saw what was to become of their gift and grew enraged. They joined their powers together and created a golden being. As this golden entity raced to Sol Sanctum a great evil rose from the earth to meet it, halting its process. As the demon and the god's creation brutally clashed above Mt Aleph, the Adepts succeeded in sealing Alchemy, and sealing the Djinn with it. As Alchemy was sealed away the two enemies were wretched apart. The demon was sealed below the earth and the gods creation was sent back to them, above the sky. A seal was created above Weyard, preventing the gods from ever returning. One of the Adepts who sealed Alchemy created The Wise One to guard the elemental stars and built the town of Vale, at the foot of Mt Aleph, to guard Sol Sanctum where they had sealed the elemental stars. For hundreds of years Weyard went without Alchemy, slowly declining. The Prox and Lemurians began to lose their power. Many of the Prox attempted to shape change and became caught halfway, becoming half-beasts. The great Lemurains found they could no longer live in sea, as the ability to grow tails and gills left them. They retreated to their island home and stayed there. The once great people spoke to no one of the power they had lost. Thus Weyard became ignorant of Alchemy except for the Prox and Lemurains who realised that Weyard was slowly crumbling away at the edges. Due to the heroism of two Proxians, Saturos and Menardi, eight brave heroes restored Alchemy to the world: Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia, each a representative of one of the four tribes. However Mt Aleph was drawn into the earth taking with it Alex, the cunning one who had tried to gain Alchemy's power, and destroyed the town of Vale. When the eight adepts reached Mt Aleph and found the Valeans had survived, they set about rebuilding their town then went their separate ways. Ivan went to Congito to live with his sister. Mia went back to live in her beloved town of Imil. Piers left in his ship for Lemuria, whether the let him return is unknown. Sheba left for Lalivero alone, assuring her friends she would make it home safe. Felix, Jenna, Isaac and Garet remained in the new Vale. But little did the heroes know they had unleashed something terrible upon Weyard. For a slowly regaining power, demon and a golden being had a battle to resume……

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