Shimmy: Tetra! You little pest! Begone! (Tetra disappears)

Sheik: What did you do that for?

Shimmy: Meh, pirates annoy me. It's okay though! I have someone in reserve.

(Rose drops out of the sky)

Rose: What the hell am I doing here?

Shimmy: Oh great. Another blond.

Rose: Where's the Doctor?

Sheba: STORY!

Rose: What story?

Sheik: This one.

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They were fighting again. This time the Earth was concentrating on her not the fight. The Water killed the Earth quickly. She cried out in grief as she tried to fend off the Fire's blows. She concentrated her anger. The Fire screeched in anger as it was eaten up by a wave of energy. Above, the Water and Dark merged together. The Light couldn't contain it. She watched in horror as the Light was destroyed and the world was plunged into shadow.

She opened her eyes.

"I see," She whispered to the shrine, "What must I do to change it?"

A voice like a soft breeze whispered to her a reply.

"Yes," She whispered again, "Of course. Why didn't I think of that?"

She stood and bowed at the small shrine.

"Thank you."

"You are most welcome."

They stepped into a large circular room. Kraden gasped in wonder. For at an altar in the centre of the room sat a purple orb, similar to the Jupiter Lighthouse beacon. The queen strode up to the altar and beckoned them forward.

"What do you know about this?" The queen asked.

"It looks like the Jupiter Lighthouse beacon." Offered Ivan.

The queen nodded.

"Anything else?"

They all shook their heads. The queen sighed.

"I was hoping one of you would know so I wouldn't have to explain…"

Kraden grinned crookedly. It seemed the queen had a sense of humor.

"This orb right here is the pure source of wind energy; the essence of Jupiter's power."

Kraden reached out toward it.

"Don't touch it."

They all jumped at the unexpected voice. Lalivero stood behind them.

"If anyone but a Jupiter adept tried to touch the essence of wind it would appear to be nothing more than air. It is possible that is would disappear into thin air. We don't want that to happen do we?"

The queen sighed vehemently.

"You always have to sneak up like that don't you?"

The other woman snorted.


The queen shook her head and turned her attention to the Adepts again.

"The Essence is a delicate creation, as Lalivero said," The queen told them, "Any disturbance from a non-Adept or an Adept of an element apart from Jupiter, would cause it to break down."

"How come you get to explain it better than me?" Lalivero complained.

"Because I'm the queen." Was the teasing reply.

"Are you two going to argue all day?" Asked a voice, and they all turned to see the girl that looked like Sheba, Serenity, was leaning against the wall watching them. They hadn't even heard her come in. Both the queen and Lalivero blushed, and the queen focused her attention on the heroes once more.

"What do you know about Anemos?" Asked the queen. They all looked at her blankly.

"Uh… they use to live on Weyard." Isaac began.

"They floated up into the sky." Offered Ivan.

"And they became Weyard's moon." Finished Kraden.

The three Anemans looked at each other with amused grins.

"That's partially true," admitted Lalivero, "But not entirely. You see, we Anemos did rise into the sky but we only got as far as the clouds. A few months later someone discovered there was land above our heads and we teleported up there. There was no air however, and we were forced to come back down. But we worked together and constructed a barrier of sorts around the land and trapped air in there when we brought it with us. We planted trees and we brought water. The barrier reflects the light of the sun and that's why you see your moon at night."

They were all stumped and remained silent.

"You are on that land now. By harnessing the power of Jupiter Lighthouse we have created a way to transport you up here. For we have need of your power."

Felix cleared his throat.

"Does it have something to do with that?" He asked, pointing at the pure source of wind power.

The queen nodded.

"We want you to gather the remaining pure sources of elemental power and bring them here."

"Why?" Asked Isaac, unable to keep his suspicion from his voice.

The queen smiled.

"I understand your doubt, but it is the only way we can defeat this new threat," She explained, "If we use the elemental power to charge the Luna Staff then we may win this war."

"War!" The shock on Kraden's face was obvious.

"There will be a war. We have foreseen it." Lalivero told them.

She walked over to the altar and pressing her hand on the side, murmured something. A compartment on the side opened and she reached in and pulled out a marvelous creation. The wooden part of the staff looked like vines twined together. One of the vines was a light purple and the other was a dark blue. The head of the staff glinted; it was metal. It was shaped like a crescent moon and bits branched off to hold a sparkling silver gem in the centre of the moon. Jenna and Mia sighed in envy.

"This is the Luna Staff," She said, "When imbued with the powers of Jupiter and Mercury it will finally be complete once again."

"Only the powers of Mercury and Jupiter?" Asked Garet with a frown. Lalivero nodded.

"There were two weapons of power made. This was imbued with the power of Jupiter and Mercury. The other contained the power of Mars and Venus…" Her eyes flicked to Felix.

"That weapon now resides in your care." She informed him. Instantly his hand flew to his side, and he grimaced. The Anemans had insisted to take their weapons before they saw the queen.

"It's alright," He was assured by the queen, "You may retrieve your weapons later. They will be quite safe with" –

The queen ended her speech abruptly and stared off into space. Looking around they discovered that Lalivero and Serenity had done the same thing.

"What are they doing?" Asked Mia nervously after a minute of complete silence.

"I don't know," Ivan replied, "It's like they're under some sort of mesmeric power."

As if to demonstrate, he waved a hand in front of Serenity's face. Much to his surprise the girl blinked and glared at him. He jumped back in shock.

"Do you mind?" She snapped. They all stared at her.

"There has been a change." They all jumped, not noticing that the queen and Lalivero had also awoken from their trance. As one, they turned to face them.

"Only three of you will be going to retrieve the elements with my daughter." Lalivero told them.

"Who changed the plan?" Asked Felix.

"I did."

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