Forever and Always A Pair

By redandblack 4eva

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers.

Author's note: Hi again. I decided to take couples from my readers, so I'll take any pairing EXCEPT Tommy and Kat. Just give a shout and let me know. Also, if you want specific actions between the pairs let me know. I'll be working on the sequel to Love You Always after this.

Pink and Blue

She stared out the window of her room and sighed longingly. 'I can't believe it. After all this time, I still can't get him out of my mind.' Deciding she needed some space, Syd left her room and went for a walk in the park. Sky was thinking the same thing somewhere else. 'Why is it that I love her so? I just though of her as a friend. But her smile, her angelic face… Wait I need to clear my head.' So he too, left the Academy for a bit of time alone.

When Sky reached the park he saw an all too familiar figure. Syd didn't notice him come up to her from behind. "Hey Syd. Penny for your thoughts?" Sydney was so startled that when she whirled around, she hit him in the stomach. Suddenly she saw it was Sky. He was doubled over in pain. "Oh my gosh! Sky, I'm sooo sorry! Here let me help you," she told him trying to pull him off the ground.

"Thanks Syd," Sky groaned still feeling the pain. "Why'd you come out here?" Syd wondered. "I needed to clear my head," Sky replied. They just sat there in silence for awhile. While they were there, Sky noticed how beautiful Sydney looked in the sunlight. He let out a deep breath.



"You go first Syd." Sky answered.

"Well, um I – I really l-love you. I've known that since you were on my squad," Sky confessed.

Sky didn't reply but he leaned down and kissed Syd. They found each other and all the emptiness went away.

"So it's safe to assume that you love me too?" Syd asked smiling.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he told her with a grin on his face.

They both walked back to S.P.D. hand in hand. Boy, did everyone get the shock of their lives. Sky Tate, the uptight by the book cadet and Sydney Drew, S.P.D.'s princess? No one saw how it would work, until they saw how Sky and Syd acted toward one another.