Partners in Crime

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Ship: Jack/Z

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Elizabeth "Z" Deldago sighed. Her life could not get any better. She had everything in life that a girl could want. Home, friends, the perfect guy. Jack Landors, the dreamiest guy alive.

'I remember when we first met'


"Hello pretty lady. Come on over and lets take a look at you," grinned some sick guy.

"No! Get away from me!" A fifteen-year old Z said, running away.

"Wait Babe, we just want to have some fun!" the man said.

"Did you hear the lady! She said get the hell away. Now leave her alone!" A bold seventeen-year Jack yelled.

"Bug off dude! I got the girl first!" the pervert said.

Jack punched the guy in the gut and got Z to safety.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked the frightened girl.

"T-thanks f-for s-saving m-me," Z said shakily.

End Flashback

Yes, Z had the perfect life. Together her and Jack had always been together.


"Sorry, that was everything," Jack told the alien.

"Wait! Here, take my jacket," Jack says as he hands the alien his jacket.

"You are the best, Jack!" Z says smiling at Jack.

End Flashback

Everything was perfect, and it would stay that way. With Jack by her side, nothing could go wrong.

Well, here was the Jack/Z that some people had originally ask for. Toodles.

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