Title: The Nemesis Project

Synopsis: A patient escapes a secret Psi-Corp facility on Mars struggling to reach Babylon 5 with the Rangers help.

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Rating: Umm the same as the TV show. Basically violence, a little swearing from Ivanova and Garibaldi etc, etc, etc…

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The dark sewerage tunnel in which she was hiding was cramped and the bottom of the tunnel had a dried layer of things she didn't darethink about. She shivered as a cold breath of wind came down the tunnel behind her. A wind not tangible or physical but something far more difficult to feel as fingers brushed over her. She'd waited too long, with her remaining strength she began crawling down the filthy tube once more, ignoring the blood dripping from her leg where she had cut it onthe tunnel wall.
Jason Doyle had never really liked Mars. It was an ugly red planet and the only thing separating him and certain death were the ugly mushroom like domes. And as for where he was right now, well the seedy little bar tucked away in a corner of Mars dome two was about the ninth most dangerous spot in the universe and Ranger or not Jason didn't like it.

He carefully avoided meeting the eyes of any other patron, he had long ago discovered that many people responded to a brief glance as though it was a challenge and he definitely did not want to draw attention to himself at this moment. Meeting members of the resistance was always dangerous but from what his contact had said the person he was bringing had information that had something to do with the Psi-Corps and that made the whole affair far more dangerous.

The Psi-Cops on Mars had long been in Jason's opinion, far more rabid then Psi-Cops almost anywhere else. Of course there had also been rumours that there was a secret Psi-Corps base somewhere on Mars, Jason was unsure how possible that could be due to the fact that human habitation on Mars was very well documented and he had personally done quite a bit of investigation into the subject. Most of what he had uncovered was falsified shipping documents showing that a shadowy government organisation he'd bet his grandmother was the Psi-Corps had definitely been doing something out on Syria Planum for many years now.

As people entered the smoky bar Jason glanced up, a quick look that nevertheless told him everything he needed to know and the two who had just entered set off every kind of alarm in his head. One of them was a short dark haired man, the woman beside him was taller and though they were both dressed in plain dark clothes that seemed threadbare and from the lower end of town while their bearing and way of moving told a very different story. Straight military bearing, arrogant smug faces. Jason shivered as he turned his eyes back to his table, focusing intently on his drink and calling on hours of training on Minbar to erect mental barriers hiding his real thoughts.

That was the first level. The second level was to create fake surface thoughts so that if be some misfortune the Psi-Cops took too much notice of him they wouldn't detect anything. Unfortunately the inane things he had to think about were difficult to focus on. He cursed his own lack of enthusiasm for these particular exercises, he had been warned when he left Minbar that he should continue to do mental blocking exercises everyday, he now wished fervently that had heeded those warnings.

He thought briefly about leaving the bar and leaving his contact and the informant to either escape or be caught. But that thought was quickly dismissed as the two suspected Psi-Cops sat down at a table in a dark corner in a corner where they could watch those coming in without being seen until those entering were well and truly inside.

It looked that for better or for worse he would be waiting for his contact and in the mean while he might as well pray to any and every deity in the universe to somehow help him out of this situation.

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