Title: The Nemesis Project

Chapter 8: Burnt up

Synopsis: A patient escapes a secret Psi-Corp facility on Mars struggling to reach Babylon 5 with the Rangers help.

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Rating: Same same.

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Jason was getting more and more twitchy. HThere were now only minutes to go until they would be able to board the ship, and as the time counted down his fears grew worse.

"You need to leave." He looked up, he hadn't felt or seen her approach.

"Wha-" he half jumped out of his seat, he felt people turing to look at him, the last thing he needed.

"They know you're here. You need to leave. I can make it to your contact. Alone" The grey eyes were focused on a indeterminate point in space near Jason's left elbow.

"But-" he started to object but was cut off by the jerk of her head.

"It's the only way. Otherwise we will both die." He looked at her. She was offering him a chance to escape, a chance to get away. But that wasn't the ranger way. She looked up at him, and then he thought again. He felt a sinking in his stomach as her words sunk in. 'I can make it to your contact. Alone.'

She was looking at him now, and her eyes.

They were the most rational he had seen them, and it frightened him more than all the madness he had seen in them earlier. She wasn't giving him a chance to escape, she was giving herself a chance to get away. And her eyes were cold, cold and hard.

And she was reaching for him, before he could move her hand had touched his face.


He felt as though his brain was freezing, everything was bright and white, he felt like his mind was burning up.

And then it all went cold.


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