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Chapter #1: The Beginning of their Ninja Way

It was a sunny day at the Hidden Leaf village. The sun was slowly beginning to rise as blonde haired boy with red eyes began stretching himself from the goodnight sleep.

He took a glare at the clock, which shown it was 6 am. Then he turned his head to the calendar and smiled a bit. It was today. Today he was going to become a shinobi.

After eating breakfast he put on his usual, orange clothes (A/N: just to let you guys know, he's not Naruto!) and reached for the closet to pick out his forehead protector with the Leaf symbol on it.

Without any rush he walked to the Shinobi Academy to find out more about his new duties.

Once he found himself in his class, he seat nearest to the blackboard as it was only possible and with a big smile on his face he awaited their teacher to arrive.

Suddenly all the girls gathered in the classroom went 'Eeeeek!' and the blonde turned around to see a boy his age with spiky, black hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt and white pants.

'Oh, it's just that pinhead' thought the blonde, as he turned away. 'Hanayaka Jun, number one on every girls ranking. That dope always gets the best grades and acts cool. I just hate that guy.'

'Well, well, well' he heard a voice coming from behind. 'If it isn't the lamest Kodumbari Urusai. How are you today bonehead?'

'My name's Kodawari Urusai dammit!' the blond yelled back at Jun. 'Let it gets to that little brain of yours!'

'Yeah, yeah' replied the black haired, sitting next to him. 'Whatever.'

'Someday I'll kick your ass for this' warned Urusai and turned his face away to the corner, just to spot a girl with long, silver hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing a violet dress and her mouth was covered by a mask in that color.

'Oh, it's her' thought Urusai at the sight. 'Hatake Ayame, daughter of the famous Hatake Kakashi. She's extremely popular with guys, but she seems to be rather shy and don't talk much, not even with other girls.'

His thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of an older shinobi, wearing green clothes. He had medium-length, grey hair that fell on his shoulders. But what really drew Urusai's attention was a big scar that ran across the man's face.

'Welcome students' said the scar-face, turning to the young shinobies. 'Today will be your last day in the Academy, so I'd like to congratulate you all on passing the final exam and becoming a ninja. Keep in mind that you're only gennins now and that there are many people stronger and more experienced then you.'

'Blah, blah, blah' thought Urusai. 'Hurry it up; I can't wait to show off my super cool moves!'

'The hard life of a shinobi has just began for you guys' continued the man. 'From now on you'll receive duties which you'll have to fulfill for the glory of your village. Today we'll be creating three-man teams and each team will have a jounin sensei. He or she will be the one to give you orders. You will follow your sensei's instructions as you'll be completing your duties.'

'Three-man teams?' Jun thought to himself. 'Crap, I'll have some losers bothering me…'

'So it's not gonna be just me and my sensei?' Ayame thought a bit surprised.

'Who cares?' Urusai wasn't moved by that at all. 'As long as I don't get that moron, Jun on my team, it's cool.'

'We tried to balanced each team's strength and thus I separated you into teams judging from your grades and skills' announced the man. 'That way each team should have equal chances.'

As the man was going through the list, he finally got to the team which number made him smile under his nose:

'Next team, cell number seven' he announced and started reading the names. 'Hatake Ayame, Kodawari Urusai…'

'So far, so good…' thought Urusai.

'… and Hanayaka Jun!' the scar-face finished.

'Crap!' thought Urusai as he lowered his sight.

The man continued to read the rest of the teams and when he finally got to an end, he announced:

'Okay, now you have time for yourselves. In the afternoon I'll introduce your new sensei's to you. That's all for now.'


'Dammit' Urusai thought to himself as he took another bite on his sandwich. 'Just my luck… I got the greatest show-off and the most introverted girl in my team. What else can go wrong?'

Suddenly he spotted Ayame sitting on a nearby roof top. She was looking at the space in front of her. Urusai put away his lunch and jumping from one roof on another he landed next to her.

'Hey, what're you doing?'

'Enjoying my time alone' she replied, not even looking at him.

'This is just great' thought Urusai, rolling his eyes. 'Freaky day continues.'

'Say, Ayame-chan…' he began. '… maybe we should… you know… get to know each other a little better… being in the same team and all…'

She looked at him and then got back to watching the sky, saying:

'No, thanks.'

Urusai's eye twitched as he turned around and left her teammate to herself.


'What lame day this turned out to be…' Urusai thought to himself as he returned to eat his lunch. 'First I find out that I'm stuck on the same team as that moron, Jun and then my other teammate turns out to be a loner… what else can go wrong?'

'Hey pinhead' he heard a voice coming from his back.

'I had to ask…' Urusai sighed and turned around to face Jun. 'Just what the hell do you want? I have better things to do then staring at your ugly so-called face.'

'Look here dope' replied Jun. 'I'm looking for Ayame. Our free time is almost up and we should get back to the class in order to meet that jounin sensei that's going to take care of our cell. You've seen her, Kodumbari?'

'My name is Kodawari!' yelled Urusai, getting back to his feet. 'And since we're in the same team you should make an effort to remember that, moron!'

'And what's the point?' he heard. 'It's not like you're anyone important. Besides, you're dead last in our class. We were teamed up to balance the teams. The weakest with the best. In case that tiny brain of your doesn't get it, the weakest one is you.'

'That does it!' Urusai gave Jun a glare with killing instinct. 'I'll beat you senseless and then we'll talk who's dead last, you moron!'

'Really?' asked Jun with a smile on his face. 'An interesting idea. Let's find some quiet place and see if you're the man of your word, shall we?'

'You're on, bonehead!' replied Urusai as both of them set out to one of the training areas.


'So this is my team?' asked a tall blonde with blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, wearing a orange outfit.

'That's right' replied the man with the scar across his face.

'I'll get to teach the daughter of Kakashi-sensei… plus I have the famous Hanayaka Jun on my team. I've heard he's the best rookie in class.'

'There's more' announced the scar face. 'Check out the last name.'

The blonde looked at the paper and his eyes widen:

'Kodawari! But… can it be…?'

'I think it's better if you'll find out for yourself' replied the chuunin. 'Though I'd say that he's exactly who you think he is. You should watch out for him.'

'Don't worry, Iruka-sensei' responded the blonde, heading towards the door. 'I'll keep an eye out for him. See ya' and with that he disappeared in the cloud of smoke.

'Why did he ever headed to the door if he intended to do that?' Iruka thought to himself and he went back to filling out the papers.

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And now a special note from Shang, who found the names to the three OC's you guys were able to met in this chappie:

Urusai Kodawari – his last name, 'kodawari' can be translated as 'trouble'. Why I gave his clan that name should remain a secret for now (don't want to ruin the surprise Jackyl has in store). His first name, 'urusai' can be translated as 'noisy' or 'loud'. Since the blonde was supposed to be like Naruto during his early years, I figure that name would fit him

Jun Hanayaka – a genius ninja… finding the suitable names for this character wasn't really that hard. His last name, 'hanayaka' in this case means 'brilliant' and 'jun' (even though it has few meanings) can be translated as 'genius' or 'excellent'

Ayame Hatake – since she's Kakashi's daughter, her last name didn't leave any possibilities. 'Hatake' means simply 'field' and based on that I've decided to give her a name that would fit to it. That's how she became 'ayame' which means 'iris' (a flower)

Now this is seriously the end of this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it and see you on another update!