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Chapter #40: Eliminations Begin

Title Page: Urusai with screws in his neck is pretending to be Frankenstein's monster

"For starters let me congratulate you all on passing the second exam!' announced Kakashi so that everyone would hear him. "Well done…" They were now in a large hall with platforms all around and a big sculpture of two hands performing a seal. Right in front of chuunin wanabies stood the Sixth Hokage along with their jounin instructors and the two examiners: Ino and Tenten. There was also a guy with spiky, brown hair, red, fang-like tattoos on his cheeks, wearing a blue t-shirt, that most of them never seen before. Right next to him stood a big, white-furred dog.

Ibuki looked around: "From ninety people only thirty three made it this far? That only makes eleven teams…"

"Hey, look…" whispered Kugutsu, bending over to his teammates. "The brats made it this far as well" and with that he pointed with his head at the three, Leaf gennin rookie teams standing a little to his left. "Most unexpected…"

"Yeah…" nodded Hagetaka with a smirk as she glanced at the younger shinobi. "But this is where luck won't do if you want to pass… it'll be fun to see them get beat up and carried away. I hope I'll be the lucky one to fight one of them…"

"You two just don't get it…" announced Chisoku, not even looking at the rookies as a tiny smirk appeared on his face while he kept his arms crossed before his chest. "They made it this far, because they're stronger then you think. I suggest you not taking them lightly…"

"Hey, Hige-chan, what is your father doing here?" Dajaku bended over to his teammate to whisper into her ear as his eyes stopped at the man with red tattoos on his cheek. The dog kunoichi shrugged and then replied, a little suspicious as she glanced at the jounin with red markings on his face: "No idea, but so many jounin in one place… this worries me a bit. Wonder what's going on…"

"Two teams from Suna… one from the Oto, one from the Hidden Mist…" Gaki began judging their opponents while looking around. All of them seemed rather strong and from many villages too. "Kusa, Ame… and four, other teams from the Leaf… heh, even Kodumbari made it…" and at this a wide smirk appeared on his face when his gaze stopped at Urusai and his cell.

"Damn I'm hungry…" Choumura whined to himself as he grabbed his stomach, which 'burked' loudly. "Where's a bag of potato chips when you need one?" and at this point he zoned out, thinking about food.

"Cool, Kumo-kun made it here as well…" Homura smiled as she spotted the young Aburame, whose team was standing right next to hers. The bug user however didn't seem to pay any attention to her, as he whispered, while looking around: "So many…"

"You're not telling me that you're scared, are you?" asked Hisaki jokingly and threw his teammate a smile. Kumo only threw him a quick glance and then got back to his pose, which stated 'I-couldn't-care-less'. The blonde only sighed: "One can't even joke around with you, you know…"

"Hisaki-kun, that was mean!" Hinako made something that could be taken as a mad face, which earned her a surprise glance from the blonde, but the next moment they both smiled widely and returned to observing the jounin standing in front of them.

"Well, well, looks like your brother made it after all, Kigahen-kun…" noticed Fuka smiling.

"Told you we should have finished them off that time…" complained Kenbu with his arms crossed as he threw a quick glare at the three leaf-nins. Kigahen only looked in the direction his younger brother was standing, but said nothing. In the same time other eyes were observing the younger blonde:

"So, those brats really made it here…" wondered Kyoudai, smirking. "Impressive. I may have some fun during this test after all… it'd be fun to finish our little quarrel from before the exams…" but then his eyes turned towards the other blonde, Kigahen: "This guy…"


"Well, it seems that your brats really know some things…" Sasuke whispered to Naruto with a tiny smirk appearing on his face. "But fear not, as long as my team is there, your subordinates won't get through…"

"Funny, I was about to say the same thing…" replied the blonde jounin calmly, returning the smile before they both returned to watching the young shinobi who stood before them.

"Thirty three people…" sighed Shikamaru. "How troublesome…"

"You don't seem too happy about your team passing the second exam…" announced Temari with a smirk as she gave the lazy jounin a glance and then elbowed him lightly. "What kind of jounin instructor are you?"

"And there they go… again…" Kankuro gave his sister a bored look as he let out a sigh, yet couldn't help but smile at the two behavior.

"Kigahen is here… as well as Urusai… everything is going as planned…" calculated the hooded man with the mist headband on his left arm. "Uragiri-sama will be pleased…"

"Congratulations on your team passing the second exam, Kabuto-san…" began Lee, turning to the Sound jounin. The glasses wearing sound-nin threw him a quick glance and with an expression from which the Green Beast couldn't read anything, he simply replied 'thanks'.

Lee narrowed his eyes at that, before he continued: "But don't think I forgot what the Sound did to Konoha… I'll keep an eye on you… remember that…" and with that he got back to observing his subordinates.

"Hisaki is acting a little weird…" thought Hinata as she observed her pupils.


"Those mist-nins…" the Hashira heir thought to himself, looking at Kigahen with a single drop of sweat falling down his face. "That aura doesn't seem normal…" Kumo noticed his teammate's behavior, but decided to not react. In stead, he just kept on starring in front of himself.

"So the brats feel it too?" wondered Kai as he first looked at the young blonde, then at Urusai's older brother. "That Kiri shinobi is strong…" and then his eyes narrowed, yet more as the sign of excitement."This should be fun…"

"Seems that that blonde, Leaf brat you saved is here as well…" announced Renge, turning to her teammate, pointing with her head at Urusai and his cell. "Hope you're happy, Kamoku-kun…"

"Yeah…" replied the grass leader, not even looking at the kunoichi. In stead, he was observing the team that stood right next to them "That blonde from the Mist… who is he? And how in the world did he know…"

"It's that guy from before…" Irakusa concluded as he followed his teammate's sight. "I wonder what exactly was that thing all about… that guy with a plaster on his face… what strange aura… what could his ability be?"

"The elite are still here…" Isseki thought to himself. "Hanayaka Jun…" and with that he looked in the black-haired boy's direction. A tiny smirk appeared on his face as his eyes set on the number one rookie of this year.

"Damn, everyone's here…" whispered Urusai with a smile as he looked around. "Hinako, Hisaki, Isseki, Dajaku and their teams… even those sound-nins…" at that he froze as he noticed another team. "Even my brother…"

"Yeah, a complete…" nodded Ayame as she looked around a bit scared. She certainly didn't like the fact that the Mist team made it as well. After seeing what they were capable of, the last she wished to do is to fight them.

"But why are the jounins here as well?" asked the blonde.

"Don't know…" replied Jun calmly. "I have a bad feeling though…"

"Listen up!" yelled Ino annoyed, gaining everyone's attention. "You're going to find out about the rules of the Third Exam now, so shut your yaps and listen!"

"I'm deffinetly feel sorry for Choumura… he has to put up with that all the time…" Urusai thought to himself as sweat dropped from his face.

"She overdoes it a little…" Tenten sweat dropped as well, yet a tiny smile appeared on her face as she looked at her kunoichi friend..

"Now that we have your attention…" began the Rokudaime, looking at the blonde kunoichi with a sweat still falling from his face. He regained his posture by coughing slightly and then continued: "I'll allow the third examiner to explain the rules of the final test… please, listen carefully…"

At this the man with the dog walked forwards and said: "Yo! My name is Inuzuka Kiba and I'll be the examiner for the third Chuunin Selection Exam. The exam itself will be a one on one fight. The fights will be observed by the lords from allied countries, as well as the possible customers, so I hope those who'll participate will make their village proud… however there's something you all must do before that… that something will be taking part in the eliminations to the third exam…"

"Excuse me, but I'm not sure if I understand…" announced Kei hesitantly as he raised his hand. The instant the jounin glanced at him, he spoke up again: "The participants have already been selected… why the extra test?"

"Well, there's a number of people who are allowed to take the third exam…" explained Kiba patiently. "After all, many important guests will arrive, so we must value their time… and this year… too many of you made it through the first, two tests… the eliminations will be also a one on one fight… and will start this very moment, so if anyone feels like forfeiting or feels that he/she won't manage I suggest doing it now… from now on the fights will be individual, so you can forfeit without the fear for your teammates…" he looked around, but no-one raised their hands.

"So confident…" Toge smiled under his nose.

"This may be interesting…" Kigahen thought to himself as he looked at his brother.

"Okay then…" continued Kiba after a moment to make sure no-one wanted to quit. "From now on your fate will be decided by whatever will appear on that screen…" at this point he pointed a screen hanging under the roof. "On it will be shown the names of the participants of the next fight… now, without further delays, let's choose the first pair, shall we?"

And as if it was a command, names started to change at an incredible speed on the screen. Everyone observed it closely, awaiting the result. Finally the names stopped changing and the screen showed: PAZU TSO versus SABOTEN.

"Looks like you're first…" Nibai turned around to her teammate wearing green.

"Yeah…" nodded Saboten as he slowly walked forward.

A shirtless, bold guy, full of muscles, wearing short, grey pants and carrying a huge, stone pale smiled. He wore his hitae-ate with a rain symbol as a belt. "A sand-nin that wears green… what a loser. It seems I got lucky…"

"Sand-nins are known for their strength…" reminded another rain-nin, this one with spiky, violet hair and blue eyes. He wore a black t-shirt and a violet waistcoat on that, along with a little baggy, grey pants. He wore his headband on his forehead and was carrying two umbrellas on his back "Don't take that guy lightly…"

The last one of the Rain team, a girl with long, red hair, clipped in a ponytail, and eyes in the same color, wearing a blue and white outfit with leg guards, who wore hers headband on her left arm and carrying a sword attached to her back only sighed at her bold teammate's smile.

The two participants came into the center of the ring as Kiba shown the others to take their positions at the platforms around the ring. The gennin followed their jounin instructors up. Each of them settled near the rails: Kyoudai propped his back on it and only glanced over his shoulder at the arena bellow. Hige on the other hand seemed completely uninterested in the fight and just laid down against the wall. The only one from Sasuke's cell, who seemed like he wanted to know what'll happened was Dajaku, who stood near the rail.

Isseki only propped himself against the wall and crossed his arms, yet he settled his eyes on the center of the ring. Choumura laid on his hands, which he placed on the rail, awaiting for the match to begin while Homura only glanced down, not every interested.

Kumo stood near the rail with hands in his pockets and no emotions on his face as Hisaki bended over slightly to prop one of his hands on the rail. A sign of excitation crossed his face while Hinako held her hands before her face, slightly worried.

Both Kei and Ibuki stood straight near the edge, almost as if they were standing on guard. Gaki only smirked at that and placing his left hand on the rail, he glanced down, awaiting for the match to begin.

Toge stood near the rail as well and kept his eyes down, yet from his face you couldn't tell a thing: whether he was excited, scared or just plain bored. Wooku on the other hand settled himself near the wall and closing his eyes he began to shake his head, most likely to the music that sounded in his headphones. Fushi just sighed as she sat down, dropping her legs off the platform.

Renge placed both her palms of the rail as she bended over slightly to see the match better. Kamoku only leaned on his left hand that he placed on the rail as well, yet he didn't seem very interested in the fight. However the one with zero interest was Irakusa, who only crossed his legs and seem to meditate with his eyes closed.

Kigahen merely crossed his arms as he propped his back against the wall. Fuka grabbed the rail with her left hand and bended over slightly with Kenbu standing next to her, with his arms crossed, just like the blonde's. Only the hooded man stood with absolutely no emotions between his students, his face still covered by the shadow of the hood.

Kugutsu settled down near the edge of the platform and placed his scrolls in front of himself, while Hagetaka sat on the rail with a wide smirk appearing on her face. Chisoku merely crossed his arms as his eyes set on Saboten.

Kai seemed completely uninterested in the match, even though his teammate was one of the participants. He just mimicked Chisoku and stood near the rail without paying too much attention to what was going on bellow. Nibai only picked out one of her fans and propped her chin on her hands, which she placed on it, awaiting the fight to begin.

Ayame stretched herself before finding a place near the rail, right next to Jun, who stood with his arms crossed near the edge of the platform and observed the arena closely. Urusai sat down near the two, dropping his legs down like Fushi did and grabbing the rail with both his hands. Naruto stood a little further with hands in his pockets, but he wasn't observing the two participants. His eyes were set on Kigahen.

Saboten raised his head to look at his opponent. At that time Pazu Tso slammed his stone pale to the floor, thus making it crack a little while he narrowed his eyes slightly. The entire time he was smiling.

"Eliminations first fight: Pazu Tso from the Ame and Saboten from Suna… any objections?" Kiba asked as both participants shook their heads in disagreement. "Well then… BEGIN!"

---The final challenge begins… who'll win?---

Sorry this may have seemed a bit stretched, but since the Popularity Contest have been opened, I figured giving everyone some more, screen time will help you getting to know the more important characters and better choose your favorites. Now, before explaining the rules of the voting, just one glance at the full list of gennin that made it this far into the exam:

Konoha (Uzumaki Naruto): Hanayaka Jun, Hatake Ayame, Kodawari Urusai

Konoha (Hyuuga Hinata): Aburame Kumo, Emimaru Hinako, Hashira Hisaki

Konoha (Nara Shikamaru): Akimichi Choumura, Hyuuga Isseki, Uchiha Homura

Konoha (Uchiha Sasuke): Fuujiru Dajaku, Inuzuka Hige, Reijuushi Kyoudai

Konoha (Rock Lee): Mekko Gaki, Naifu Ibuki, Sakudo Kei

Suna (Temari): Sabaku no Kai, Nibai, Saboten

Suna (Kankuro): Chisoku, Hagetaka, Kugutsu

Kiri (mist-nins): Ago Fuka, Ketsueki Kenbu, Kodawari Kigahen (goes without his last name)

Oto (Yakushi Kabuto): Kaguya Toge, Tategoto Fushi, Wooku

Kusa (grass-nins): Chitagana Renge, Hongen Kamoku, Irakusa

Ame (rain-nins): Kasano, Kasumi, Pazu Tso

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Hatake Ayame, Hanayaka Jun, Kodawari Urusai, Uzumaki Naruto

Emimaru Hinako, Aburame Kumo, Hashira Hisaki, Hyuuga Hinata

Uchiha Homura, Akimichi Choumura, Hyuuga Isseki, Nara Shikamaru

Inuzuka Hige, Urufudo (Hige's dog) Fuujiru Dajaku, Reijuushi Kyoudai, Uchiha Sasuke

Naife Ibuki, Mekko Gaki, Sakudo Kei, Rock Lee

Hatake Kakashi, Hatake Kurenai (Ayame's mom, appeared only in flashbacks), Akimichi Ino (the first examiner), Hyuuga Tenten (the second examiner), Inuzuka Kiba, Umino Iruka, Akimichi Chouji, Aburame Shino, Uchiha Sakura, Uchiha Gouka (Sasuke's younger daughter), Uchiha Enkou (Sasuke's son), Uchiha Naraku (Sasuke's son), Hyuuga Neji, Maito Gai, Akamaru


Nibai, Sabaku no Kai, Saboten, Temari

Hagetaka, Chisoku, Kugutsu, Kankuro


Ago Fuka, Ketsueki Kenbu, Kodawari Kigahen, Tsurara (the hooded man)

Takanami Kaiyou (the boy Urusai fought at the end of the second exam)


Banrai (Hekireki's brother, the Fourth Raikage), Jin (the one who run the Raijuu project)


Tategoto Fushi, Kaguya Toge, Wooku, Yakushi Kabuto


Chitagana Renge, Hongen Kamoku, Irakusa


Kasumi (the girl), Kasano (the violet-haired boy), Pazu Tso


Inari, Kumiko (Inari's wife), Aiko (the strange voice in Urusai's head), Genko (Black Flame member who fought Naruto in the Wave Country), Hekireki (one of Genko's subordinates), Ouda (a girl, Genko's subordinate), Hongen (boy, Genko's subordinate), Reiko (a shadow, appeared at the end of Wave Country arc), Kikai (another shadow, also appeared at the end of Wave Country arc)

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