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They say that the Raka people and the crows are cousins. That the Raka made a mistake in the nest and accidentally shed their feathers, becoming human; and that crows have the power to do the same thing.

I look down at her, from my silent watching place in the tree above her head. The sun glistens on the hair that is starting to grow back on her previously bare scalp. It looks like a halo, she shines like a goddess as she sits minding her four legged charges.

Crows have always liked shiny things.

Her eyes are always watching, always bright, but behind the light I see there is worry. I see the walls she builds inside herself to keep it in, I want to break them and take the worry away.

Her movements are fluid and graceful, she appears as confidence personified, but I feel the self doubt that lurks inside. I see how fragile she really is and I want to take her and hide her away in a safe nest, where no hawk will ever harm her.

She is committed to her cause. Her entire being is never resting, in order to please the God. Her mind is on the task at hand and that gives her a purpose. It gives her a purpose as she gives me a purpose.

But I know.

I know that her soul is not a whole, but a half. The other half is my own and my purpose is to complete her. I know that her heart is in her work, but will not work until it's best is synchronised with my own. I know that she is perfection.

I know that 'they' got it wrong and that it is the crows that made the mistake. I will not make the same error as my ancestors made. I will become human, because I know.

I know that we will make each other whole.

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