The Princess and the Pirate

AN: Going as AU as I have ever attempted, I wanted to try something different. I hope you find it as swashbuckling charming and romantic as I intend it to be.


Chapter One

"Coruscant cruiser within range off the starboard bow, captain."

"Take out their hyperdrive engines only, gunner. I want hostages."

The young pirate captain known as Obi-Wan Kenobi proudly stood at the helm of his modified assault ship, grinning at his sudden unexpected luck. He had not even wanted to travel into this sector, but his friend and first officer convinced him that intercepting the direct trade routes to Coruscant could be profitable, and Kenobi agreed, as long as there were no unnecessaryimperial entanglements. It had taken months to repair his ship after that last battle with that damn Star Destroyer.

Unsure of what could possibly be on board the smaller cruiser, its contents certainly would be rewarding. Possibly a dignitary to barter with or goods he could use for trade. Probably the latter, he resolved, since the small ship was so isolated and unguarded, but it really didn't matter to him what was on board. He loathed the Empire and any strike he could make against it was well deserved.

His skilled crew quickly disposed of the ship's engines, disabling the craft from further retreat.

"Lock tractor beam and pull her in to dock, boys. I'm loading."

"Captain?" His first officer who had a Corellian smuggling background and an unquestionable loyalty, shot him an incredulous look, to which Kenobi returned a leveling glare. For some reason, he felt a powerful undeniable urge to board the vessel and see for himself what luck had brought him this day.

His crew ahead of him, the Coruscant vessel was soon under their control, imperial officers and troops being ushered into storage compartments for detainment. He, himself, was heading for the ship's comm center to obtain knowledge of the ship's cargo and destination. Long strides through the vessel, causing his black robe to whip behind him, and the long symbolic pirate braid trailing from his right ear down his back, brought him to the control center. His first officer, Jarell, was quickly bringing up the data, despite the damage the ship had incurred. Jarell's toothy grin turned toward him.

"What is it?" Kenobi approached the screen to peer over the man's shoulder.

"It appears, Captain, that we have a hostage. Princess Amidala of Naboo."

"Hmm." Kenobi had heard of the small planet, but had never brought his crew even remotely close to it. Naboo was of little importance to either him or his men, having just just recently entered a trade alliance with the Empire and having little profit to offer him. But that didn't matter now, he thought as a twinkle lit his gray-green eyes. A princess. His mind quickly processed how much could be earned from her ransom.

"You're gonna love this." Jarell continued. "She's scheduled to be wed. Uhm.." The long bony finger scanned the screen. "To Prince Maul."

"Prince Maul!" Kenobi was surprised but utterly disgusted. The empire's second in command was a powerful warrior. They had met on Bandomeer when Kenobi was still a boy, before the empire had taken over, enslaving his entire family and most of the planet's inhabitants. Only the children and elderly had been left. Kenobi had been 10 at the time and he had vowed then to exact his revenge on the Empire and the Sith warrior. He would never forget the horror of that day, or the red and black tatooed face as everything he had loved was taken from him. It haunted his dreams still.

A smile soon splayed across his face. If this princess was indeed on board and was destined to be Maul's bride, his luck could not be any better today. He would take Maul's prize and damage him the only way he could...for now. The smile quickly faded however as a second thought occurred to him. Maul was a hideous tatooed and horned being with glowing yellow-orange eyes. Who in their right mind would agree to marry the monster? Their hostage surely could not be someone of intelligence or beauty. His curiousity piqued, he requested to be taken to her quarters.

His first officer forced open the door and Kenobi entered without hesitation, only to be blind-sided, knocked off his feet by a blow to his head. He shook away his dizziness and turned to see a wild, brown-eyed young woman brandishing a duristeel tray. Her skin was pale and smooth, her lips full and red, her figure petite, and her hair was long, dark, and curled. She was undoubtedly the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.