Oh no... not another story! To be honest, I'm flooded with countless ideas (well not exactly, I'm flooded with 20 ideas). And I can't really decide which idea i want to turn into an actual story.

But I have chosen this one to begin with, just because every time I see the movie about it, I can't help replacing the main characters with Duo and Heero. Now you must be wondering: which characters! I'm talking about Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. Yes, I'm talking about Titanic.


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Gundam wing nor do I own Titanic, or the movie about it (just wanted to make that clear ... and just for the record, I LOVED the movie.)

Unsinkable Chapter one

Duo walked through the busy port. Normally no soul would be seen here. But now it was more then crowded and the perfect place for a pickpocket like him to be. Numerous of cars and their wealthy owners arriving, trying to get through all the people towards the ship that will leave in less then a hour. He was hot on the tail of one man, who had just received some money from a rich business man, a reward for brining his luggage on board. He had the stack of money stuffed in the wide pocket of his long black coat. This was an easy target, as he was in to much of a hurry to bring the luggage on the ship to notice Duo standing very close behind him. When the man had to go sideways to get past some people who stood close together he ceased his chance. His nimble fingers slipped into the wide pocket coming back out again with the money. Quickly, so that no one will notice, he stuffed it into the brown leather bag hanging from his shoulder. Zipping the bag shut, so that he will not be robbed by one of his 'colleagues'. He looked around the crowd to try and find another easy target. He looked for people with expensive clothing, but there were more third class people then he could possibly count. He had to get back to the first class passengers stairs that would lead them aboard of the gigantic Titanic, lying here in the dock.

He pulled his head over his eyes, so that no one will recognise him. He had robbed many people in this city and the police knew him well, if someone recognised him, this lucky day would come to an end. He looked at the watch he had stolen last week. It proved to be very handy. It was almost eleven thirty, the time he was due back at the café here in the port to give his treasures to his boss and receive his own part of the deal; fifty percent.

He hurried to get to the poormans café. When he opened the door, the fresh harbour air was replaced with thick smoke from cigarettes and, for the lucky few who could afford it, cigars. He saw Hardy, his employer, sitting on a bar stool. Glass of beer in front of him, cigar hanging out of his mouth. He was just stuffing something away in his pocket when Duo walked towards him and tapped on his shoulder.

The man looked at the clock before looking at Duo. 'You're late.' He simply grounded out.

'It is crowded.' Duo retorted and handed him the leather bag.

Hardy kept eye contact with him for a while, trying to intimidate him, but the young American was not easy to frighten. He shifted his gaze towards the bag and ripped it open. He found lots of money and a few watches. He counted the money after stuffing the watches away in his own bag. Then he split the stack up in two and gave duo one half. He gave him a yellow toothed smile. 'Nice job Duo. Then again, I would expect nothing less from you.'

He greedily accepted the money and took his bag back. Sitting down on the bar stool next to Hardy, he ordered himself a beer, he deserved a reward, he had a good catch.

'I have a job for you. With many benefits.' Hardy said in his rough voice.

Duo rolled his eyes, mostly that meant many benefits for Hardy and none for him, but he'd better listen if he wanted to keep Hardy's protection. If the streets here in the Britain suburbs weren't so rough for a guy like him, he would have never agreed on Hardy's offer to work with him. But in return for giving him fifty percent of each catch, Hardy gave him the well needed protection. Bailing him out from the cops, or helping him when people took justice into their own hands, trying to catch as much pickpockets as they could.

'You see that ship?' Hardy turning in his seat, looking out of the large window at the Titanic, less then hundred meters away from the café.

Duo looked over his shoulder 'It's hard to miss.'

Hardy laughed and turned back to his beer again, then he fished something out of his pocket. It looked like two scraps of useless paper, discoloured by the sun. He lay them on the bar and gently shoved one of them towards Duo.

Curiously he picked it up and flipped it over. Black letters were printed on the beige paper, along with a picture of the very ship that lay behind him. Without reading what the paper said, he knew exactly what it was. He gave Hardy a questioning look before looking back at the paper again, that suddenly meant so much more to him then when it had been in Hardy's hands. It was second class ticket for titanic. Titanic, the ship that would sail to his home country in twenty minutes.

'Who managed to steal these? Bobby?' Bobby was another guy with only one talent, stealing, he had also accepted Hardy's offer, just like many other thieves in this town.

Hardy shook his head, taking a gulp of beer 'If Bobby was such a good Pickpocket, he would be sitting next to me know, with that ticket in his hand, instead of you.'

He sighed, handing Hardy back his ticket 'What's the catch?'

Hardy raised his eyebrows.

'Come on, no way you would give me this without wanting anything back for it.'

Hardy laughed 'You know me well boy! Too well.Infact, maybe I am asking to much of you right now, but I have to give it a try...'

Duo waited impatiently for him to continue.

'I want you to come with me, Duo. I've had these tickets for a long time and have been dreaming about going to America even longer.' He scraped his throat, waiting before he continued, glancing at the clock. 'Fact is. The police knows me and they are beginning to get sick of me. I need to get away from here, the next time I come to bail one of you guys out, I'll be put behind bars myself.'

Duo should have guessed the man was only thinking of himself. To think for a split second it crossed his mind that he was just being friendly!

'America is the land of opportunities! And I want to exploit them.'

'And where is the part where I come in the picture?'

'On that ship. That's were you come in the picture. I've saved a lot of money boy, I'm a rich man. Before I stop my 'pickpocket-company' I want to pull one last job. THAT is where you come in.'

Duo raised his eyebrow in question. Why did the man beat around the bushes like this? Couldn't he be straight forwards with it?

'Think Duo! Think about all the rich, naive, people that are boarding this ship as this very moment! Bearing jewellery, money all the wealth they want to bring with them to America. And we are going to steal it.'

'You've gone crazy. Hardy, if the Marshall on the ships keeps getting repots on stolen goods, the accusing finger will soon point to you.'

'Exactly!' He called out excitedly.

Duo raised his eyebrow again. Not knowing why that fast didn't bother Hardy.

'It's gonna point to me, not to you! So while they are keeping an eye on me, ALL their eyes, you have clear game!'

Duo frowned, this was actually a good plan. Something he hadn't expected from the elder man. 'But don't you think they will realise we are working together.'

'Duo, believe me. I have been working on this for weeks! There's only one rule to remember while we are on board: Pretend we don't know each other. When we arrive in America we'll head for a small café there, it's called Heavenly Haven. We'll meet there, split up the catch and go out separate ways.'

'Wait. What about me? What am I supposed to do while I am there! Sit on the street and play beggar!'

'Duo, you're a nice kid, I owe much of my fortune to you. So I thought this would be a great time to pay you back. My Brother Steve lives in America, I already contacted him, he own a newspaper and needs a writer for a column about living on the streets and that sort of shit. You can live and work with him till you get your Artistic career off the ground.'

Duo thought about that, it seemed like Hardy had covered about everything and from experience he knew the man was trustworthy. Thus far he never abandoned him and in this case, he had the upper hand as all the fortune he will be stealing on board, will be kept in his room. Hardy needed him. Smiling, liking this idea, he nodded and dreamily looked into thin air. He was finally going home. He was going to see his family again! He grabbed the hand Hardy held out to him and shook it firmly.

'We have a deal!' he called excitedly and Hardy handed him the ticket. He was about to leave, being in a hurry since the ship would leave in under ten minutes, but Hardy grabbed his shoulder, stopping him. When he turned around Hardy pushed an ugly green bag into his hands, giving him a wink.

'Some clothing.'

As soon as they left the Café, they split up. They could not risk anyone, who would be aboard the titanic, would see them and could rat out that they DID know each other.

As Duo ran, trying to get to the stairs in time, he looked at his ticket. He expected it to be third class but was happily surprised when it turned out to be second class, a room on starboard side, room A45, deck C.

'Hm, respectable.' He said to himself. He finally reached the stairs to his class, panting heavily he showed his ticket to the staff member that stood by the steel door. He checked it, looked at Duo, then gave him a kind smile and said: 'Welcome a board the Titanic, sir.'

Sir? He could surely get used to that! Excitedly he ran through the hall, the steel, watertight door, was closed behind him. He was the last passenger to board the ship. He just hope the fifty year old Hardy had made it in time.

He jogged through the corridors, searching for his room, once in while glancing at the paper he held in his hand.

'A45, A45, A45... ah!' He found the door to his room and opened it. Amazed he let his bag fall to the ground. The room was rather large, and fairly decorated. Nothing fancy of course. It had two rather large windows, that, for the moment, looked out on the harbour they were slowly leaving. Grinning like a child who had just found the cookie jar he turned around, the key of his room, hung on a hook on the door. He grabbed the key and excited the room, locking it behind him before racing to the upper deck and waving England goodbye. He had no one to say goodbye to, but still, he didn't want to miss out on all the fun. He looked at his sides, seeing all kinds of people waving their loved ones and country goodbye.

It had been a quick and rash decision to take the ticket and actually get on board, but as he stood at the railing, feeling the wind play with his long braid and breathed in the fresh air, he had no regrets. He was going home...

Short chapter but this was just to give you a taste and the chance to let me know what you think of it!

May the souls lost on that dreadful April the fifteenth never be forgotten.

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