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Chapter 5

"Heero, pay attention." His mother urged, gently shaking his arm.

He shook his head and opened his eyes, not even realising he had closed them. He found himself sitting at the large dinner table, having breakfast with his mother, his fiancé, his soon to be stephmother, and his soon to be brother in law. He took in their faces as they ate quietly,and they spoke softly of things that didn’t matter. Things like the weather and the fact that it took roomservice more then fifteen minutes to bring his stephmother her midnight snack last night.

Heero peeked sideways to the other tables in the restaurant, his eyes immediately caught the bubbly figure sitting not far from him talking to the rich blonde heir of Winner Inc. He was engrossed, as he watched the longhaired man smile and make gestures with his hands to explain the story he was telling even better. Quatre was enjoying it, laughing to the point where he rolled his head back. Duo seemed to like making others laugh as he revealed a smile of his own. Heero smiled unconsciously but flinched away as suddenly the Frenchman, or so he claimed, made eyecontact with him, the smile was gone and he looked seriously at him with begging violet eyes. Heero quickly looked away and tensed as he noticed his mother had caught his stare. She turned in her seat to fix her cold gaze on Duo Maxwell, who was already talking to Quatre again.

"Should I worry about what is going on between you two?" She asked in a hushed tone, leaning closer, she obviously did not want 'the in-laws' to know of Heero's fascination with the young man.

He shook his head and returned his attention to his plate but instead of eating he merely played around with the food, organising it, then mixing it again. He sunk away in thought as all sound died before reaching his ears, he was left with an empty feeling while he played with his food. Like a professional mountain climber having to go past Everest, without ever conquering it. Or a pianist, never allowed to listen to Mozart.

All those things you miss out on, knowing how great they are, but never having the chance to experience it. If he applied his metaphores to himself, he felt like he was standing at the foot of Mount Everst with Mozart right there next to him, in the flesh, but Heero was left deaf and paralysed...


"Huh, what?" Prussian eyes looked up, after his finacé had rudely awakened him from his depressing daydream. She looked a him with an expression that mixed worry and anger together. His eyes fell on her pink dress and pink hairtie, and he suddenly wondered if pink was to be the only colour to ever enter his life again. Instead of being swallowed like a black void, he was being eaten by a pink fluffy monster...

"Heero, i get the feeling you are not interested in planning our wedding at all!" She complained in her high pitched voice, that matched the sound of a shrieking hyena.

"Because you don't listen to what I want." He said softly, visibly shocking Relena and the others.

"I do to!"

"I wanted Jasmine, but you got lillies. I wanted white, you got light pink. I wanted the bridemaids in light blue, you wrapped them in the most obnoxious shade of pink you could find. I wanted my suit to be black, you had one made in white with a PINK bowtie!" Heero said exasperated, slight anger creeping in at the end. His outburst was not left unnoticed, as the violin band stopped their soft playing and all heads in the restaurant turned their way with curious expressions.

"Are you happy now?" Relena hissed. "We are going to be the gossip of the

"Well, now you know what it's like to not get what you want." He retorted.

"Heero!" His mother called to deaf ears.

"Excuse me." He said with a venomous tone and rose from his seat. He threw the napkin that had once been elagantly placed on his lap, onto the table making his glass of water topple over, creating a mess and immediately attracting many waiters. With one last angry look he stomped away.

Relena was whining incoherent words as some of the water was spilled on her dress, totally flustered she called: "Zechs!"

Merquise understood the message and he rose quickly, following her fleeing fiancé with quick but gracious strides.


"Now I know why they didn't bring a circus on board." WuFei commented and
turned back to his breakfast, eating quietly.

"Those Yuy's and Peacecrafts, if there are some families that should never be bred together, they would be it." Sally huffed and copied WuFei's actions.

"Well, we all know Heero is being forced into this." Quatre commented.

That got Duo's undevided attention, he turned quickly in his seat to face the blonde. "What do you mean?"

"Well, would you like to marry that pink monster?" At this, Duo shivered.

"Exactly. Well, I haven't heard anything official, but rumor has it that Mister Yuy left his family with a lot of red bank acounts."

"He's marrying Relena for money? He never struck me as the type of guy for that..."

"He's doing it for his mother, even though she's a coldhearted bitch, she IS his mother. And no one wants to be disowned by his own family." The blonde said with a sigh.

Duo nodded and then resumed eating, all the while thinking what Quatre had said. He never really believed Heero was marrying that pink blob out of love, so this was a very logic explanation. He was surprised he didn't figure it out himself, but there was a lot more to this family, things he might not even want to know. He sneaked a peak at the table. Relena was still fussing over her dress, he could not really see Heero's mother as her back was turned towards him. He could see Relena's mother, who looked tense, her lips tightly pressed together, and once in a while she would glance up to look at Saku and Relena. Heero was marrying Relena for the money, but why did Relena HAVE to have Heero? Beside the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous of course...

Duo looked up in surprise to find WuFei and Sally having a comfortable conversation with each other, laughing and, if he wasn't imagining it, flirting. He shook his head, apparently things weren't going as planned for anybody... He himself was no conception. His fascination with Heero had delayed his job, it was the third day and yet he had not stolen as much as Hardy probably expected him to.

He excused himself and left the restaurant, after raiding some pockets and getting some weight off certain wrists and fingers, he was glad when he returned to his room with a fair stash. He hid it in his trustworthy bag, before it was stuffed as far under the bed as possible. Being the most childish and obvious place to hide something, he didn't think that would be the first place they'd check if they were on to him. He felt like he was disappointing the man who had taken care of him more than anyone else, but a selfish drive within his heart made him sigh and turn on his heels to find the object of his affection.


"Heero! Heero, stop!" zechs called, following the small figure that quickly strode through the abandoned corridors.

"Go away Zechs!" Heero hissed, looking over his shoulder. "Leave me alone!"

"Do not order me!" He caught up with the smaller man and grabbed his arm firmly, tighter than he realised as he saw Heero squirm in his grab, signs of pain crossing his face. He squeezed harder and Heero's mouth opened in a silent cry. "You had no right to talk to my sister like that, especially not in public!" He pulled the Japanese man closer, so close that his breath reached Heero's face, making the boy look away. "After all the things my family has done for you." He spat.

"What have you done or me exactly?"

Zechs turned red and couldn't form any words as he felt anger coursing through him. "All those presents! You ungrateful bastard." He pushed him away roughly and Heero groaned as his back made painful contact with the wall. He groaned again as the larger man pinned him.

"Those presents mean nothing."

"Since when have you become so disobedient... It's that Maxwell character, isn't it? I saw you two dancing the other night, what else happened, huh!"

Heero looked away, flustered as he remembered the heated kiss not far from where he was being pinned to the wall right now.

"What else happened!" He demanded, stepping even closer.

Heero's breath hitch as he really started to get frightened, knowing the short fuse on the tall man and feeling the hard gun poking in his ribs. Who knew was this man was capable of in this stage of rage.

"You need to remember who you belong to." Zechs whispered harshly, he looked around before pressing his entire body flush against Heero.

Heero whimpered as he felt soemthing else, definetly hard, but no gun, pressing against his stomach. "Let me go!" He struggled, in vain. Who was he to think he was any match for the giant who now overpowered him?

"Remember the deal Heero." Zechs whispered softly in his ear. "You marry my sister, your family gets their share of our fortune and me and Relena get our share of you..." He finished with a smirk, Heero couldn't see the smirk, but he could definitely feel it, sense it and it made a shiver run down his spine. He made an attempt to kick the man in the groin when a tongue darted out to lick his ear, but failed as Zechs seemed to expect his every move and was prepared for them.

"You don't want to force your spoiled mother to work now, do you? Surely you don't want her to auction all her memories, everything that reminds her of the man she loved so much... of the life she loves so much?"

Heero squeezed his eyes shut and after a few moments of silence, filled only by their panting, he shook his head.

"Good, then remember the deal." Slowly Zechs loosened his grip on Heero and then finally let go. He took a few steps back and seemed to enjoy merely watching the boy regain his composure, straightneing his clothing and trying to catch his breath.

Heero looked up, meeting Zechs' obvious stare.

"Oh... I can't wait for the wedding. I can't wait to have you. Remember Heero, me and Relena are the closest thing to love you will ever have. That Maxwell guy, he only wants you for the money, you know that, right?"

Heero didn't answer, he just kept staring to the left, hoping that someone would round that corner and end this whole ordeal. Seeing as Zechs never wanted anyone to see them, which was logical, two men getting intimate, or something akin to it... It just wasn't normal... it wasn't normal. He thought sadly, he bit his lip to hold the tears and listened to Zechs' footsteps, slowly distancing from him. He let out the breath he had been subconsciously holding and quickly ran away, up to the deck.


Due to the positioning of the sun everyone had made their way to the front of the deck, because the back was covered in shade. Everyone just wanted to bask in the sunshine and look up ahead, looking at the endless sea on the calm and peaceful early afternoon.

Duo Maxwell was the only one to make his way to the back, as he walked people greeted him, he had made himself quite a reputation on this ship, but it all didn't matter, nothing mattered, he had to find Heero. He wasn't just fascinated, he was obsessed. His heart clenched whenever the young man was not close to him, his body yearned to baske in the calm and strength that the Japanese man radiated.

With the sun heating his back he walked further and further, stopping as he had almost reached his destination. He squinted his eyes and then smiled, his heart making a little jump as he identified the person leaning against the railing, looking down at the water that was stirred by the powerful propellors.

Taking in a deep breath of confidence he continued his stride, he slowed his pace when he was so close Heero must have noticed his presence, but he got no response, no acknowledgement. As he was standing six feet behind him, Heero still didn't seem aware of him, leaning over dangerously, looking down. He leapt forward a step as he noticed Heero's feet, for a second, no longer made contact with the floor. Afraid he would fall, Due was about to hurry to his aid but Heero regained his balance, though still apparanetly unaware of Duo.

That made him a little sad, because Duo would certainely know whenever the other was around, as everything seemed a little happier and colours more brightly when he was near. But he was exaggerating, but there was no mistake that he was head over heels in love with a man that was so far out of his reach, if Duo's world was to explode, Heero wouldn't hear it for another three days... or would he?

"Be careful." He said softly.

Startled, Heero turned. "Duo, I didn't notice you were there." He blabbered.

"Obviously. Mind if I join you?" He already went to stand beside him.

Heero turned back to the water. "If I said yes, would you leave?" He asked, a smile hinting in his voice.

Duo smirked. "No way."

"I didn't think so." Heero said, now definetly smiling. They made eyecontact for a little while, until it turned uncomfortable, Heero was the one to break gazes.

"Still feel like jumping?" It was supposed to be a joke, but as soon as he asked it, he realised how serious it was and what a sad answer he could get, but he didn't do anything but wait anxiously for the answer.

"Now more than ever." The Japanese man admitted.

"Heero..." He lay his hand on Heero's delicate hand, which rested on the white railing.

Heero looked up with a questioning gaze, his palm felt sweaty, his eyes were nervous.

"I can offer you a much better way out than a fatal swim in the ocean..."

"What are you talking about?"

Duo swallowed, it was now or never, this trip wasn't gonna last forever. "Don't you feel it?"

"Feel what?" Heero watched, staring into violet orbs as they came closer and closer, the hand on his stroked further upwards and stopped when reaching his upper arm, there it contineud to softly stroke him in a soothing rythm.

"IT," Duo said, not knowing any better way to say it, not having any better words to descibe the feeling coursing through his body right now. "Whenever we are close... don't you feel anything?" He dared to come even closer.

"I..." He was never even allowed to finish as lips sealed his mouth. Losing all coherent thought and logic, he threw himself into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the larger frame leaning into him. A hand was placed on the back of his neck to push him even closer, like Duo wanted to disappear into him, it was such a great and satisfying feeling to have someone genuinely want him like that. He was not even uncertain, or repulsed as he though he would be when a tongue made it past his lips to search his mouth for whatever Duo was trying to find within him. He grabbed Duo's head firmly and all he could think was: don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop.

If only his mind had stayed numbed like that, if only it had never awaked, then he was sure there would have been no end to the kiss, no matter how much in need of oxygen they both were. But unfortunately, he did come to his senses and he did remember what he was risking. Gasping, he pushed Duo away and closed his eyes in pain as his heart decided to clench.

"Heero?" Duo sounded genuinly concerned.

"I can't do this." He stated.

"Why... why not?"

"I just can't... please..." He tried to remove the hands on his body but no matter how gentle the grip was, he didn't have the heart, nor the strength to push them away as he really didn't want them to be removed...

"Why? Would you rather marry Relena? Would you rather commit suicide? Death
comes to everyone, but life only comes to those who seek it."

"You have no idea what kind of situation I'm in!" Heero fought, suddenly angry.

"Well, no matter what it is, you are better off without them... why won't you stay with me?"

Heero frowned. "Why do you even expect me to trust you? You are a liar... and a thief!"

Duo was to shocked to protest.

"Come on, you really think I didn't notice the money was missing, or the fakeness of your stories!"

"Then why didn't you tell anyone?" Duo asked just above a whisper, his voice still somewhat lost to him.

Heero buried his hands in his hair. "Don't ask confusing questions right now!"

"You didn't tell anyone because you feel the same way!"

"It's not normal!" The Japanese man protested.

"What isn't?"

"This..." Heero lay his hand on his throbbing heart. "It's not normal..."

Duo lay his hand on Heero's, feeling the irratic beating of the other's heart through it. "I love you Heero... please... tell me that you love me too and I will give you everything you want!"

"You don't even have any money."

"Yes, but that's not what you want, is it? Is it?" He waited for an answer that never came. Silence enveloped them for a long period of time, till Duo suddenly noticed a sparkle underneath Heero's shirt. Heero, still dazed, hardly even noticed when Duo undone the upper two buttons to reveal the heavy blue heart and diamond necklace hanging gracefully around his slim neck. "Maybe I was wrong..." Duo comented, fingering the obviously priceless heart.

After a few more wordless moments, their gazes locked Duo sighed in defeat and closed his eyes. Sad and rejected, he turned and walked away silently, pinching away tears as Heero didn't even tried to stop him or call after him.

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