Summary: Danny loses everyone he loves when they are murdered leaving him to be taken in by his godfather who is none other then Vlad Masters. How will they survive each other and the vengeful demon? Father son thing. Gore, humor, tearjerker. Under revision.

Disclaimer: If only, if only, the plot bunny sings.

Rating: Older Teen; angst and occasion gore. Not slash.

Welcome to a most haunting dream,

Like ghostly memories.

Chapter 1: Flames of Hades

Happiness …

Her eyes seemed to flash, and the light of the sun danced upon her soft orbs as if they were droplets of water. Danny couldn't help but blush as his eyes were caught in Sam's, reflecting each other in their orbed pools. With a nervous grin, he slowly inched a little closer to her on the bench and placed his quivering hand upon hers. Sam's blush only grew warmer as she drew near to him as well.

Somehow he had finally grasped it that spring under the falling apple blossoms …

The apple tree flower petals danced in the air as a breeze kissed the tree in which they sat beneath. Sam's hair blew in the wind, in an enchanting way, and Danny slowly leaned forward, capturing her lips in his own. It tasted like forever… he was sure that this happiness he felt in his heart would last forever as long as he could sit beneath the falling petals with Sam.

But, as with all happiness, it could never last forever.

"Danny!" called Jack as he walked through the Fenton house like a towering gorilla, his orange jumpsuit seemingly clashing with the rest of the colors in the room. "Where did you go?"

Jazz look up from her Physiology books and sighed, her hair falling over her shoulders. Danny was out late again chasing ghosts. Of course, she would never tell her ghost-hunting-happy-parents that. The red head tapped her fingernails on the table for a moment in thought. She needed a lie, but that was going against her morals. The girl bit her lip … she could tell the truth and just omit parts though.

"He's with Sam and Tucker; probably studying," Jazz stated with a smile. She loved her occasional bouts of slightly sinister behavior, but she'd keep that to herself. She was trying to shape herself into a prime example of a good citizen so she couldn't give off the impression that she was an improper peer.

"Well that's nice," Maddie said as she entered the kitchen carrying a machine that looked oddly like Jazz's old hair dryer. A vein nearly burst in the teenager's forehead as she tried to hold her tongue. She just got that one! The girl took a deep breath; trying to find her calm place … she'd just get a new one.

"Studying will have to wait," Jack bellowed, his pointing his finger to the sky in proclamation. "We have ghost hunting to do."

"Jack, can't it wait?" complained Maddie with a soft frown. She knew that Danny was failing science, and he could really use the study time. How was he supposed to carry on the family business if he didn't excel in the necessities? The poor mother sighed as she laid her newest invention on the table. Sometimes she wondered about the men in her life. Was Danny doomed to be an idiot just like her husband? An adorable idiot, mind you, but an idiot just the same.

"No!" cried Jack as he ran into the next room ready to grabbed the infectious book from his son's hands … if his son was in the next room, that is. It didn't take him long to finally realize he had no idea where his son was so he peered back into the kitchen meekly holding an expression that look surprisingly similar to that of a kicked puppy. "Um, Maddie where's the Fenton Phone?"

"Where it always is," Maddie smiled at her husband and was about to turn away, but Jack was still standing there with 'the look' still plastered on his face. The woman giggled and pointed in the general direction.

"On the wall dear," cooed Maddie as she readied herself to head down to the lab. She really did love that stupid man, but she could drool over him tonight. She had just found an uncharted section of the ghost zone and really couldn't wait to check it out.

Jazz just rolled her eyes as she watched her parents peck each other on the cheek before wandering in opposite directions, leaving the room silent once more. What her mother saw in him she'd never know. She could only hope that the saying wasn't true when she started dating: Every girl marries her father. Physiology was a bit too painful sometimes.

That kiss ... it was so wonderful that Danny really didn't want to pull out of it, but he really had to breathe, so he finally did. The two teenagers laughed slightly and were about to kiss once more when a cry echoed into their world of passion, thrusting them into the real world once again.

"Save me!"

Danny and Sam were apart so fast that the word 'light speed' seemed slow, and just in time too. There was the cracking noise of torn through bushes, and Tucker suddenly jumped over the back of bench like a scared deer over a fence. He quivered there for a moment, his glasses hanging off one ear, simply looking from side to side in a panicked way.

The ghost teenager's eye twitched and he used his pointer finger to lure Tucker forward. The geek did so without a second thought, nearly yelping when Danny dragged him down by the front of his shirt, growling into his ear in a whispering tone, "Oh, you're so going to need saving when I'm done with you."

Tucker raised an eyebrow, a grin forming on his lips. The two of them thought he didn't know about their relationship. Please, not only was it a high school rumor, he had also been hacking into their emails for the past two years; how couldn't he know?

"What?" stated the computer nerd in a whispered, mocking tone as he straightened his glasses, completely forgetting he had been chased here. "Were you trying to finally get a smooch from Sam?"

Danny twitched, an embarrassed squeak buried behind his lips. How did Tucker know? "N-no! Why would I be doing that to h-her. She's like a sister. I-I mean a hot sister … No, not a sister! More like a friend that I would…"

Tucker rolled his eyes. Ah, the confession was always the hard part, but he'd torture Danny about that another day. He had bigger fish to fry… a fish with plasma guns to be exact.

"Um … Danny," entered Sam's voice, her blush disappearing as her gaze fell onto the horizon. And here she thought this situation couldn't get any worse.

"I'd hate to interrupt you and Tucker's whispering, which is probably about me, but … RUN!" cried Sam as she jumped off the bench, barely dodging one of Skulker's nets as her body disappeared behind the apple tree. Yet, it seems the hunter had already calibrated that move, and the net slammed full force into the tree, knocking off millions of beautiful, white petals with a mixture of brown splintered tree bark.

It didn't take long for the girl to pop her head out of her hiding place and growl at the grinning spirit that was floating a few feet above them, jet pack growling. Somehow she resisted the urge to throw her spiky shoe at the hunter's head. This was just getting stupid! Every time she and Danny had some alone time either a ghost or Tucker interrupted them, or in this situation, both!

Danny threw a plank from the bench off of the top of his bruised body, now knocked to the ground. Well, there went his and Sam's favorite bench. The teenager rubbed some ash out of his eyes and bared his teeth as he stared at the perpetrator of his sanctuary. Skulker. Crazing, obsessed, Skulker. Wonderful. And what was he looking at? Danny quickly followed the hunter's devious gaze. For a moment, he watched Sam and how the petals fell around her and to the ground in a mournful way. Why was he always being interrupted? Was the world mocking him?

The teenager turned his gaze back towards the departed one and in a flash of white light he was the infamous Danny Phantom, ushered in by a collection of falling petals. Quickly, he pointed an enraged finger up at the spirit, unknowingly making a hero pose.

"Hey, it's me you're after isn't it? Now eat plasma blasts," Danny hissed as he threw a plasma blast, hitting Skulker straight in the chest. The sound of cracking metal could be heard throughout the park as the ghost was slammed into the ground below, throwing clumps of dirt everywhere as he slid to a halt. The teenager stared stupidly for a moment … he wasn't even aiming. It was just blind rage.

The ghost sat in his hole in the earth for a moment gathering his composure until he was able to rebuked, "Irritating, little whelp; I wasn't ready."

Skulker then clutched his iron chest and slowly pulled himself out of the dirt. He quickly dusted himself off as if he had all the time in the world and jumped into the air, jet pack wheezing. He couldn't help but smile, even though he had already taken a hit. Danny Phantom was his favorite prey to hunt, and he seemed to be in an aggressive mood today. Mating season did that he supposed. Yet, just because he was his favorite prey didn't mean he was going to go easy on him. The huntsman turned his jetpacks on to full speed, and before the teenager could even blink, Skulker made a full onslaught attack towards the phantom boy.

"Time to die prey!"

Before the ghost could even slam his fist into ghostly flesh though, a seemingly divine intervention presented itself: the ringing of a phone stalled his onslaught and the entire scene froze as if someone had just pushed a pause button. The hunter stopped in midair and pulled out a cell phone; the three humans all simultaneously did the same thing, checking to see if it was their phone.

"Is that me?" Danny stammered as he fumbled to de-ghost his pants in order to get his cell phone.

"I think it's my planner!" chirped Tucker excitedly as he jumped from his hiding place behind a tree, cap smoking. He had just got it yesterday and was dying to use it.

"It might be my new camera phone," stated the girl in a rather drawl voice. She really didn't want the stupid thing in the first place. Her parents just had too much money and bought her one anyway; she swore there was a tracking device in it.

"Hello?" The group echoed in a chorus as they all answered their phones at the same time.

"Not me," Sam answered as she slammed her camera phone shut and stuffed it into her pocket as quickly as she possibly could. If anyone saw that expensive thing they'd know she was born into money. The last thing she needed was Dash hitting on her. She cringed at the thought and resisted the urge to throw up in her throat.

"Ah man!" Whined Tucker as he stared at the screen. He really needed to get some more friends so that he'd have plenty of calls, but that could wait till later. Skulker looked a bit to ecstatic about the whole fighting thing and the teenager's hiding place might be revealed if he didn't move fast. Yes, Tucker knew he was a cowered and he didn't give a frick.

"Hello," answered Skulker in confused sort of way as if having his cell phone ring was extremely strange. The ghost frowned as an annoying voice echoed in his ear, "No, this is Skulker. How did you get this number? What! Ok! You don't have to yell … just a minute?"

Skulker stared at Danny for a moment as if trying to decide if the teenager was too diseased to touch his cell phone. Then, despite his seemingly germ-phobia, he thrust the phone into Danny's chest hoping it would leave a bruise, "It's for you."

The teenager gasped for breath as he pulled the object out of his gut. Mean bastard. But that was the least of his problems. The teenager ran his tongue over his teeth and stared at the gleaming silver phone. Who was on the phone? Was it Plasmius? No, that vampire wanna-be would want to brag in person. Danny wearily put the phone to his ear praying it wasn't a trap, "Hello?"

"Danny! Is that you?" Danny jumped in shock as Jack's voice screamed over the receiver. His dad sounded excited. Had he been drinking coffee again?

"Dad? How did you get this number?" Danny questioned as he turned away from the ghost who had leaned over his shoulder, trying to overhear his conversation. The teenager hissed at the ghost and tried to have his conversation in peace. There was nothing more irritating then a snoopy ghost.

"I don't know… but that's unimportant! Get over to the Fenton portal ASAP! You're going to flip when you see what we found," Jack cowed in a happy tune. Danny was now positive that his father was jumping up and down right now, and it disturbed him. Why couldn't he have normal, boring parents?

The teenager sighed when he finally realized that he wouldn't be getting his fight with Skulker today. With a whimper he gave the phone back to the hunter who was cracking his fingers ready to restart their battle, "Ready, whelp?"

"Sorry, Skulker. We'll have to do this another time," Danny stated as he started to float away. He really wanted to beat the crap out of something, so he could get over the anxiety of having his date interrupted. Well, it seemed it wouldn't be the hunter tonight, but, if he was lucky, something else would make its presence known.

The ghost lost the smile that had been plastered on his face as he watched the ghost child change into his regular form, land on the grass with a grunt, and walk over to his friends, paying no more mind to him.

"Fine, ghost child. Another time. I wanted to practice cooking that casserole anyway," Skulker growled, turning on his jet pack and flew away, a stream of smoke following after. There was always tomorrow… wait, he had that music lesson. Not that he could play worth a damn, but hell … that hot guitarist femme was there and she liked men that knew how to fight, play and cook. He was willing to take a few hits to his masculinity for her.

Sam watched the ghost fly away and then stated sarcastically, "I don't know what's more disturbing: you letting Skulker go or the fact that Skulker knows how to cook a casserole."

The three teenagers stopped dead in their tracts as they stared up at the Fenton house. Now, they had all seen the Fenton house more times then they wished to count … but there was something off today. It was as if an ominous cloud had befallen the house, darken windows included. Tucker was even sure he had seen lightning flash in the background along with a malevolent cackle; Sam and Danny ignored him. It was just normal Tuck behavior for as far as they were concerned.

"Um … Danny?" someone finally decided to trod over the silence. "When did your house become a dungeon?"

Danny just rolled his eyes and opened the front door, trying not to twitch as the door inched open with an echoing squeak; Tucker's sarcasm could be so irritating, but now his paranoia was getting to him due to the comment. If there was anything, his ghost sense would inform him, yet, when the door swung completely open, hitting the teenagers with a cold burst of air, goose bumps rose on his arm. It was dark inside and not a sound was to be heard, not even the creak of settling wood. There was something wrong here.

"Hello?" whispered Danny as he stood on the threshold of the front door. He was kind of afraid to step inside. The whole house was incased in darkness like the plot to a bad horror movie. The teenager was rather positive that horror movie theme music was going to start playing at any moment … all they need was for Sam to play the part of the blonde bimbo and they'd be good to go.

"Let's go in," whispered Tucker as well, feeling slightly impatient. If they were going to be killed by some horrible monster they just as well's get it over with. He had a techno geek meeting tonight, and he'd rather be dead then late. He might have been a coward, but he always had his priorities in order thanks to his handy dandy electric handheld. The teenager took one last look at his priorities list on his handheld, put it in his backpack, and started acting afraid. It was best to be in character if he was going to end up dead.

Sam rolled her eyes as she watched Tucker start his act. Boys were such cowards.

"Why are we whispering?" Sam asked as she pushed Tucker forward into the house. He was being really irritating today and if they were going to die, he was going to be the first to go. The techno geek screeched like a girl as he fell on the floor, scattering his electronics all over the floor like cockroaches from the light.

"Yah! Why are we whispering?" murmured Danny in a rather loud voice. Yet, his voice caught, in sudden regret as there was a sudden shift in the shadows … something had heard them. Danny swallowed; him and his big mouth. Soon, there was an explosion of footsteps as a towering figure emerged out of the darkness. Its huge grotesque eyes glimmering in the dimness of the shadows as it loomed over the teenagers like a beast ready to devour them.

"No! I'm too beautiful to die!" echoed over the room as Tucker jumped behind Sam in a rather cowardly way, giving her a slight push forward.

"Ladies first," Sam was only allowed a yelp of surprise as she struggled not to fall. He was so dead if she survived this.

Danny was stupefied for a moment as Sam fell into the shadows and into the figure's arms. For a second he thought she was going to be spurting red, but when no such event occurred Danny quickly regained his composer and claimed his usual position, crying, "Don't you touch her! I'm going gho…"

"Why are you guys screaming like a bunch of bad teen actors?" mocked the figure in the shadows as it shifted its head in a questioning manner.

Danny managed to stop his transformation just in time, the light dying at his feet. He knew that voice; that irritating tone. He knew it somewhere. The teenager mentally slapped himself. How could he forget that voice when it was always yelling at him? "Jazz? Why the hell are you hiding in the dark?"

Jazz stepped into the light and pulled off a pair of goggles, throwing a hard glare at Danny, "Don't swear," Danny gave a bewildered look and her frown quickly turned into a short laugh, "What? I don't look that scary do I?"

The girl then motioned to the jumpsuit she was wearing. It strangely resembled mom's uniform, yet the real oddity was that she was even in it. Was this really Jazz? She didn't believe in ghosts, so why was she wearing a hunters' uniform?

"When my heart stopped beating was the first sign!" mocked Tucker as he rose from behind his human shield, Danny. He straightened his glasses and grinned when he saw the look on Jazz's face. He loved pissing her off … she was so cute when she was mad. Of course, he'd never tell anyone he had the hots for Danny's sister. He'd die of embarrassment … plus, Danny might kill him.

"Did you just call me scary?" Jazz felt a blush rise to her cheeks. She was an angel! The madwoman pulled out her fist, threatening Tucker with it.

Tucker merely tried not to drool at the insult; she was so beautiful when she was mad. Like an angel.

Sensing danger, Danny quickly reacted. The last thing they needed was a blood bath in the living room. He just knew that he'd end up being the one cleaning out of the carpet. "So where is everyone, and why is the house so … dark?"

Jazz forgot her anger as excitement took over her features, "Oh, yah! Mom and dad found something in the ghost zone, and it's taking all of the house's energy to keep it open. It's beautiful Danny. You should see it."

The sister used her hand to lure the younger beings forward as she excitedly skipped down the stairs to the lab humming slightly.

"I doubt anything that comes from the ghost zone is beautiful," joked Tucker behind Jazz's back, a gleam in his eye as he followed close behind. She was so lovely when she hummed; she had the voice of a cherub. God, how long could he silently sit by watching this beauty? He wanted to fall to his knees and proclaim his love through a worldwide computer virus, which would turn everyone's desktop into 'I love Jazz'.

Danny watched Tucker drool for a moment as he started down the steps as well. Tucker had been doing that a lot lately, mostly when he was around Jazz. It must be an allergic reaction to Jazz's perfume or something. She did wear something awful … at least he thought so.

Tucker was gravely mistaken. Where the ghost portal usually dwelled hovered a huge orb of soft white light, which folded in on itself in a technical dance of light. It was like looking into a miniature sun … minus the going blind part. There was also a soft humming which could be heard and felt throughout the room as smaller ghostly orbs circled the enchanting ball of light. Danny's ghost sense reacted immediately, causing a chill to run through his entire body. Danny grabbed at his arms, hugging himself as he glared at the false flower. This thing might have been beautiful, but it was dangerous.

"Dad," questioned Danny as he tried to still his shaking arms, "How did you find this? It seems dangerous."

The closer he got to it, the stronger the feeling of rage became. It was as if something had been drowned in that thing; its rage seeping into the very air.

Jack looked at his boy with a shocked expression for a moment. He was not as blind as everyone though him … or as dumb; his mind just wandered, that was all. Yet, his mind didn't wander all the time, and he noticed a change in his only son. He wasn't sure when it had started, but his boy seemed braver in the face of danger. He also no longer pouted about having to go down into the lab. It seemed his son had learned the laws of mortality … all things died, so one should be wary and love thy family, for you don't have forever. The man smiled and patted his boy on the shoulder. It seemed he had learned the lesson that separated men from fathers; it was a lesson that every boy had to learn on his own or not at all, "Don't worry son. You'll do fine."

Danny gave him a confused look, but Jack shrugged it off, his mind wandering back to his experiment, "Here, let me show you what I've found!"

Jack patted his son on the shoulder once more and walked up to the ball of light, slowly reaching a hand out towards one of the small orbs that circled around it. Danny's heart nearly stopped as he watched the small ball of light pass through his father's hand like a tiny spirit.

"See Danny, nothing happened," Jack smiled down at his son. He was a genius. Yah, he really didn't know what would have happened, but everything was just fine. Nothing bad had occurred.

He was gravely mistaken …

Everyone jumped as the orb seemed to throw out a wave of light, making every test tube in the room rattle. The inhabitants stared in awe as the fog-ish light then started to dim, revealing that the huge orb was actually hollow and that there was something else inside. An impressed sound escaped Jazz when the light finally revealed that there was a golden box, the size of a shoebox, inside. It glimmered like new molted gold, taunting the humans to come nearer. It was easy to say that no one could look away from the haunting object … not even Danny, and then there was a click. There was a lock on the golden box and the latch had slid upward, allowing the top to be opened. Slowly, the lid started too lifted without any assistance. There was a stillness for a moment as if the world had stopped to witness the opening of this box. Then, if only to disturb the silence, a ghostly voice rang outward making the room jump.

"Who Releases Me Onto The World Once More? I'll Bring You War And Nothing More."

A twitch escaped Danny, like all his ghost powers had just tried to shy away from the voice. The human's hands became fists as dread set in his stomach. Just what he needed: another ghost. Danny threw a quick glance around the room. Everyone was still entranced, but before Danny could jump behind the nearby table and go-ghost, the box burst open completely. It spilled out flames as if it were a liquid from the sea. There was only enough time to capture a shocked breath, and what remained of the orb caught a-flame and exploded forth into the room like a tiny Christmas orb shattering. The inhabitants of the room screamed in surprise as they all tried to jump backwards from the flames' grasp. And they might have been able to too, but the flames seemed to weave about the room as if it were alive, entrapping its victims. Soon, the fire was everywhere and it wanted a taste of human flesh; to run the pinkish stuff between its burning teeth and taste life before it faded in a hellish death.

"Run! Jazz! Danny!" Maddie cried as she tried to run from the flames that so angrily tried to consume her. She had to make it to the cabinet with the weaponry. There had to be something in here that she could protect her family with. There had to be, but … the red head suddenly stopped. She felt her heart seize up as she watched the flames reach out and grab Jack by the ankles. He fell to the floor with a thud, cracking his jaw. The man blinked once or twice wearily as blood started to drip out of his mouth, but before he knew it, his nails were digging into the flooring. He gave Maddie a last scared glance and then cried out in agony as the flames ate at his ankles, finally tugging him into the flame's belly with a venomous hiss. A lone tear ran down the mother's cheek, and she just stood there as the flames drew closer to her. She didn't even scream as a wave of hot flame rolled over her like a wave from the ocean.

She was dead before her charred corpse hit the ground, smoke pouring off her form like black blood … her wedding ring the only thing left glimmering.

"Mom! Dad!"

Danny was overcome by shock as he watched his mother fall to the floor in a ball of fire. His mind had fallen into distress, struggling to wake its body from what had to be a nightmare. Yet, in his stillness, the flames found a new meal and were slowly moving forward, ready to grasp their treat and consume him. Danny didn't even notice when the flames reached out to grasp him … but Jazz did. The sister cried out to her brother as she violently pushed him out of the way and to the floor away from the fires' grasp. This did not stop the flames, of course. They merely changed tastes and a web of thin waves slid around her slim waist and pulled her into its trap. Jazz was only allowed to give her brother a frightened look as her delicate frame and dragged her into the molten grave by an unknown hand. Danny was frozen in distress as he waited for his sister to step out of the flames and yell at him for not saving her. He was so entranced that he couldn't even cry out her name.

Why was this happening?

The half ghost's gaze was pulled away from where his sister once stood and back to the huge orb with its box within. A blackened song had started to play as if an malevolent music box had been open … like a Pandora's Box. The walls of the flaming ball finally collapsed and crashed onto the floor completely, spreading flames in all directions like a flood. Yet, that was the least of Danny's problems as a fire riddled hand suddenly sprang out of the box, grasping the side as if a person was slowly pilling themselves out of a bathtub. Soon a head pulled itself out as well, jaw spread wide, crying out silently. Then, with a sickeningly slow pace, it pulled itself out as its bones bended and contoured until it was finally able to squeeze out of the small box; its form falling to the floor in an exhausted manner. It didn't take long, despite the boy's inner prayers, before a flaming foot finally took its stance on the melting tiles, exhaustion gone. It merely stood there a moment, lolling its head from side to side, before it dropped its skull back with a roar of conquest, throwing his arms straight out to the heavens as if mocking it.

Danny swallowed. He had to do something, and soon the words were flowing past his lips, "I'm going Ghost!"

The teenager no longer cared if his parents saw him as long as he could save them. That's all that mattered! Too bad they were long since dead, kindle for the fire, his mind so grievous it refused to acknowledge the truth.

"Time to take you out; you fire hazard," cried Danny as tears streamed down his cheeks in a feverous manner. This thing was going down! With a chocking scream, the half ghost threw himself forward in an attack that would have devastated most of his enemies, but not this one. The flaming figure merely swiveled to the side grabbing Danny by his right arm with the speed and agility of a god. The flames immediately started to feast away at the ghost boy's flesh, a sickening burn smell filling the air. Danny quickly panicked because of the sudden rush of pain and tried to phase through … but to no avail. His arm merely shivered in a weak way like his powers were being drained. The teenager wasn't even allowed a moment of confusion as he screamed out in horror; the flaming beast had tightened his grip, causing the flames to bite deeper into his flesh, into the muscle. The Halfling continued to struggle despite the growing level of pain … he had to live. He just had too!

"Let go!"

The figure did not follow the request and soon the pain was finally too much; Danny Phantom felt his strength and will to struggle fading. Unable to will away the darkness, Danny finally surrendered and hung like a piece of meat from the flaming being's grasp. The figure's charcoal black eyes finally decided to stare down at his still toy. It said nothing… nothing at all. It only smiled with its shark like teeth, a small sound escaping from behind that enameled prison: a blood, chilling chuckle in its throat.

Danny could barely acknowledge the sound, his sight starting to dim as the pain in his arm increased. He was going into shock. The cries of his friends and family seemed almost silent as he stared into the fire demon's eyes, those black, dead eyes. It was then that he realized: this was the end. He couldn't save anyone. Not even himself.

"Danny! Save us!" The cry echoed through the half-ghost's head, his loss completely realized, and then the world went dark, swallowed up by smoke.

A ghostly eye, with a purple pupil and small bat like wings, watched from the distanced as the Fenton house was encased by flames; much like a wicker man. All the sacrifices of flesh included.

"How very interesting," squeaked the winged eye as it watched the house fall into decay, giving way to the flames' onslaught. As if on summons, the fire trucks roared around the corner, tires squealing in distress, but they were too late. No one could do anything now but watch.


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