My Friend Conan by Hrtofdrkns
Based on a short story I read once.
Disclaimer: I don't own DC/CC.

I once had a friend named Conan. Everybody loved Conan.

He was smart, athletic, and popular.

I was just smart.

He solved mysteries.

I couldn't.

Genta and I were jealous of the way Ayumi loved him.

I still am.

After high school Conan went to college.

I worked in a metal shop.

Conan got a job with Interpol.

I still worked in the metal shop.

Conan married Ayumi.

I married a girl I didn't love after accidently getting her pregnate.

Things were hard. But Conan was always there, offering his support and his money.

He was kind, thoughtful, and friendly.

I had grown bitter and introverted.

One day Conan just disappeared. Interpol looked all over, but they couldn't find him.

They questioned me, and I said I had no idea where he could be.

They won't find him. I buried him to deep.

Everybody loved Conan.

Except me.