Albert Wesker fired into the horde of villagers swarming towards him. A sound of a revving chainsaw broke the din of Spanish muttering and cursing from the villagers. A man, bigger than the others dropped from seemingly nowhere and was swinging a dual bladed chainsaw wildly. Fire spewing from in between the blades.

Wesker's Killer 7 Magnum ran out of ammo just as the blood soaked maniac approached him in a blistering pace. With a swing of his mighty saw, Wekser's head went rolling and the blood spewing body collapsed to the ground.

The screen turned red and "You Are Dead" appeared in a taunting manner.

"SPOOT!" Daggett yelled as he hurled the Gamecube controller at the television, causing it to bounce off and whack him in the nose instead. He collapsed onto the couch in pain as his brother emerged from the kitchen with a couple of Yahoo Sodas.

"You loose again Dag? Man you really are terr-I-ble!" Norbert taunted playfully.

"I'm not going to quit Norbbie! I'll show you!" Dagget said, selecting Leon Kennedy this time. He chose the first level this time around.

"The first level is always easier!" Daggett said confidently. Norbert just rolled his eyes.

After taking care of the first wave of villagers, two bloody hags with chainsaws came from the sheds and killed Leon.

"SPOOT!" Daggett yelled, tossing the controller to the floor and turning the system off.

"Just like a Kennedy…" Norbert remarked to himself with a smirk. "That's your problem Dag, you have no perseverance. You give up too easily." He explained as he drank his soda.

"No it's not that!" Daggett said holding up his thumbs. "My thumbs are killing me!"

"Uh-huh. Sure. You're blaming your looserlyness on carpel tunnel syn-dromy." Norbert said in his always mispronouncing way.

"I don't even know what that is, but that's not it!" Daggett said, putting the game up.

"Dag, you've been playing this game for four solid hours! GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING!" Norb yelled.

"You sound just like mom." Daggett remarked.

Norbert was about to reply when the doorbell's familiar chime cut him off.

Daggett rushed to the door as if he was expecting something and threw it open. He grabbed the package sitting on the ground and hurried back inside. Norbert followed in curiosity, rolling his eyes as he shut the door that was still standing open.

Norbert walked back into the living room to see Dag hooking up a chainsaw shaped controller to the system.

"This will show those spoot heads who the REAL boss is around here!" Daggett was mumbling to himself.

Norbert walked up behind Daggett and grabbed one of his pointed ears, jerking him around to look him in the eye.

"Daggett, for the last time, go out and do something! PLEASE!" he pleaded.

"Alright, if it means that much to you." Daggett said, heading towards the door.

"It does. I care about you!" Norbert said half-heartedly.

Daggett walked out of the door and shut it behind him.

"Alone-y at last!" Norbert said to himself as he switched on the television to watch his movie. "OH! 'Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Re-Animated Undead Living!' a classic!"