The idea of a horde of undead flesh seekers slamming themselves against the door of the dam in a quest for the last living thing in their general direction wasn't lost on the three beavers. Something had to be done without killing their friends in the process. If an antidote could be found, then all would be well.

Daggett and Treeflower sat on the couch as Norbert paced in uneasy silence. No one said anything, because quite frankly, there wasn't anything positive to say at the moment.

For a brief time, Daggett considered going back to his sandwich he left in the kitchen. But the silence was broken by the sound of something mechanical. A sound of a…

"Chainsaw? Out here?" Norbert perked up when he heard the sound too. No lumberjack, even the ones they encountered before, would be crazy enough to do their job in the conditions now. It was distant, but clearly identifiable.

"That blockade I was told to put up should hold any curious or stupid people at bay until this is sorted out." Treeflower said, glancing at the door with uncertainty.

Norbert could read her expression and felt uncomfortable. He looked over to Daggett who was leaning over the back of the couch, looking towards the kitchen, and the sandwich.

"DAG!" Norbert barked, snapping Daggett to attention, "Stick your head out and see what's going on!"

"NO SPOOTIN WAY! I AIN'T GETTING MY HEAD CUT OFF FOR ANYONE!" Daggett screamed in an unusual show of courage.

"Calm down Dag! I was just funnin' ya!" Norbert said, holding up his hands in defense.

"Well it ain't funny!" Daggett miffed, crossing his arms and pouting in the corner of the sofa.

"Guys! This isn't the time to mess around! We got to do something!" Treeflower exclaimed, looking at the both of them.

Everyone knew there was really nothing they could do. For all they knew, they were infected as well and just didn't know it yet. Before Norbert could break the news, the chainsaw got louder and closer.

Daggett responded by bolting under the couch. Treeflower had her gun at the ready as all cops do, and Norbert was ready to give Trixie the word if need be.

The silence now was so thick you could almost hear it creeping closer and closer. The only identifiable sound was Daggett's whining from his hiding spot.

Without warning, a chainsaw blade slammed through the door, and with one swipe took it off its hinges and across the room. The wielder was none other than…

" EL GRAPADORA!" Daggett yelled from under the couch. Only he didn't seem normal. After yelling something in Spanish, he began swinging wildly destroying anything in his way, causing the three beavers to retreat upstairs and lock the door.

"Norbie?" Daggett asked between gasps.

"Yeah Dag?" Norbert asked, equally tired.

"Why do people always run upstairs when being chased?"

"I have no idea."

A chainsaw blade coming between them cut them off and sent them diving for the canoes they used as bunk beds. They heard the door splintering away and the chainsaw growing ever louder before gunfire filled the room. They peeked up over the bed to see Treeflower firing at the wrestler, trying to lure him away.

"NOOO!" Norbert yelled as she disappeared around the corner with El Grapadora following close behind.

The next two sounds they heard were the click of an empty barrel, and the sickening sound of a chainsaw cutting through matter.

"Well that was a lot of help…" Daggett scoffed, crossing his arms.

Norbert angrily slapped Daggett in the back of the head, tears welling in his eyes. Something HAD to be done now, and it didn't matter how anymore.