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Prisoner X

The pain just keeps coming now; I don't know how to overcome it. I know that the final stages of Voldemort's plans are coming together and all I can think is that I hope he kills them all. Bitterness is all that's left of me; they killed me each and every one of them. I trusted them but they all let me down.

This is my story, I am Prisoner X that's what they call me and that's who they will remember me as. I wasn't always Prisoner X though once I had a name; yes I still remember it at the back of my mind under all the pain, they once called me Harry.

Harry Potter that was me. I was their hero their savour and now I'm their prisoner and they hate me. I know they've tried to forget me, cut all links and yet that will be their downfall. They will all die because they've done this to me and I'm glad.

I wasn't always like this once I was happy, my childhood wasn't that time but I grew I learnt that I was better than my family, I was someone special the son of the late James and Lily Potter. I was proud of my parents; they defeated Voldemort at the end of the first war, although they were never credited for it. My mother's love saved my life and caused the spell that should have been my end defeat Voldemort.

When I was eleven I was sent to Hogwarts after discovering that I was a wizard and there I met my friends, I had adventures and I discovered my family. I was happy and foolish I thought that they would be there for me no matter what but I couldn't be more wrong.

I graduated Hogwarts on June 21st 1997 and that was it that was the end of Harry Potter and the start of Prisoner X. I know that they are going to make it so that I will be forgotten but I need to get my story across now, even if it is never believed I will be happier knowing that I told somebody, even if its only a book.

I left Hogwarts happy to finally be free, don't get me wrong I loved Hogwarts and it was my only real home but so much badness had gone on there for me. It was a reminder of Voldemort, then there was Sirius and the lies Dumbledore told.

I had an apartment left to me it had belonged to my father when he was a bachelor and he had never sold it, instead he had allowed Wormtail to live there, I should have known it was a bad place. I moved in straight away and I was happy for about a week.

I remember having the gang round one night, there was Neville and Ron then of course Hermione and Luna and Ginny. They were my friends and they betrayed me, one more than the others.

I don't know what happened really I went to bed after they left and when I woke up in the morning my world had changed. I can tell you what I know although it isn't a lot really. There was an attack during the night; Voldemort's Death Eaters had been hard at work again.

From what I know Luna and Ginny apparated straight back to the Burrow, they were still Hogwarts student's being a year younger than me and didn't have their own place. Neville only lived ten minutes away and Ron was staying with him, they were working on something. They were walking Hermione back to her flat which was between Neville's and my own.

The three of them were attacked that night. The Death Eaters knew where they were going to be. Hermione managed to set off a signal for the Order members and they were there soon after, well a handful.

They managed to damask one of the Death Eaters after he had killed somebody. Neville died that night at the hands of that Death Eater and they had enough witnesses to arrest the culprit.

It was about twenty minutes later that I woke up panting, I'd had another vision from Voldemort and I knew I needed to get hold of somebody and fast so I apparated straight to Grimmauld Place, my big mistake.

Kingsley was outside waiting for me, he grabbed me and disarmed me no problem. I found myself face down on the pavement. It was then that I was arrested for the murder of Neville Longbottom.

I couldn't believe they did that to me though, I hadn't killed Neville and I knew that I was being set up by Voldemort. He knew he couldn't beat me so he was sending me somewhere so he wouldn't have to worry about me.

I was taken straight through to a trail I never stood a chance really. I sat in that cold chair with my hands bound in chains. Ron came first to the stand followed by Hermione. Both named me as the person that had killed Neville.

I looked around the room and saw Remus sitting there with Tonks both wore expressions of great disappointment and I could tell straight away they thought I was guilty. Luna and Ginny were there too and they were yelling for me to be sent down.

Everyone I cared about was there condemning me for something I hadn't done. They didn't give me a truth potion to hear my side in fact I didn't even get to speak. I was just found guilty and thrown into Azkaban.

The only comfort is that the Dementors left long ago to follow Voldemort, but then again that doesn't matter I suffer anyway. My scar aches at all times and I have visions of what is happening. I know that Voldemort is in control and I hope that he will kill them all, they deserve death.