Guilt and Innocence

The battle had been bad and it was unclear in the early days straight after how bad it had truly been. Many people were missing and their bodies had yet to be found, a number of people survived but the death count had been in its hundreds.

From among the dead there were thirty students aged between fourteen and eighteen all having died to bring freedom to their friends and families. Nearly two hundred were Aurors who had fought with all the bravery of their training.

Death among the remaining order members had been high also with both George and Charlie Weasley dying for a cause that almost their entire family had died for. It was a sad fact but Ron was now the sole Weasley left in society.

Also among the victims were the three Aurors, Tonks, Kingsley and Dean dying magnificent deaths ensuring their names would forever remain among the top Aurors. Surprisingly almost was the death of Lee who had saved Luna by taking a fatal curse, and the last order member to perish had been Hannah.

Although sadness came with the battle an underlined amount of hope was brought with it. Remus had survived the battle out living all his friends and being able to look out at Hogwarts and know for the first time freedom.

Luna smiled happily as she went to the hospital wing to retrieve the hidden children and take the casualties for treatment and with her went the Headmistress who now had a school that would be safe from attack.

As for the traitor who had been guilty of so much hurt she found herself sentenced to life in Azkaban prison with the rest of the Death Eaters and disowned by the one family member that she still had.

As for the three friends that had been split by betrayal and reunited by innocence life was difficult. Their friendship remained strong although not as strong as it had once stood although that was only known by the three.

Ron and Hermione married and three years after that fateful day had the first of many children a daughter named Hope, as they all hoped that life would from now on be good.

As for the hero of the day the man who had for so long been known as Prisoner X he could no longer stay within the wizarding world and found peace among the muggles he had once felt so different to. He kept his ties to the wizarding world and knew he'd never completely leave it. He couldn't not after the birth of his daughter Faith.

He knew that although he would never return to the wizarding world there would come a day when Faith would join it, when she would find her place among her kind with her best friend Hope, and that day would bring a whole new number of events that would again change his world and those of the ones he loved.