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Kyuubi Makes An Offer

Naruto and his team, or what was left of it, jumped from tree to tree. They had been sent on a mission to wave country. Inari, Tsunami, and Tazuna were to be escorted to Konoha. Naruto was far ahead of the group, he had not seen them for a long time now and he was impatient.

It had only been three months since Sasuke had left for the Sound. Tsunade had noticed that the blond haired, blue-eyed genin was not his usual loud obnoxious self. She knew it was because his best friend had left. She did not know exactly what had happened in the Valley of the End, but it was obvious to her that Sasuke had tried to kill the boy. She suspected this was the cause of her brother's current mood. That was when she had gotten a letter from Wave country requesting Team 7 as an escort for a group of people that would be traveling to Konoha.

A while ago she had read that these people were part of a mission that Naruto had completed, and the country even had a bridge named after him. Thus she decided to send him, Sakura, and Kakashi to bring them to Konoha. But if she had known what would happen on that mission she would have burned the request then and there.

Several hours after they had left Kakashi called a halt. It was getting dark and they would not be able to see in a few minuets. That would be no problem for most shinobi, but they had been running all day and were exhausted. Besides, this wasn't an urgent mission; they could take their time, as much as Naruto didn't want to.

They had just finished setting up their camp when a shuriken whirred out of the darkness, just barely missing Kakashi. A small cut opened up on his shoulder and he quickly got into a defensive position; "Naruto, Sakura! Move!" but he need not have said anything because they were already ready.

A laugh sounded from the surrounding forest. "Foolish genin. Coming out here for a fake mission. I will obtain the Mangekyou and kill my brother, but to do that I must kill you all. Starting with you dobe!" Sasuke threw several kunai at his former teammate before disappearing back into the night.

"Show yourself teme!" Naruto yelled as he created a hundred bunshins. "If you won't come out, I'll drag you out!" the bunshins began to scatter, only to be destroyed by the rain of kunai and shuriken from the missing nin.

As the last bunshin was destroyed Sasuke stepped from the darkness, followed by two others. All of them were wearing Sound forehead protectors. "Die dobe!" Sasuke yelled as he launched himself at Naruto, slashing at him with a sword that he had pulled from behind him. A blade that was oddly familiar. Kusanagi, Orochimaru's blade. The same sword that had been used against the Old Man and Tsunade-baa-chan. Naruto would never forget that blade, nor would he forgive anyone who used the cursed blade.

Naruto somehow managed to dodge the attack; "I know that you want to kill your brother, but Orochimaru wont just give you the power to do it! Don't you know that he is going to take your body in three years!?" Naruto jumped at Sasuke, holding his kunai like a dagger.

Sasuke deftly sidesteps; "I don't care if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself. So long as I have the power to kill my brother." As the blond passed by he landed a hard blow to the middle of the boy's back. "Is that all you've got? Pitiful. But then again, you never were a challenge."

Sakura just stood dumbfounded on the sidelines, watching in horror as the one she thought she loved attacked her teammate. Sure, he had left them but that was only because of that weird mark that the snake man had put on him. He would never try to kill Naruto, would he? Then again, they had always fought, and the last time she had seen them, it did look as if Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto just as much as that other guy. ((Sakura still doesn't know that Sasuke wants to kill his brother.))

Kakashi rushed over to help Naruto, who was just getting up. The Jounin pushes up his Hitai-ate revealing his Sharingan. "Naruto, when you have enough energy, use the Rasengan. But make it quick, he is much stronger than when he left." With that he rushed to keep the raven-haired boy distracted. He knew that he would not be able to hold him off for long, so he started with his special move; "Chidori!" he yelled out as a mass of blue sparks gathered in his hand, emitting a sound like a thousand birds screaming, hence it's name. Behind him, Naruto made several Bunshin to help him, while Naruto powered up his attack.

Sasuke ended up fighting the clones, every time he took one down; three more seemed to pop up in its place. Well it wasn't really a fight. Even though more and more clones popped up, Sasuke took them down with such ease that it seemed impossible. Then Sasuke yawned. 'Is this all he has? He should have gotten a lot stronger than this. Oh well. Time to finish up' he activated his sharingan and destroyed all of the clones before they could multiply again. "That was pitiful Naruto. You haven't improved since the last time we met. Shame, I was hoping for a challenge." Behind him Kakashi stabbed his chidori at his back.

Sasuke deftly broke Kakashi's wrist, forcing him to release the jutsu. Then he formed the chidori and slammed it into Kakashi, hoping to kill him, but missed. Kakashi only had a small wound in his side.

Sasuke's followers just watched, trying to learn as much as possible from Orochimaru's favorite. There was no way that he would lose. The Otokage himself had trained him. So these leaf nin should be a piece of cake.

Sasuke then made a chidori in both hands, before bringing them together, doubling its attack power.

Kakashi's eye widened; "That's not possible. Even I cant do that! And I created the technique!"

Sasuke smirked; "It's one of the things Orochimaru-sama taught me." That was the last thing Naruto heard before nothingness closed around him.

He had attempted to sneak up on his opponent and hit him with the rasengan. He had almost made it when Sasuke plunged his Twin Thousand Birds through his chest, barly missing his heart.

Naruto fell to the ground, to all appearances, dead. Kakashi attempted to get over to his fallen comrade, but was stopped by his wounds and Sasuke's 'teammates'.

Sakura had fainted when she had seen Naruto die. This wasn't the Sasuke she had known. She had not respect for this Sasuke. How could she not have seen this coming? Why had she ever liked him? When she woke up, if she woke up at all, she would give him a good beating. Hell yeah!

"There's no escape for either of you now. Both of you will die, just as he did." Sasuke grins evilly while pointing at the dead boy.

While his back was turned, Kakashi had been doing a set of hand seals. He just hoped he finished before Sasuke noticed. Sasuke turned around as he finished the last seal. Both he and Sakura disappeared. He could not bring Naruto's body because he was low on chakra.

"Oh well. They weren't worth my time." Sasuke growled. Inwardly he was seething. He had wanted to kill the so badly.

One of his subordinates, the one named Talla approached Sasuke; "Sasuke-sama, what should we do with the body?"

Sasuke waved him off; "You could leave the body to rot for all I care. We need to get back to Otogakure. Orochimaru wanted us back today, and we don't have much time left." Sasuke turned and left, not looking back. He knew that his team would follow.

After Sasuke 'killed' him, Naruto found himself within his mind. To any who didn't know better, it looked like a sewer. One that should have been condemned long ago. The walls were crumbling, non-existent in places. Moss grew on the stones that remained, and an inch deep pool of dirty water ran along the ground. All of this was because of the villagers. Their constant hate filled glares, calling him demon, hunting him down just to hurt him. Most would have killed themselves, or ran away long ago if it had happened to them. But Naruto was made of sterner stuff, so he survived. He turned their hate into motivation. He would never give up.

A low growling was heard coming from further down the channel. "Stupid fox." Was all Naruto said while walking towards the growling.

Long ago, before Naruto had been born, a vicious demon had attacked the village of Konoha. It was the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi. Its tails caused massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Many ninja had died trying to protect their village, but to no avail. That is until the greatest of the Hokage, the Fourth, sacrificed his life to defeat the mighty demon. He was not able to kill it, so he sealed it inside of a newborn child, it's umbilical cord freshly cut. His dying wish was that the child be seen as a hero, but it was not to be. The villagers saw the demon and not the child. Most wanted it killed then and their, and it was only because of the third Hokage that the child survived. He made a law stating that no one was to mention the demon. Those who disobeyed were punished severely, but it did not stop the adults from passing their hate on to their children. Thus the vessel of the Kyuubi grew up being hated and shunned.

Currently the nine tailed fox was growling at the boy that stood before him. He couldn't harm the kid, even if he had wanted to. When he had been sealed, his mind and soul had been kept away from the kit. When the boy entered his mind, the Kyuubi was imprisoned behind a large rusty gate that went from one end of the boy's mindscape to the other. A talisman with the word "SEAL" was what held the gates closed, and no matter how hard he tried to break it, he always failed. He really did like the Kit, but he was the Nine Tailed Demon Lord, and she had an image to keep.

Oi! Brat! What did you think you were doing!?

"I was fighting Sasuke. Stupid fox."

"Well you sure did a good job of it! Kyuubi yelled. He punched a hole right above your heart. And now were both dying.

Naruto flinched before yelling; "I can't die yet! I still have to become the Hokage!"

Well, I guess that will never happen. We are dying and there is nothing that I can do to stop it. It was a small lie, but it was to help the kit. In any other situation the boy would not agreed to what he was about to propose.

"Wait… We're dying? I thought that when I died you'd be set free."

I can't get out kit. Our life forces are bound to each other. If you die, well, so do I. And I am not ready to do that just yet. I have a plan that may let us live.

"Huh? What's the plan? But didn't you say that there was nothing you could do to stop it?"

Yes I did. And there is nothing that I can do to stop it, by my self that is. This would require both of us. And it is the only option if either of us wish to survive.

"So what is it!?" He was getting impatient.

We fuse. I become you and you become me. Our bodies, minds, souls, memories, and chakra will become one. There will be nothing that separates us. This may work, but then again, it might not. Only a few beings have done this, and I don't know what became of them. If it is possible it will work. If not, well then, there's nothing we can do about it and we die.

Naruto looks at the Kyuubi with an odd expression. "You'd be willing to become human in order to stay alive?"

No, I wouldn't. there are many things that will happen. And there is also a cost.

"And they are?"

Meanwhile, in the center of the continent, something is awakening. Deep below the earth's surface, there is a cave. Its walls covered in ice. Suspended in the center of the room, hovering above the ground, touching nothing, is a bluish-green gem. A very large gem at that. It is a yard wide and three tall. Within it there is a shadow, what manner of being it is, none can tell.

On the white marble floor, the only surface, besides the gem, which was not covered in ice, was a complex set of runes. They formed a series of circles that intertwined with each other. Outside of the circles were the symbols of every ninja village that was in, or ever was or would be, in existence. The gem floated in the center of all these. Waiting for the right time. A time that was soon coming. A time when he would truly be needed.

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