In the country of Myanmar that was formerly called Burma, there was a man with a long hair tied in a ponytail, wandering across the outskirts of a rural town. He remembered that it had been a year since he had left the Seitow Sannomiya Academy. He had posed as a woman in order to get a teaching job. He had met many young fresh but angst-ridden minds like Fuuko Kuzuha who had believed in him. No…...Fuuko was the first student to believe in the male Hibiki as a true teacher. Not only that but she was also ever his first student.

After Hibiki had unofficially resigned from his teaching job and returned to his parents in Tokyo, he decided to do some travels across the world. He had traveled to South America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Israel, etc. in six months. Since all the other countries he traveled to didn't speak Japanese, Hibiki had to communicate in English, which was one of the five international languages. Fortunately, unlike many other Japanese, he commanded a competent fluency in the English language, owing to months of surfing the net and communicating with English speakers on English-speaking community forums and the main Yahoo and Google search engines rather than going to Yahoo Japan and Google Japan.

He had made it a rule to search and read reliable information about the culture, people and government of a country he was planning to visit and then be well-prepared for it before he would go there, otherwise he'd face greater possibility of danger in not being familiar with cultural behaviors of each society.

He had read the recent Time magazine article about the government corruption and poverty in Myanmar but what it said could hardly compare to what he had witnessed. He was more than shocked at the terrible living conditions of those poor people, not to mention their scrawny physiques and hopeless expressions.

Most of them don't even speak English, so Hibiki had to study Burmese language diligently. He wished to help those people but he also knew there was very little he can do for them. Besides he couldn't help the whole population. He decided to stay out of others' affairs but his humanitarian instincts got the better of him.

One day, he ended up getting in trouble for striking down a military senior officer who was bullying a child. Before he was beaten by the officer's men and dragged to jail, he managed to catch a breath enough to hand his cellphone to the boy whom he saved and tell him to contact Ruru to rescue him.

Cradling his cellphone, the startled boy asked Hibiki, what his name was. The man replied in Burmese with a terrible but comprehensible accent. "Tell her it's Hibiki Amawa and he needs help fast.", as he was thrown into the prison wagon which then scooted away.

The Burmese boy stared at the cellphone as if it were a fancy device. Of course, it was the first time he ever had seen a cellphone in his poverty-ridden life. The grateful child decided to follow the stranger's instructions but the problem was he didn't know how to contact Ruru, or whoever the person was. So he tried everything he could think of and see on the phone. Confused, he pushed every button, not only but back and forth. As the strange characters appeared on the text screen. "These must be English words," he commented. Although he has no fluency in English, he could recognize those characters anywhere since he saw them marked on many foreign products that were brought to his village. He then saw the letters "R-U-R-U". That must be the name the stranger mentioned. Fidgeting with the buttons, he managed to click on the name. A second later, he heard a loud, vibrational buzz and next an old lady's face appeared on the tiny monitor screen of the cellphone. But as the old lady's eyes stare at him, her expression of irritation instantly changed to surprise.

Since the boy didn't recognize Japanese, let alone understand any of it, he didn't at all understand her Japanese words, "You're not Amawa?" He wondered what those words meant. Ignoring her strange language, he just said in Burmese, "Mister Stranger saved me from bad guys. He asked me to call you. Now you must save him." The strange old lady narrowed her eyes and frowned at the boy from the screen. Suddenly he heard the unfamiliar words again and it sounds like "Oh, well, wait. I'll get my universal translator." He wondered about her alien sounds again. A moment later he was surprised to hear Burmese words coming from the old lady. "Miss, you speak Burmese?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, boy. I do, thanks to my custom-made universal translator," the old lady said. "Now who are you? And how did you get the cellphone?'

'My name is Sun Noong," he responded and then told her about the events that transpired. After he's done with his story, she replied with a stern tone, "I see, boy. What are they going to do with him?"

"As usual, they're going to execute him, ma'am."


"Usually, they give a prisoner three days to live before the execution. That's the typical penalty for anyone who offends a military officer."

"Where are you now? What town?"

"In the town of Rangakan," the boy said.

"Where is the guy who saved your skin?"

"He's probably sent to the Anhwar prison about a kilometer from this town,"

"Then I'd better hurry doing something. Bye," came her reply before the screen went blank.

He stared at the empty monitor screen as he had no idea about it. He wouldn't know if the old lady could rescue his doomed savior since the Burmese military have many men and guns. But there was one thing he knew for sure. This cell phone could bring a lot of fortune. At first he wanted to make profit from selling it but changed his mind and kept it in case the stranger would manage to escape. He didn't know why but he felt a hunch that the man will definitely escape.

Back in Japan

Disconnecting the cell phone, Ru Ru pondered about the options. She knew that even she and her two idiotic residents couldn't get through unknown numbers of soldiers loaded with rifles alone in order to rescue that equally idiotic Amawa. So she decided to call for extra help. She knew who would risk their lives for Amawa. With a few touches on her cell phone again, she started to make a few calls.

She dryly, said "Hello, Kuzuha-chan. Listen. Your sensei is in trouble and needs help from us. Get everyone from your school and bring them to the inn now. Kuzuha-chan, I know you want to know but it's better that I'll explain it to you and everyone else when you arrive here. I'm waiting for you. Ruru out."

To be continued.