Trying to get Syaoran, Sakura makes a love potion. But what happens when our favourite pale haired, moon guardian drinks it? Will Sakura survive a love-struck Yue? Or will she fall for him…? SxY? SxS? SxM? I don't know…

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Warning: This story is AU! That means it his slight changes from the real Anime. Don't like don't read!

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It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and little children played outside in the green grass of the park.

Sakura trees bloomed and let their soft sweet smell overcome everyone who was in the park…

And under one of the Sakura trees a boy and a girl where having a picnic together. The boy was Syaoran Li, one of the ex-card captors that had fought against many enemies. Now that the cards where captured, they all could relax…

The girl next to Syaoran was Meiling Rae, also one of the ex-card captors. She was the cousin of the boy next to her. They were destined to marry each other after a couple of years until they both reached maturity… Marrying each other was something their parents had wanted, but was it what they wanted…?

However, that was going to take a wile since they where both at the age of sixteen year… both too young to think about marriage now…

Now it was time to relax… to forget the world around you, for an hour or two…

Syaoran and Meiling were both talking calmly as they both enjoyed their presences. Meiling leaned gently against him while eating some of the rice balls she and Syaoran made earlier.

Syaoran smiled lazily, as he draped an arm around his slightly younger cousin. Having moments like this where rare. Normally she would act hyper, a little moody and possessive as hell. But now she was relaxed…

…Was it because Sakura wasn't around…?

Yawning slightly Syaoran gently let his eyes fall shut, wile he hugged Meiling's soft body closer to him. The soft sweet scent of the Sakura trees was making him feel light headed, as his stomach was filed with rice balls…

…This was bliss…

While Meiling and Syaoran continued relaxing, they didn't know that two sad emerald eyes where looking at them, behind another Sakura tree that was further away.

The sad eyes belonged to the girl that was named after the beautiful trees that were blooming in the park…

Sakura sighed. Ever since the Clow cards where captured and turned into Sakura cards, Syaoran had started to hang out less around her. Instead with being with her, he rather spends his valuable time with his cousin Meiling…

…It hurt…

She always thought that the time they had spent together was special. She always had the feeling to care about him more as just a friend. But it seemed he was happy enough with Meiling's presence instead.

With these thoughts she walked home sadly. When she was there, she went to make herself ready to go to Tomoyo's house. Tomoyo said it was important…

Tomoyo was still a friend of her, she and Sakura did fun things the whole time. She didn't know the reason why Tomoyo had called her, but she sounded really exited to tell her.

Sakura smiled faintly 'She probably has made a dress or something'


Later at Tomoyo's house…


Tomoyo and Sakura giggled happily as they were both sitting in Tomoyo's bed room. Sakura had told her about her feelings for Syaoran a long time ago. Tomoyo understood her problem perfectly as she told Sakura what she felt about Eriol.

Suddenly Sakura remembered something "He Tomoyo, what was that very important thing you had called me here for the first place?"

Tomoyo put her hands in front of her mouth. "Oh my! I forgot about that"

She hurriedly ran out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Sakura alone on the floor. When she came back later she had a brightly red book in her arms.

The book looked like it hadn't been used in ages, and was almost completely falling apart. On the old cover Sakura could barely read the line 'How to make a love potion'.

Sakura gasped while grabbing the old book from Tomoyo's hands…

"I think this is what can help us, from all of our problems with love" Tomoyo said grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Sakura gasped. "But where did you find it!"

"Well, I looked in the basement of this house yesterday and fond it" Tomoyo said happily as she old hugged the book to her chest. "So, do you want to find out if it works?"

Sakura grinned "You bet"


"So what does the book say?" Sakura asked impatiently, as Tomoyo was looking in the book for already ten minutes.

"The book says we need to put in some ingredients…" Tomoyo said as she frowned slightly in concentration.

"Okay, so what do we need?"

Tomoyo smiled as she lay the book down for a moment. "The book says that we need this" She gave Sakura the book.

Sakura read the ingredients list, it said…

To make a love potion you need:

A red rose to symbolise love,

Ginger to make the love exotic,

Chocolate to make the love sweet,

Milk to make to love strong,

And some white wine to make the love pure.

Sakura blinked, that was sure some strange ingredients to make a potion. "Tomoyo…"


"Wont Syaoran and Eriol get sick if they drink a grinded red rose…?"

"Uh… well…" Tomoyo said nervously "Lets just try!"

"Okay…" Sakura said slowly.

Later again…

After searching for the ingredients, they both looked into the book again. It said:

If you have the ingredients you can begin making your own love potion…

!) Grind the red rose, and put it into a bowl,

2) Ad some ginger into your bowl,

3) Melt some chocolate, and put it in the bowl,

4) Stir the ingredients together,

5) And at last, ad some milk and white wine, to finish it.

After following the books instructions, they both began to make their own love potion…

The one who drinks it will fall in love with the first person he/she sees…

So be careful…


Later, back at the Kinomoto house


Sakura yawned sleepily as she walked to her bed. She had stayed a long time at Tomoyo's house. They had both finished their love potions, and had both promised each other to give it to Syaoran and Eriol tomorrow at school.

She thought about her potion. It was a deep purple and looked quite tasty if you didn't know what was in it. She had put it in the refrigerator, because the book said to keep the drink cool for 'Un melting love'.

Deciding to think about the potion later, she gently eased herself into the bed and wrapped the warm covers around her…

Meanwhile, in the early morning…

Yue flew softly in the sky, flying to the Kinomoto household. Kero-chan had called him for something important. Something really important…

Crawling soundlessly trough the window of Sakura's room, he sneaked past his sleeping mistress, to the kitchen where Kero-chan said they would meet.

When he was in the kitchen, he found Kero-chan eating some red stuff that was in a jar… 'Does he EVER stop eating!'

"Good morning Kero-san, why did you summon me here? Is there some new evil" Yue said wile stretching his big white wings.

Kero-chan smiled happily "Nope, I just wanted to let you try this" Kero-chan motioned the red thing that where in the jar.

Yue's right eye twitched, he had flown far amounts, just for THIS. "You let me fly here just for that?" He pointed to the jar that said: Red peppers, yummy and spice-a-luscious.

"Yeah!" Kero-chan said happily, not noticing his brother's irritation. "You should try it, its really good!" He shoved one under Yue's nose.

Yue looked at the pepper, as if it had talked to him. "No thanks, I don't eat" He said finally as he gently shoved Kero-chan away.

"Aawwww… come on, its good I swear" Kero-chan said wile offering the pepper to Yue again.


"Please?" Kero-chan begged, putting up the Chibi eyes.

Yue sighed. "Fine" He took the pepper out of Kero-chan's hand and slowly looked at it.

Kero-chan smiled "Come on, eat it up!"

"Yes, okay…" Yue said as he put the red pepper in his mouth…

'Hmmm… this tastes odd, its kinda—' Yue's eyes widened when he chewed on it. "HOLY MOTHER OF THE MOON! WHAT IS THIS CRAP?"

Kero-chan giggled. "I just knew you would like it"

"Quick get me something cold NOW!" Yue said as tears were forming in his catlike silver eyes.

"Okie dokie, brother of mine" Kero-chan flew to the refrigerator "Now lets see, hmm… something cold…"


Both of them had been so busy that they didn't hear some soft footsteps on the stairs. In the door opening stood a sleepy Sakura that looked only half awake. Still in her pyjamas, she looked dazed at the scene before her.

"A-HA!" Kero-chan said as he flew out of the refrigerator. "Look what I got!" He hold up a small bottle with a deep purple colour.

"Okay, give it to me" Yue said impatiently as he grabbed the bottle and opened it.

Suddenly, Sakura was fully awake. Her eyes widened in shock. "No Yue! Don't drink it!" She yelled as Yue put the bottle on his lips.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Yue drank the while bottle in a few gulps. "Aahhh…" Yue sighed as his mouth didn't burn anymore.

"Oh God no…" Sakura said slowly as she looked at Yue.

Surprised to hear his Mistress's voice Yue looked at Sakura.


"M-mistress…?" Yue said slowly as he starred at her.

Sakura panicked, the words of the book haunting her: The one who drinks it will fall in love with the first person he/she sees…So be careful…

To be Continued…


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