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Koji's 17 in this fic

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Chapter 1

Earth didn't look that different than it had last time he'd seen it. From space it looked exactly the same, though he'd been told the surface looked vastly different with all the Autobot bases, living quarters, and recreation places being built.

He couldn't say the same for the face that was partially reflected in the window. His brown hair, which he'd cut off after his father's death, had grown back out and was now in a short braid. Even though he ate three decent meals a day there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. Physical training three hours in the morning and two hours in the evening every day for the last four years had taken care of that. He'd trained hard so he'd never be at somebody's mercy like he had been to Hao Saka's. His brown eyes didn't have the same ever-trusting look to them but they weren't dead. All in all he looked just like his father had as a teenager. Except for his eyes. Those he'd gotten from his mother.

"How's it feel to be home little bro," a voice came from behind him.

Koji turned to see Sideburn smiling at him. He didn't smile back. There had only ever been two people that made earth home to him. His parents were both dead now, his mother in some war when he'd been three and his father at Scourge's hands. They had been the only humans Koji had ever considered family. His parent's families had never approved of their marriage and by association his birth. Cybertron had become his home four years ago when Optimus had decided to fill the slot of father in Koji's life and he had gain a relatively large family made up of an uncle, three brothers, a father, and for the first time in along time, a mother.

He looked back at the planet he'd been born on. He felt a slight tug at the bottom of his heart when he looked at it. The sight of it brought back memories he'd tried to bury when he left. Old wounds were going to be opened, he'd known that when Optimus had told him he was going back to earth to finish his education. He'd built walls and defenses over the past four years to protect him from the pain and helplessness he'd faced during his younger years. The only people he let in were his family and that was only because they had flat out refused to let him shut them out. He wasn't the weak and vulnerable kid Saka had enjoyed torturing for eight years.

"It's not home," was all he said to his 'brother'.

"Optimus, the ship will be hear within the hour," T-Ai said appearing next Optimus' desk in his new, much bigger, office in their new main base.

"Good. I should be done with this by then," he said looking at the desk. He hated paper work but it was a necessary evil. He hurried back to work.

T-Ai smiled at this. Optimus had thrown himself into the role of father to an orphaned human and had managed to do a good job considering he'd really known nothing about raising children of any species.

Her smile faded a little with her next words. "Are you sure it's a good idea to make him come back to earth?"

Optimus stopped. He sat in silence for a minute before speaking.

"There are a lot of reasons for Koji to come back here. He hasn't had any interactions with humans his own age in four years. The only humans he spends time with are those scientists and they're twice his age. He needs to be around people his own age. Besides it's very hard too make sure he's alright or check up on him if we are rarely on the same planet. Do you know about some of his extra-circular activities? He was running a few highly classified programs. He's not supposed to know about those much less be running them," Optimus said. "From now Koji will stay on the same planet as I'm on. Plus a human shouldn't stay so long away from earth. The scientists stay only six months at the longest. Koji stayed four years," Optimus stated all of this clearly hoping she wouldn't be curious enough to find out the real reason he was having Koji come back to earth.

"So it has nothing to do with Scourge being sighted on Cybertron."

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