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Chapter 25

Koji had had a rough week. For one, Optimus had, as predicted, kept him practically glued to his side. Secondly, he'd found out that he was going to be a father in four or five months. He couldn't be certain about when the baby was conceived. Thirdly, his grandfather and aunt had suddenly jumped back into his life. And finally, one of his mother's old friends had shown up shortly after them.

It had been a rough week. He'd somewhat bonded with his "Uncle" Ben who had lived with his family until a little while before Koji's second birthday. He'd stopped calling after Koji's mother died, apparently lost in grief for his life long friend. When he'd finally got over it a few years had passed and he hadn't wanted to intrude on Dr. Onishi, who he was sure was still grieving. By the time he'd tried to get back into his 'nephew's' life Koji was already on Cybertron. Xandra had called him after arriving in Tokyo. All in all he was pretty cool, although Koji worried about the man's obsession with fire and deadly chemicals.

His grandfather was full of contradictions. Half the time he acted like Koji wasn't good enough for his family, then the rest of the time he was looking at Koji like he hung the moon or something. Xandra said it was because he saw a lot of Koji's father in him and he still blamed Dr. Onishi for taking his daughter, who Xandra and Janet both admitted was their father's favorite, away from him. The rest of the time he was probably thinking about how Koji was his first grandchild (his oldest cousin was sixteen, go figure) and he'd missed out on most of his life. General Sparter had also, upon hearing about what Hao Saka had done to Koji over the years, had filed criminal charges against him, (Saka of course took his family and disappeared before the cops could get to their Kyoto residence). That made Koji feel better. The nightmares still bothered him but he could deal knowing Hao Saka wouldn't be teaching in Japan again.

His aunt Xandra was, for the lack of a better word, interesting. She was a lieutenant in the United States Military but was messy, irresponsible, and acted mostly like a teenager. She took him and T-Ai out clubbing a few nights ago and now he was sitting in the Baltimore Inner Harbor ten tables down from where she was with her long time boyfriend Randy Brig. She had brought him and T-Ai there to make introductions and then had them promptly make themselves scarce. So he and T-Ai where sitting looking out at the water.

"It's pretty here," T-Ai commented.

'And romantic' Koji thought. He had a nasty feeling his aunt was trying to push him to propose. Looking over at her and Randy he knew that the guy proposing to night wasn't him. He could see the nervousness and the way Randy kept touching his pocket. He was going to have a new uncle soon.

"So, I'm guessing you figured it out to?" T-Ai said.

"That Randy's going to be my uncle soon or that my aunt has the subtlety of heard of cattle?" Koji asked.

"The second thing"

"Oh." Koji looked down. He didn't want to discuss this yet. He wasn't ready for that step. T-Ai wasn't either. He could tell.

"We aren't ready for that, are we?" Koji said.

"No, we're not," T-Ai admitted.

"Maybe in another few years we will be. But now… we need to focus on being parents," Koji said.

"Yeah. Right now we need to focus on the baby. And you need to focus on graduating," T-Ai smiled.

"I already have enough credits to graduate college," Koji laughed.

"Are you serious?" T-Ai asked.

"Yeah. What do you think I did when Axel and I were grounded? Take quilting classes?"

"Then why are you in high school?" T-Ai sounded confused.

"Optimus was dead set on me going to school like a normal kid. I didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't need to," Koji chuckled.

"You went to high school just to make him feel better?"

"Pretty much," Koji smiled. Then something caught his eye. "Randy is officially my future uncle," he laughed.

T-Ai turned and saw Randy on one knee in front of Xandra. He slipped what looked like a ring onto her finger, smiling ear to ear.

"When we're ready, it'll happen," Koji said with a small smile. T-Ai looked into his eyes and nodded.


AN: Sequel is in the writing stages. might be posted in a few days if i can manage it. It's called "Payback".Basically Koji and T-Ai's son wants revenge for what Saka did to his father.