By Patriot For Christ


Twelve in the morning. Not a time that Hank McCoy is usually awake. Of course, it's not surprising, seeing how much he's had on his mind lately. All involving a certain someone. Who is that someone? Well, her name is Emily Wagner. She has a mutant brother. You probably know him. His name is Kurt Wagner. The two of them are twins, separated at birth. The few differences between the two of them are these: different colors, more feminine looks (of course), and a few inches shorter. She looks a lot like Mystique. She even can shape-shift a little. But that's not what attracted Hank to her. It was her knowledge and love for science. Every since she had joined the X-men, her and Hank had gotten to know each other in the laboratory. They had become good friends, and a few times Hank tried to ask her out. Unfortunately, Hank had not asked a girl out in ages, which was a downside to him.

Meanwhile, Emily was sound asleep. She had just cleaned up and went to bad not an hour ago. She thought of Hank just as much as Hank thought of her, give or take a few minutes. She had even taken a picture of him so that she could put it at her bedside. She had told him that it was for her 'Mutant Scrapbook' where she placed pictures of all the mutants at the school. This was true, in one way or another. But it was mainly for her love of him and her want to see him whenever she woke up in the morning.

Chapter 1

Friday morning, June 19th. It was two months now since Emily had walked in those school doors with her brother.

There was a teachers conference going on in the school, in the dining hall. Emily and Hank were sitting together. Something Kurt wasn't to sure about.

"Do you think my sister has been flirting with Beast?" he asked Piotr as they walked to the dining hall.

"I wouldn't be surprised. Your sister and him have been in the lab for hours each day. Of course, they may be doing more than just flirting!" Piotr laughed.

"Good heavens! You don't think so, do you?" Kurt joked.

"No! Your sister is to proper to do something like that. Likewise with Hank."

Kurt laughed. "But do you think that… Hank…" Kurt trailed off.

"Do I think that Hank will ask her out?" Piotr asked.


"I think it's possible. He has no other options, really. Everyone else is married, that's his age, other than Emma Frost. I don't see them together, though." Piotr joked.

"I wouldn't be too sure. Remember when the Professor was with that Shi'ar queen? That was sort of freaky!"

Piotr stopped and stared at Nightcrawler. "No offense, but I would say that the girls that like you are just as much like the Professor and that Queen! Lilandra!"

"Are you saying I cannot get a date?" Kurt asked him.

"Hardly. I'm just comparing the two." Piotr replied. After that, they ceased talking because they had entered the dining hall.

Sure enough, Hank and Emily were sitting side by side.

"Kurt, Piotr! Come on in!" Cyclops smiled. "We decided we would have some breakfast while we waited. Want something?"

"Danke, but no." Kurt smiled, "I already ate some breakfast."

"Same here." Piotr answered, "I had it before and after my morning jog."

"Well, take a seat!" Wolverine grunted. "We're here for one reason!"

"Yes. But Logan, do you know what that one reason is?" Scott asked.

Logan snarled at Scott. Ororo stared at her husband.

Scott laughed, "I'm just kidding. Anyways, Jean and Emma have picked up some sort of signal coming from down in Australia. Some sort of mutant signal. But it's destroying other mutant signals also. We need to head down there and stop this before any more mutants are destroyed… killed."

"And who are those 'we?' " Logan asked.

"That is for Jean and Emma to decide. They are the ones who have looked into it.

Jean and Emma then stood up. Jean began, "First of all, we need Storm. Storm, you are to take the leader position."

Emma followed, "After Ororo, there will be Logan, Psylocke, Kurt, Hank, Emily, Bobby, Piotr, and two students that we are yet to pick."

"Wait!" Scott said, rising to his feet, "You can't send to students on a mission! This is surely something that'll prove to be too hard for any of them."

"Would you say that if they where experienced enough? Say, two years of level ten training?" Emma asked.

"No!" Logan said as he pounded his fist on the table, "Marie will not be going on any missions until her mother and I give her permission."

"Logan, I didn't say it would be her. Though, she was one of our top-of-the-list mutants. We'll check others." Jean told him.

"And Emily?" Kitty asked. She hadn't been picked for the team, but they called her down anyways.

"I hardly think Emily will go if Marie doesn't." Jean told her. "No need to worry."

"I think this bad idea," someone said.

They looked around the room. No one was to be seen.

"Who's there?" Emma asked. She looked around the room.

All of the sudden the doors burst open. Bishop walked in. "I am." he answered.

"Bishop?" Jean asked. She was surprised at seeing him.

Everyone was surprised, in fact. Basically because Bishop had left the X-men a year ago to go down to Africa and do some major-league hunting. Obviously he had just come back, hence the new clothing he now wore--a crocodile skin and some sort of gray hide for his pants and boots, an African-origin shirt made of some sort of animal hair, and some gloves that where as black as the nighttime sky.

"What do you mean it's not a good idea?" Emma shouted, not caring about sudden return.

"Exactly what I said. How can you endanger a thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen year old kid on some mission like this?"

"That never stopped them from sending me!" Kitty scoffed.

"Kitty!" Jean shushed.

"We have thought of that," Emma replied, "And we've come to the conclusion that it would be perfectly fine. These class ten mutants are no amateurs!"

"Fine, I'll let you get away with this on one condition." Bishop told her.

Emma, angered at the fact that Bishop seemed to be taking sudden control over everything, asked:

"And what might that be?" she shot.

"You let me come. I will personally see to it that this student doesn't get hurt." told her.

"And what happens if he does get hurt!" Jean asked.

"Then I can be held responsible." Bishop smiled. "Do you have any quarrel with that?"

"Yes, in fact! We do." Emma said. "You are not going, and that's that. We are sending two mutants that are students instead. If you have a problem with that, go tattle on us to the leader of the school." she laughed.

"Maybe I will." Bishop said sternly. He had not been around since the Professor left. He walked out and slammed the doors behind him.

"That wasn't nice." Scott laughed.

"I don't care. I don't like him taking control over me like he did." Emma replied.

And after that, they discussed few further things and who they would pick.

A few hours later, they announced over the digital school bulletin board that two class ten mutants would be going on their first mission. Something coveted by every single class ten in that school.

To be continued…