The Unexpected

A Story By Pip

Rating: G, for now.

Season: S.9, starting as an episode tag to TPTB.

Spoilers: TPTB, The Ties that Bind, Origin, Avalons p.1 & 2, and possibly Prometheus Unbound

Summary: Dr. Carolyn Lam actually get to really tak with our favorite archaeologist, and finds something unexpected.

A/N: This is just something that popped into my head last night. It was orginally intended to go a completely different way, but, this idea, i think is a lot better. I hope you enjoy.


Daniel threw down his pen, and sighed. Wearily, he removed his glasses and rubbed at his eyes. Looking at the computer screen once again, he let out another sigh. He couldn't focus on the work before him, no matter how much he wanted to.

Despite trying to get the events of the past couple of days as far out of his head as possible, the memories always came flooding back. The mission to P8X-412 had become one of the most screwed up mission that Daniel could remember. They had gone to that planet to save those people from the Orii, and in the end, they managed to screw themselves, and the village held out open arms to the Prior.

'Tell others what you have seen today.'

Daniel rested his head on crossed-arms down on his desk. Those words had been running through his mind ever since they had left the Prior's lips. Ofcourse he'd tell others. He knew no matter how much he despised the order, and that's what it was, he couldn't deny it. If he was going to fight against these Orii, he'd have to tell others of the consequences of not succumbing to their power.

"Ya know, when I told you to get some rest, I meant in a bed, and not leaning against your desk."

the feminine voice brought Daniel out of his morose thoughts. He lifted his head slightly, taking in the sight of the base's newest CMO, Dr. Carolyn Lam. She was giving him an amused smile.

He smiled in return. "Doctor." Sitting back in his chair, Daniel replace his glasses to his face.

"Doctor." Carolyn replied, never moving from where she stood in the doorway.

"Please, call me Daniel." He motioned for her to sit down in one of the many chairs that always seemed to accumulate in his office, the proverbial "water cooler", at least for SG-1. As the rather beautiful woman took a seat next to him, Daniel continued on. "And, i did get some actual rest, though, believe me, it didn't help much."

"I can understand that, with as much as you've been through these past couple of weeks." her gaze was a bit perplexed, like she was still taking it all in. "And, if I'm to call you Daniel, then, i insist on Carolyn." she smiled a bit.

Daniel nodded in confirmation. "Carolyn it is then. So, Carolyn, how's the SGC treating you." he motioned to his office with his hand.

"Oh, well." the perplexed look came back to her face. "Its still a lot to get use to. I don't know as much about this alien stuff as I would like..." she couldn't help laughing. "These Orii, and Jaffa, and bracelets that attach the wearers...i mean, where does one get schooling in this stuff?"

Daniel blinked at her openness, then an understanding smile came to his lips. "Well, Jack must have thought you could handle it, if he personally assigned you here. And, from how you've helped us already, i believe he was right."

Carolyn, a woman who could always hold her own around the military men, blushed. "Well, thank you." she stuttered. Ofcourse Daniel was not military, she knew, but having been around the type for years, she'd thought he'd be like all the others. She'd obviously been wrong.

"Your welcome." he chuckled, crossing his arms. "Now, not that I don't mind the company...but, your not here just to chat are you?" he gave her a knowing look.

"Ah, no." Carolyn admitted with a shrug. "I'm actually here about Vala."

Daniel sat up straighter in his chair, and uncrossed his arms. "Is there something wrong with her?" his voice was laced with concern. Carolyn noted that it was concern for the thieving vixen herself, then for his own safety, even though the two were still attached.

"Well, no, not anything serious." she reassured him. "I'm just concerned about her, after the events of P8X-412." she watched the man's eyes drop in understanding.

"Concerned how?" he asked quietly

"Concerned in the way that she doesn't appear to have gotten any rest since we got" the doctor hesitated with the last word, the experience of going off world a little too new for her. "She also appears to not have really eaten since getting back. When she came to the infirmary earlier today, she wasn't acting...herself."

"Meaning?" Daniel looked at the doctor sadly.

"She was quiet. Very withdrawn." Carolyn sighed. "I tried to talk to her, but, i didn't work." Daniel shook his head believing, "No pun intended, Daniel, but you have a connection to her. I think you..."

"You think I should talk to her." Daniel sighed. "And your right. I should have done it a while ago. I know how badly this effected her..." he shook his head, mentally berating himself. "I haven't even really seen her since we got back."

"Don't beat yourself up. We ALL need some time alone after this." Carolyn tried to reassure him, but, she had been warned of the man's stubbornness, and his knack for blaming all the world's problems on himself.

"Maybe..." he said rising from his seat. "I'll go talk to her now."

"Good." Carolyn rose from her seat as well, and Daniel escorted her out of his office.

"Carolyn?" Daniel called to her as she started to walk away. Slowly she turned to look at him. "Maybe sometime we should go get coffee, or something. Obviously not anytime soon...but"

She ducked her head slightly, and smiled. "I would like that, Daniel."

"Great!" he smiled back at her, and then abruptly turned and headed down the corridor, towards the elevators. Carolyn stood there for a moment, and smiled. "Definitely not what I was expecting."



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