Edible Underwear and All the Stuffing

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 3

Dogs in there Proper House

((((Ginny's POV))))

She smiled to herself before continuing to stack away the books she'd borrowed from the library on behalf of Madam Pomfrey, purposely pretending to not notice the Malfoy watching her from within the rows of books.

Ginny found he did that often, watch her quietly from afar as if they'd never talked before; she giggled remembering the first time he'd ever been in her room with her alone. It was a side of Draco she doubted anyone's seen. Shy, uncomfortable, and as rigid as one could get; the poor soul barely moved a muscle as if the slightness breath would have broken something.

She missed that Draco, as time passed of course, he'd gotten more comfortable…well comfortable enough to close the door and sit behind it or as far away from her as possible. It was cute but sometimes a little annoying when she tried to play the innocent seductress. And, just her luck whenever she'd bucked up the courage to tell him she thought of him as more than a friend Colin would always walk in or Draco was called upon for some meeting or other.

Then there was that night, three days before the start of school she'd ditched Collin, lost the trio, and eluded the family finally ending up on the family's make shift Quidditch field alone with Draco ready to tell him everything in her heart…only to have forgotten the Quidditch field was the apparition point for the Order of Phoenix.

At the exact moment words had failed her, when she believed actions would be best, ready to kiss him with all her might Snape had popped up in between them. The only thing not making that night a total waist was the thought that Draco had one: most defiantly wanted to kiss her, though that could be added up to hormones, and two: he seemed sincerely disappointed with Snape's timing and was sour towards him the entire night he was there.

But there was one thing about that night that she just couldn't shake, it wasn't Snape's appearance that had stopped them from kissing, it had been a noise made near them. There weren't any animals tall enough to move the branches they'd heard move and the twins had been in side when they'd gotten home so it couldn't have been them screwing around and the trio had been asleep. With the parents drinking tea, Bill and Charlie away, and Percy still not home from work that only left the extra visitor.

But why would Colin try and stop her from kissing Draco when he knew how she felt about him.

She shook the thought from her head, 'Colin would never do anything like that.' Ginny assured herself and even felt a little up-set at herself for ever doubting Colin's good supportive nature.

((((Draco's POV))))

He watched her from afar as he had a tendency to do, but some how in the halls of Hogwarts it always felt more forbidden to do so. In all truth it really was, he most of all had enemies, especially after being branded a traitor. Potential death eaters still hadn't been weeded out of the school he sometimes called home, mostly to give the children of death eaters a chance at a life…a dangerous one but one none the less.

Yet he couldn't help resenting the headmaster just a little for his kindness because it forced him to be more cautious. He couldn't just go up to the littlest Weasel and talk as if they were in her home, 'alone in her room,' his mind echoed. If anyone saw them together it'd be one more reason for Voldemort to want to kill her.

The thought of losing her was enough to make him stay away, as much as he didn't want to. He could only steal time now. Catch her in the halls to steal her away into an abandoned class room for a chat, glance at her in the Great Hall, and flirt during a Quidditch match it was all he could do to stop himself from kissing her senseless.

But every time he thought about, every time he got close enough to do it Creevey's pathetically sad looking face would show up in his minds eye. Duty to a friend who's saved his life over his want of the girl they both loved, duty always one out.

How long that would last he didn't know but pulling away from her inviting lips every single time was getting harder and harder to do.

So he simple watched her, knowing she knew he was, without a care in the world but a pain in his heart and an itch in his fingers to pull her copper strands out of her eyes and take her in his arms.

'This is pathetic and it's only been a month since school started,' he yelled at himself. 'Get a grip.'

And, Creevey's stupid little calendar wasn't helping any because he'd stake his life Miss. February was no Susan Bones. No, those curves belonged to another body all together and there was no way a blond wig was fooling him. Even without his hands to confirm every dip and arc he'd watched her long enough to know all his hands wanted to.

Thought's dancing with her, hands twitching, and feet moving on there own accord Malfoy did the only thing he could, told himself 'screw it.' And follow his feet to her. Voldemort be damned, the hypocrite had ruined everything in his life there was no way he was going to let the slimy git take his chance at being with the only girl he's ever really wanted.

((((Colin's POV))))

The young blond waved off another admirer of his work and bypassed the fifth year fellow blond Lisa Turpin who blushed madly at him, for reasons that escaped Creevey, as he made his way to the library to meet her, Virginia Weasley.

The only girl that's ever really mattered to him but for some reason his thoughts were drawn back to that blond with…'blue eyes.'

'I know her from some where,' he recalled to himself before the information snapped into place. She was Lisa Turpin one of Ginny's oldest friends. 'But why would she blush at me?'

Creevey looked around to make sure he was the only one she could have been looking at and saw it to be true, there was no one else she could have been blushing so madly at, but in the end brushed it off as her having a cold of some kind.

Reaching the sturdy wooden doors he coached himself into taking deep breaths and acting as cool and Malfoy like as possible.

He wasn't a fool but, knowing the one girl he loved was in love with someone else made him wish he was and it was clear as day that Malfoy returned the sentiments at least to him.

Searching the rows he began looking for those familiar copper stands, the ones he'd gotten so accustom to brushing away from her face in Potions class, under the pretext of not wanting her to set her hair on fire of course.

Reaching the farther back rows he'd vaguely wondered if he'd missed her without knowing it but that was when the sound of her voice caught his ear, though he couldn't tell what she'd said or even if someone was talking back to her.

((((Draco POV))))

He'd done this a million times before; making out in-between the stacks wasn't new to Draco Malfoy in any sense.

'So why so nervous,' he thought frantically but it was his last thought as her lips slowly reached up to his.

It was soft and he barely felt the touch, looking back if asked how it felt he'd have to deny ever feeling it for no kiss could be so feather light but it was proof of her innocence and his undoing.

In seconds she was lifted on the small counter top and pined to the stacks with him wholly in between her legs thoroughly massaging her lips with his own. Her moans of approval were just the drug Draco needed to tune out every sound and burying his hands in Ginny's curls was the only thing stopping his hands from ravaging her body.

'But, god!' he thought she wasn't making his attempt at decorum any easier with the way her small hands played with every muscle in his chest and her legs held him in place.

((((Normal POV))))

'Maybe I should call out for her?' Colin thought looking back to see if he could spot her through the stacks. "Ginny!" That was all the couple needed to be startled apart, well at least for Draco to pull away.

"Draco," concern shadowed Ginny's sugar brown eyes as the Slytherin before her started to straighten himself out ignoring her almost totally. "Draco…what's wrong-"

"Huh-oh," one look at her and it wasn't hard to tell she was about to get up set if she already wasn't, "Nothing, its nothing. Creevey we're over here!" he called after making she there was no incriminating evidence of any kind.

"What are you doing?" She asked in a hushed voice.

"Calling Creevey over, he's looking for you." His voice was nonchalant and it hurt but she tried not to let it show added it up to him being nervous.

"I know that much but why? I thought we were in the middle of something." She gestured to the both of them shyly. "Didn't you want…to?"

"I…I did, I mean I do but, it's complicated." He gave a sigh of frustration relaxing his head against her shoulder.

"Draco, that's a girl's answer," she whispered playfully before taking his head in her hands, "besides Colin isn't going to kill me for snogging you instead of hanging with him. It's all I've been talking to him about."

"What? You mean Creevey knows you like me?" The seriousness in his voice was more than she'd expected and she was a bit taken aback by it but answered anyway.

"Yes, of course Colin knows, he's my best friend, I tell him every thing."

That's what made it all snap into place. 'Colin asking for my help getting Ginny, all of his stupid interruptions of there time together over the summer, always taking up her time when he could. That ruddy bastrad!'

"Ginny?" Colin's voice broke through the momentary silence the couple had held, catching his best friend sitting on the counter top against the stacks with Malfoy between her legs.

She blushed and tried to remove herself from such close contact but was saved the trouble when Malfoy removed himself from her launching himself at Colin calling him a 'slimy git!' as they both hit the floor.

It only took Creevey a moment to get his bearings and then it was an all out fist fight while rolling around the library floor.

It took another moment for the red had to realize what was going on before she tried to break the two up.

((((One Hour Later))))

It wasn't the quietest Gryffindor tower had ever been, but it was pretty damn close at least in the Common room.

"56…57…58…59. That's 59 down for Pansy Parkinson as December," Hermione stated aloud, marking it down in her notes. "What about you Harry?" the brightest witch of her age asked making an attempt to break the awkward silence.

"Uh-oh yeah I've got 15 that say it's Rose Zeller." The boy who lived answered checking over his notes and trying not to ask Colin why he had a black eye, a broken noise and Ginny ticked off at him.

"And, you Ronald." She asked in a chilling tone; Hermione still wasn't talking to him but for the sake of making conversation for Colin to feel more comfortable or at least forget about the month's detention he'd earned himself she was trying.

"Ah, come on Mione I said I was sorry, besides you really look a lot like her-"


"One for Angelina Johnson," he replied in a defeated tone.

"Thank you. Um…Ginny how about asking Colin how many he got for-"

"I'm not asking him anything!" Colin flinched at Ginny's harsh tone.

"Come on Ginny I said I was sorry!"

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" He winced again at her tone, "I can't believe you didn't tell me he liked me!"

"Who likes you?" Ron asked glad he wasn't the only one in the dog house.

"Draco!" Ginny answered automatically.

"But, I like you doesn't that count?"

"NO!" this time Hermione answered on behalf of Ginny. "Just because you like someone doesn't mean you can make accusations at them!"

"I said I was sorry!" Both Ron and Colin answered.

"But you shouldn't have done it in the first place." Harry added speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Thank you!" Both girls shouted.

Earning the young hero a glare from both boys, "Hey who's side are you on anyway Harry?" Ron asked.

"Yeah," Colin piped up.

"Don't bring Harry into this!" Hermione defended the quiet boy.

"Harry has nothing to do with this!" Ginny added.

"Yeah Harry has nothing to do with this!" Harry added. "By the way, who's problems are we talking about?"

"Shut up Harry!" both girls shouted, affectively ending all conversation.

((((Five Minute Later))))

"23…24…25…26. That's twenty-six for Hannah Abbott as September." Hermione piped up. "What about you Harry?"


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