Two Magics, One Evil: Chamber of Terror

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Replacing The Lost

"You sure this won't hurt, Kaiba?" a worried young man asked, while dressed in only pants on a medical table, looking up at a piece of expensive equipment. A tall, young man with brown hair pressed the intercom button and looked out the window. "I'm sure, Brian. Just don't move very much and you'll probably won't lose another eye," he said with a hint of a chuckle. "I hate you," Brian muttered. "Look if you want, I can have the staff put you under," Kaiba offered him. He thought about it, "Nah, let 'er rip," he said sighing and moving his eye patch to reveal an empty eye socket.

A titanium claw began to whir and descend onto the young man, with a small silver orb in secured by it's tips. "Ok, Brian. You might feel a sting and a shock when this comes in," Kaiba said over the intercom. Brian gave him a thumbs up, signaling him to continue. It came right to his face and placed the orb directly into the eye socket. Brian flinched as the orb secured itself into his skull and as many shocks ripped through his senses. "SONOFABITCH! That hurt like hell, Kaiba!" he yelled as the claw moved away and he was free to move around. "Hey, I warned ya," he told him over the intercom.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So how do I start working this thing?" Brian asked putting on a white shirt and a black duster with a yin ying symbol on the back. "Hang on, let me activate it. Once it's on, it's yours to control," his voice came back to him. He waited until he saw a small flickering on his right side, then the rest of the room came into focus. "Holy crap, that's great, Kaiba thanks! do I work this exactly? Like what else can it do?" he asked blinking a few times. Seto Kaiba came down a small lift and tossed him a small booklet. "Here, just read that and you'll be able to manage just fine," he said. Brian looked through the book and saw a lot of cool things. "Dude, X-ray vision and thermal vision, night vision, damn this is great Kaiba!" he said looking up at him.

"Eh, it's the only artificial eye that we have that wasn't being used. So consider it a hand-me-down," Kaiba sniffed. "Whatever man, it's great," he said staring at a wall. "You using thermal or X-ray right now?" Kaiba asked him. "Thermal, let's see...judging from the heights of the forms coming towards us, I'd say it's the gang," he said focusing back to normal vision. Sure enough the automatic doors slid open and Joey, Yugi, Yami, Set, Mokuba, Ryou and Tea came walking in. "Hey look, it's da Terminator!" Joey pointed to my eye. They laughed and Brian held up his hands "Ok, ok, you've had your fun. So what do you guys think?" he asked. They thought and Joey raised his hand, and Brian nodded "What, Joey?" he asked him. Joey couldn't help but grin, "So, are ya here to kill or to protect someone?" he asked. "One more Terminator crack, and I'm punching you," Brian warned him. "Ok ok man, jeez. I couldn't resist," Joey held up his hands.

"I think it looks great Brian, besides the glowing red eye, you look pretty much like normal," Yugi said. Tea and Ryou nodded "Same here," they said. Brian seemed to look at Tea longer, up and down, sizing her up. "Brian? What are you doing? have a nose bleed," she said pointing to him. He felt something trickle down his lip and applied pressure to his nose. "You ok?" she asked him. He nodded "Uh, yeah, Kaiba told me this would have side effects, if you guys out and wait for us out there, I need to talk to Kaiba on how to keep this from happening again," he said a bit nervously. They left and he stuck tissues up his nose and turned to see Kaiba smirking at him with an eyebrow raised. "What?" he asked him. Kaiba sighed and placed his hand on him, "See, to NOT have these side effects is to NOT look at a girl with X-Ray vision," he told him, smacking him upside the head. "OW! C'mon! I had to test it on something!" he defended himself.

Kilnorc: Yeah...sorry bout that, i felt i should do a seperate chappy on how the eye was replaced. Sorry if it's bad, got some stuff goin' through my head right now, so here's the best I got...and sorry if the last part is a little perverted. I always wanted someone to look at some girl using X-ray's hilarious! i promise i won't do that again ok ciao!