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The Prince and Princess Diaries

Chapter One: Yokk'uufuman (Frustration)


City of Versai

He scowled darkly as he strode through the lavish double doors, not bothering to look at the two richly dressed guards who held them open for him and then closed them with a soft boom that large doors created when closed. More silent men lined the carpeted walkway that led up to the golden throne, where the awaiting king and queen were sitting, watching him approach, albeit slowly. He muttered a curse and something to himself about getting rid of half the lax guards when he came to power. It wouldn't be too long, hopefully...

"Son, we have some wonderful news for you," her majesty said, a bright smile on her perfect oval face as he placed his hand over his heart and went down on one knee in respect for his parents, mostly his mother. She was rumored to be the most beautiful queen that Vegeta-sei had ever had, and everyone seriously doubted that they would be lucky enough to have one half as good as she ever again. His father however, who was sitting next to her with a nasty glare plastered on his face, was a different story altogether. He had violent tendencies and was constantly waging war on other planets, even peaceful ones that had done no wrong. It was a wonder why the queen was in love with the brute. Their son certainly couldn't understand.

"Woman, silence in my presence," the king said, waving his strong hand. A delicate frown appeared on the queen's face as she glanced at her husband of twenty years, but she held her tongue for the moment. The slight change of her flawless features went back to a small smile when her son stood, and she was tempted to get up and give him a good motherly squeeze. She hadn't seen him for almost two years, and she had missed him dearly, as only a mother would. She could understand, however, why he liked to stay as far away as he could. She knew that her son hated his father.

"Father, what could possibly be so important that you have me retrieved at three in the morning, and force me to travel for four hours?" he asked, although he had the feeling he knew the answer. He was eighteen, the only prince ever to stay a bachelor this long. He knew what was coming, and he didn't feel in the least bit surprised when his mother ignored his father, saying, "My dear, I know you are tired, but we have something of import to tell you. It seems that the Empress Marie Therese of Anausia-sei is tired of waiting for you to retrieve her daughter. You have been promised to her for the last three years, and her daughter is thirteen years of age, and has been capable of breeding for the past year. You know we must secure the future of our dynasty with heirs, and your father is becoming rather—"

"Pissed off," the king interrupted, ignoring the insulted look his wife gave him at his curse. "You have the next six months to make up your damn mind and get her or you will be extricated from the Saiya-jin throne, and not by my decision. The empress is an impatient woman, and we need this marriage to bind our planets together and form an alliance. The sooner you go, the better. Now, have you made a decision?" his father asked, looking rather mad at the moment.

"Yes," Prince Vegeta said gruffly, walking from the throne room with a stiff, but proud back.

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