October 30th- 8 a.m.

Scully walked into Mulder's office leisurely, but was surprised when he stood up and hugged her tightly. She couldn't breathe, "Mulder…"

"I'm sorry," Mulder smiled as he let go and sat back down at his desk.

"Well, what was all that about?" Scully wondered as she sat in a chair in front of his desk. Mulder sat a minute, thinking, "What are you doing tonight, Scully?" He asked completely ignoring her previous question.

Scully coked one of her eyebrows, "Why?" Mulder's mouth dropped, "Scully! It's Halloween!" Scully took in a deep breath, now understanding.

"…Because if you don't…" Mulder was interrupted, "No Mulder. I just want to go home and relax and catch up on some work."

"Come on Scully, you always work, you need a break. "Scully just stared at him.

"Please" Mulder pouted like a little boy would. Scully looked away with a small smile forming, "Thanks but no thanks Mulder." She got out a file, "Now can we please work!"

October 30th 5 p.m.

Scully sat on her couch, her lap top on her lap. The apartment was lit up so trick or treaters could come, she always loved giving out candy. Her first ones started arriving at around five thirty, and she was happy to see all the little doctors, and nurses, and little police officers.

She opened the door to two small kids wearing alien costumes at one point. She smiled, the kids reminded her of Mulder. As she gave the candy out her mind wandered. She could just imagine Mulder as a father, dressing up his kids in the same sort of alien suits. But before she realized it Mulder was standing in her doorway. She almost handed him some candy, when she realized it was him.

"Well, where's my candy?" Mulder smiled. Scully looked away grinning.

"Come on lady, I want some candy," Mulder smirked as he took a step closer. Scully took out a piece from the bowl slowly, and as he went to take it she threw it at him. Mulder was shocked and took off after her as she ran into her apartment.

She ran around her coffee table, and he stood on the opposite side of her. Scully smiled as he tried to figure out which way to attack from. Finally he dashed one way, as he gained on her, she turned around, grabbed the bowl of candy off the table and threw the candy from within it at him. He ducked and grabbed her by her waist. They fell onto her couch, both laughing excitedly.

"Mulder…" Scully tried to calm her laughter. "Huh?" Mulder still laughed. She smiled wider as she spoke, "I think I'm sitting on a piece of candy."