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Chapter One



"Sirius, Peter doesn't have fear of things on the left side of the body!" Remus said in exasperation.

"Oh, wait. I got that wrong. I meant to say "tocophobia" not "levophobia"." Sirius said correcting himself.

Remus sighed,"Sirius, I really doubt Peter has a fear of childbirth or becoming pregnant."

James burst out laughing, while Sirius scowled, still trying to figure out what the word was for Peter's fear. . .

It was September first and the Marauders were sitting in a train compartment on their way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for their fifth year.

It was stormy outside of the train. Cold, windy, rainy. Lightening and thunder. The whole broomstick. Anyways, James, Sirius, and Remus were all calmly playing toss-the-rotten-egg-Peter-found-lying-around-outside-the-station-to-each-other-till-someone-drops-it-and-then-the-game-is-abandoned-along-with-the-compartment game. So far so good.

Peter, though, was a different story. Sweat was pouring down his face as he glanced every second at the window in alert. Especially when thunder was heard.

"Are you alright, Peter?" Remus asked concerned.

Peter jumped at the sound of his name,"Wha. . .? O-Oh. Y-Y-Yeah. Fine. It's just a little h-hot in here is all. Yeah. That's it. Ri-ight." Peter began mumbling to himself more than to Remus.

Remus just stared at Peter for a few minutes before joining back into the game.

Finally ten minutes later after more glances and mumbling, Peter jumped up and ran out of the compartment, screaming things like "thunder", "going insane", "scared of. . .thunder", and many other screams.

Of course, the other Marauders had been so distracted by Peter's outburst that Sirius dropped the egg.


Toss-the-rotten-egg-Peter-found-lying-around-outside-the-station-to-each-other-till-someone-drops-it-and-then-the-game-is-abandoned-along-with-the-compartment game was over.

"I guess not. What about. . .no, it's not that either. Ah!-. . .no, not that either. Hmmm. Wait!" Sirius exclaimed snapping his finger."I've got it now! He has dextrophobia!"

Remus rolled his eyes,"Sirius, Peter isn't afraid of things to the right side of the body either."

James chuckled and hid behind a quidditch magizine.

Sirius frowned,"Well, then he has. . .venustraphobia!"

Remus shook his head,"No, Sirius. Peter doesn't fear beautiful women."

"Hey! There's some truth there! Peter does run off like a little pansy when a girl comes up to us." Sirius said triaumphly.

James snorted behind his magizine,"Peter runs from any and all of the female species. Remember when he pretended to faint just before detention with Mcgongall in second year? He did that just so he didn't have to spend a few hours with Mcgongall."

The other two snorted as they remembered that event.

"What about. . .rhabdophobia?" Sirius tried again, determined.

"Sirius, you might as well give up. . .unless Peter told you that he was secretly afraid of magic." Remus said pulling out a thick dusty book from his trunk.

Sirius bit his lip,"Er, no he never told me that. Maybe he's embarressed or something. So he won't tell us."

"Yeah! And maybe, just maybe the sky will turn green, the grass will turn blue, and water will turn yellow." Remus replied sarcasticly.

"It could happen. Just watch out, Remus. It could happen. . . wait! I know now! He has hippo-hippo. . .er, I can't actually say it." Sirius tried again.

"Do you mean "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia"?" Remus asked brightly.

"Yeah!" Sirius said back, clearly thinking that Remus' tone of voice obviously meant he was right.

"So. . .Peter has the fear of long words?" Remus questioned amused.

Sirius sighed in frustration,"Honestly! I give up!"

Remus chuckled,"I think what you were looking for was-"

"Wait, wait, wait. Give me one more chance. I can get this. . .okay, how about hominophobia? Did I get it right?" Sirius asked quickly.

Remus cleared his throat as he snorted,"No, I don't think so Sirius. . .I doubt Peter's afraid of men."

Sirius crossed his arms angrily,"Fine. What is it then, Mr. Phobia's genius?"

"Tonitrophobia. Fear of thunder." Remus stated calmly.

"I knew that! It was right at the tip of my tongue!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Sure it was Sirius, sure it was."


"Prefects, if you would kindly escort the first years back to their common rooms, I would greatly appreciate it." Professor Dumbledore told the prefects as the feast ended later that night.

Remus quickly got up cranning his neck around, apparently looking for someone.

The Marauders also stood up, including Peter, who recovered from his oh-so-tramatic experience on the train.

"Who you looking for Remus?" Sirius asked.

"The other prefect." Remus said off-handedly. Sirius rubbed his hands together after sharing an evil grin with James,"Who is your crime-stopping partner?"

"I am, Black. And if I find one toe out of line from you, you're dead meat." A voice said from behind them.

They turned around. Sirius chuckled nervously. Peter fiddled with his hands. James stared, then turned away ignoring the certain someone.

He made up a plan that summer for the whole Lily-rejecting-him-the-totally-unrejectable-James-Harold-Potter. It was quite simple, or at least in word form. James either ignored her or pranked her or made her life miserable or get her in trouble or show her what she missed out on or. . .but, as was said previously, it's quite simple in word form, but actually doing that is a lot harder.

Or at least for James it was.

Especially after seeing her again. She was even prettier then she was when he last saw her. Her red hair had grow longer over the summer as well. She still had that don't-mess-with-me attitude. Well, towards the Marauders anyways.

Remus beamed,"There you are, Lily. I was beginning to think I wouldn't find you."

She smiled at Remus,"You had a good summer I hope?"

"Oh,yes. It was nice. Yours?" Remus asked back.

"Other then my sister fawning over some whale of a man, it was fine." Lily said with a laugh.

Sirius pouted,"What about us, Evans? Remus gets a nice greeting. I got a threat. Peter and James didn't even get that." He said.

Lily glanced at James for a moment, then began walking with the crowd,"Coming, Remus? We have to escort the first years, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. You guys coming?" Remus asked the others.

Peter and James began to walk with Lily and Remus, Sirius just stood there.

"What are you doing, Sirius?" James asked raising an eyebrow at Sirius.

"I can see when I'm not wanted!" Sirius spat.

The group turned to him,"What are you on about, Black?" Lily asked tiredly. She glanced at a small group of first year Gryffindors standing a few yards away.

"I repeat, "I can see when I'm not wanted"." Sirius said stubbornly.

The group shrugged and walked on, leaving a dumb-founded Sirius.

"W-Wait!" He yelped running to catch up with them.


"So. . .Why did the chicken cross the road?" James asked the group as they walked quite aways from the first years.

"Oh! I know this, I know this!" Peter started.

Remus beat him,"The duck suggested to the chicken that they play follow the leader then the duck crossed the road causing the chicken to cross after it, but at the same time holding up traffic, thus proving that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Lily and the rest of the Marauders blinked at Remus,"What?" He asked.

Peter squealed in delight,"I know. . .wait, er, this doesn't make sense.Why would he be on a road, I thought chickens lived in the ocean?

Sirius and James started laughing,"Good one, Peter!"

Peter looked confused for a moment before laughing, somewhat strained,"Er, ha. . .ha. . .ha. Uh, yeah, ha-ha. . . .I was just, er. . .joking. Yeah. . ."


"Urgh, this is boring!" Sirius exclaiemd later that night. The Maruaders decided to wait for Remus to get back from patroling.

James rolled his eyes and grabbed at the snitch he knicked from the quidditch pitch.

Sirius all of a sudden sat up and looked James,"So. . .James what's with Evans and you? I'm not exactly feeling the love. I thought you asked her back at the train station last year, but you didn't want to brag about it. . .and-. . .- i oh. /i She said no, didn't she?" Sirius asked, snickering.

James glared at Sirius,"I don't know what your talking about, Sirius."

"Pfft, please. I know you asked her out just before we left last year. If she said yes you would have been all happy go lucky and bragging about it all summer. Instead, you were in a saggy go unlucky mood and didn't say one word about Evans."

"Saggy go unlucky?" Peter asked. They ignored him.

"Fine! She did say no! She said that our personalities and such clashed too much and that we'd murder each other before we got to Hogsmeade." James admitted bitterly, forgetting about the snitch for a moment. It flew higher and higher from his reach. He finally realized that it was flying away and was desperately trying to grab it back.

Sirius sadly shook his head,"James, James, James."


"You're giving up too easily! What did I tell you about charming her and wooing her?" Sirius asked.

"Er, well I tried that, but she just ignored me. . ."James trailed off.

Sirius rolled his eyes,"You tried for, like, two days,James. Give it another go. She'll fall right for you."

James slowly broke into a grin as he jumped for the snitch. Even if Evans had rejected him, he, for some stupid reason, still wanted her. He expected to loath her and fantasize about ruining her life. Not be infatuated with the girl and fantasize about. . .not exactly ruining her life, far from that acually.


b Twenty Minutes Later /b

"James, give up! You're not going to get the stupid snit-" Sirius was cut off as Remus and Lily walked in.

"Hey! You're back! Now we can go get some beauty sleep. Not that I need it." Sirius added cheekily.

Lily rolled her eyes,"Ugh, it's too late to hear arrogant comments from you, Black."

Sirius looked offended,"Wel-"

"Ahhh, bloody, ahhh!" Lily screamed and stared alarmed at the golden snitch as it flew in front of her.

James grinned and walked up to her,"There it is!" He grabbed it suddenly, while looking into Lily's green eyes."Just a golden snitch, Lils. Nothing to worry about."

Lily's eyes narrowed as he said this,"Don't call me that. . .wait, where exactly did you get this snitch, Potter?"

"Er, well, I found it."

"And?" Lily asked looking at him expectingly.

"Well, I found it. . .it's nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about." James replied quickly.

"Potter, I'm not worried, but I am a prefect and I need to kn-"

Remus cut her off,"Er, I'll find out, Lily. Don't worry. I'll save you the trouble."

She turned to Remus,"Remus don't go saving your friends everytime they do something wrong. It'll only cause you to lose your badge." Lily replied cooly, then turned and walked off.

"Night, Lilyflower!" James yelled.

Lily froze rigidly at the bottom of the stairs, then ran up the rest.

James chuckled before turning back to his friends.

"What was that about?" Remus asked curiously to James.

James looked down at the snitch in his hand,"Oh, I was just giving Lilyflower a nice welcome back is all."

"Lilyflower?" Sirius asked smirking.

James flushed some,"Yeah, either that or Lils. She didn't say I couldn't call her Lilyflower. Just Lils."


A/N: Revised: 8/1/06

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