"You're not Frank!"

James raised an eyebrow. "Am I suppose to be Frank?"

Emma stared opened mouth at Alice and James. "Yes! You're suppose to be Frank and you two were suppose to be walking together and- and-"

"Ahem." The snogger boy started. He looked a bit miffed. His snogging partner was also beginning to look miffed.

Emma glanced at them, irritated. "Oh why don't you two go find a broom closet! Can't you see you're interrupting something?" While Lily thought that it was sort of her and Emma who had interrupted the snogging couple, the snogging couple themselves stormed off- most likely to take Emma's advice... or perhaps just find a cozy corner in the library.

Emma turned back to Alice and James, who had watched the entire scene with confusion.

"Emma- Lily... were you two... watching-"

One word went through Emma and Lily's minds at that moment: Busted. She had put two and two together. Alice had realized they had been watching her and the supposed Frank.

"- the, er, couple? Were you watching them snog?" She asked with bewilderment.

Emma and Lily breathed a sigh of relief, before sharing a look. "Er... no. No, we weren't. We were... er..."

"Looking for my ear ring! It had dropped somewhere around here and I just can't find it!" Emma cut in. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Your ear ring." James stated.

"Yeah... so. What are you doing out here, James?" Emma asked, staring suspiciously at James.

Lily was even a bit curious. "Yeah, what are you doing out here?"

"I was walking with Alice." He said slowly, raising an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Oh, just wondering..." Emma trailed off. "Did you know that you look a lot like Frank from behind? I could have sworn you were Frank. Maybe it's the whole dark hair thing. What do you think, Lily?... Lily?" Emma turned to Lily.

Lily currently looked peeved at (surprise, surprise) Emma. "I wasted my entire afternoon stalking James Potter? Argh! Damn you, Emma!" With that, Lily stormed away.

The three she left behind watched her walk off. Emma turned back to Alice and James.

"Emma, what is going on?" Alice asked in bewilderment.

"Lily was stalking me?" James asked.

Emma laughed too brightly. "Well, it's funny you ask, Alice. Ha, ha." She glanced at James before looking at Alice. "And I will completely explain to you later..." She trailed off. She wasn't going to explain the entire tale while James was standing by. She'd never hear the end of it.

Emma squinted her eyes at James. She reached out and grabbed his cheek, pinching it slightly. James yelped and back away, slapping Emma's hand away. "What's your problem, woman?"

"Have you drank any polyjuice potion lately? Taken any of Frank's hair?"

"What the hell?" He back away further. "Alice, I'll see you later. Emma-... well, get some help, yeah?" With that, James stumbled away, rubbing his cheek.

Alice waved to James before spinning around to Emma once again. "Emma, for the last time, what's going on? Why are you acting so weird today? First you and Lily go off to look at some mysterious book, then I find you hiding behind a snogging couple, and now you're pinching James' cheek like my Uncle George pinches mine!- And what is this about Frank? Where does he enter the picture?" Alice stopped to catch her breath.

Emma looked down at the ground guiltily. "Well... er... You see, Alice, you know this morning? When I suggested we head to the library?"


"Well, I suggested that because I knew Frank would be there so you two could talk for a while. And then we- me and Lily- kind of, sort of... er, observed you all day. Just to, you know, see if maybe you and Frank would... uh, end up at Hogsmeade."

Alice stared at Emma. "What? You and Lily have been spying on me all day?"

"It was Lily's idea!" Emma exclaimed.

"You've been spying on me because you wanted to see if Frank and I would... get together." Alice stated in a daze. "Emma, Frank left the library a few minutes after you and Lily walked off."

"What?" Emma exclaimed. "I didn't see him leave!"

"Well, he did... James came and sat down shortly after."

Emma tutted to herself. "I knew I shouldn't have taken so long looking for a new book to pretend to read." she looked towards Alice. "And you've been with James all this time." She stated.


"Why? Why have you spent all this time with James Potter?" Emma asked incredulously.

Alice shrugged. "Well, it started with him asking me about Mcgongall's assignment due tomorrow, then we just got to talking about stuff."

"I thought you were with Frank the entire time."

Alice laughed slightly before looking a bit nervous at the mention of Frank. "I couldn't have spent all that time with Frank. We can hardly keep a conversation going for three minutes."

"So, instead, you talk to James for three hours..." Emma looked a bit dazed. She shook her head. "Strange." A sudden look of realization came upon her face. "You two don't, you know, fancy each other, do you?"


"Because I saw you two sitting pretty close in the library- and he brushed something off your shoulder."

"Brushed something off my shoulder...?" Alice trailed off before shaking her head and ignoring Emma's last statement. "James and I are friends."

"So are you and Frank."

Alice looked depressed at Emma's statement of her and Frank being friends. Being only friends. "Emma, you're being ridiculous. Besides the fact that James and I are just friends, you know just as well as anyone that he's completely gone for Lily."

"Lily said he's backed off since their date. Apparently, he said he'd leave her alone."

"That doesn't mean he doesn't fancy her anymore."

Emma held up her hands. "Okay, nevermind. Let's just forget about that. So you and James...?"


"You're sure?"


"And what about Frank?"

Alice bit her lip. "I don't know. I think- I think I'm going to try and forget about him. Move on. I mean, maybe he doesn't really like me-"

"Of course he does!"

"Maybe he doesn't. Even if he did, I don't know how we could ever have a relationship, much less a date at Hogsmeade- we can't talk to each other, it's too awkward."


"So you've been stalking James, have you?" Sirius asked slyly.

Lily groaned and her head fell depressingly to the table in front of her, right on top of the book she was reading.

Lily had stormed back to the common room after leaving Alice, Emma, and James. She was quite angry. She had spent an entire afternoon spying on James Potter! And she had thought she was doing something good for Alice... pfft. Why had Alice been talking to James in the first place? What in the world could they possibly have in common to talk about? What could they possibly talk about for three hours? The giant squid?

"Go jump off the astronomy tower, Black." Lily muttered into her book she had her head resting on.

"Why were stalking James, hmmm? Can't resist my best mate anymore? Ashamed of the way you've rejected him and didn't think he'd take you back so you had to stalk him to see him?"

Lily brought her head up and glanced at a clock hanging on one of the walls of the Gryffindor Common Room. "Ten minutes. That's all it took for James to blabber off about some stupid misunderstanding. Bloody amazing how word can travel so fast."

Sirius grinned. "Oh, but James didn't tell me."

Lily turned pale. "What? Who told you then?"

Sirius plopped down on a couch near by. "Some fifth year. Rebecca, Ramona, something like that." He nodded his head in approval. "By nine o'clock tonight, everyone'll know, I'd say."

"Oh great." Lily slumped over. "Why me?", She asked to herself.

"I don't rightly know, Evans. I guess you're just lucky, yeah?"


"What happened to you?" Remus asked as Sirius dumped his schoolbag, filled to the brim with schoolwork, etc., onto the table Remus and Peter currently occupied in the library.

Sirius only growled.

The other two couldn't choose between laughing or flinching in disgust at the sight. For right on the center of Sirius' face were two blue tentacles, fairly long, slimy, and eerily twitching every few seconds.

"Shut up... I am going to bloody murder Evans in her bloody sleep."

"What'd you do this time, Sirius?" Remus inquired, watching one of Sirius' tentacles as it inched towards Peter's half eatten cauldron cake as Peter himself asked Sirius if he happened to be related to the Giant Squid.

"Say, Peter, would you happen to be related to a pig? You sure look like one!" Sirius moody pulled out his transfiguration book and opened it to page 143. He sighed as a group of girls walked past, giving a slight scream at the sight of his tentacles before hastily walking off. "Anyways, I just told Evans that she was lucky. That's all. What do I get? A hex to the face and tentacles two seconds later."

Sirius didn't bother telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth (Him teasing Lily into hexing him), considering he was a bit depressed with having two blue tentacles on his face.

Remus stifled a laugh before shaking his head, and continuing with his star chart. "Oh Sirius, when will you learn that some people, such as Lily Evans, are not meant to be trifled with?"

"People?" Sirius echoed. "Lily Evans is not a person. She's- She's this... thing that's either annoying the hell out of you, having temper tantrums and murdering James, or hexing the oblivion out of everyone else!"

"What are you doing here, Sirius?" Peter asked in confusion. "Why didn't you just go to the Hospital Wing and have Pomfrey get rid of your, ah, tentacles?"

Sirius sighed again as another set of students walked past him, giving a few screeches. "Oh, I did go straight to the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomfrey gave me a potion to get rid of the tentacles... it doesn't start working for a day or so."

While Remus laughed his head off (not literally, though), Peter advised Sirius very seriously to watch out for his tentacles at mealtime. He might just get them cut off by a knife or stabbed with a fork.

Soon after, Peter was kicked in an, ah, unpleasant place by Sirius.

James sat down next to Sirius. "Hey. What are you all doing cramped up in a place like this?" He asked in a cheerful manner. He was replied with a squeak from Peter who was currently bent over the table, looking about ready to burst into tears, a grumble from Sirius, and a distracted "that's nice" from Remus (he had continued working on his star chart and wasn't paying much attention to anything else).

He raised an eyebrow and cast a second look over at Sirius. "Oy, what happened to you?"

"Your innocent little angel, Lily Evans happened! That stupid little witch gave me-"

"Tentacles. She gave me those back in third year. Just one of them, though. What'd you do to her, anyways?" James seemed to be the only one with sympathy for Sirius considering he had had tentacles on his face before.


"Guess who."

"Get your grubby fingers off my face, Potter."

"Geez. What's up your arse?" James asked, plopping down in one of the many couches in the common room.

Lily paid no attention and continued reading her book.

They sat silently for a few moments before James began whistling. Lily's left eye twitched slightly for several moments before her right eye began as well. Finally, she couldn't take his whistling any longer. "Will you stop whistling? Some of us are trying to ignore prats who have big mouthes- oh, and read our books."

"I don't see any prats with big mouthes."

"Look harder." She hadn't lowered her book.

"You're jealous."

"Of who?"


"I am not!" Lily's book instantly went down.

"Yes you are. You're jealous because she and I talked all afternoon."

"No I'm not."

"Then why are you mad at me?" James asked quizzically.

"When am I not mad at you?" Lily asked, exasperated. "Honestly... jealous. Where do you come up with these silly conclusions? I'm mad at you because you went and blabbed a complete lie to the entire school that I stalked you all afternoon." She gave a sniff. "I don't fancy people getting the wrong idea."

James only gave a defeated snort before his head fell back against the couch. He stared at the ceiling. Lily's book went back up.

Something had changed between Lily and James. It was a small, subtly change. Whether it was a change for the good or bad, neither knew. Ever since their first/last date, James had stopped being so... James around Lily. He stopped asking her out. He stopped hugging her. He stopped most of his flirtations- not completely though.

It seemed as though James was trying his best at leaving Lily alone- yet couldn't seem to do it. Whenever they were in each others presence, James always look as though he was just itching to send out a perverted comment to get Lily pissed off, ask Lily out, or make some move, but he just kept back, only allowing a bit of flirting.

Lily gave another sniff. "Alice doesn't even fancy you. No, actually, she's completely and utterly in love with-..." She trailed off in horror. Oh how Alice would hate her if she had told James about her fancying Frank.

James' head turned slightly on the couch, towards her. He raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"I realized I can't tell you. You'd go and blabber it in five seconds. Besides, it's not as though we're pals that go and share all of our most intimate secrets."

"We could."

"Could what?"

"Share intimate secrets."

Lily snorted. "What sort of intimate secrets? Let's see. Oh yes, you'd probably tell me your most intimate secret is how you adore the Chudley Cannon's and would absolutely love to see them at the World Cup next summer. News flash. Everyone already knows that. You only tell people every other half a second or so."

"What's your intimate secret? That you pretend to despise me in the daytime, but at night snog your pillow, imagining it to be me? News flash. That's old news. That's way old news."

"If anyone snogs their pillow, Potter, it would be you."

"I suppose we do have quite a lot in common. Bad tempers, pillow-snogging obsessions, and extremely good looks. We could be quite the team, Lily. Potter and Evans. Doesn't that just work well?"

"It would be Evans and Potter. Not that there would ever be a team. Only one of us here has good looks, my temper isn't that bad... I won't even comment on the pillow-snogging."

James gave a laugh. "Oh, ho. Now who's being the arrogant one?"

"Oh, leave me alone!" She threw a pillow at his head.

He caught it with ease. "Right. You don't have too bad a temper."

"I am trying to read. Shut up before I give you tentacles like your friend."

James blew out a breath and turned his head back to stare at the ceil once again. "You're the one who started talking in the first place."

Lily ignored him, knowing he was right and because of that, was fairly furious.


Emma stuffed a chocolate frog in her mouth, sitting on her bed that night. Lily watched with disgust from her own bed. "Have you ever heard of closing your mouth while eating?"

"Sure." She continued chewing open-mouth.

"What's with the sudden chocolate addiction?" Alice asked, pulling out a book from her bedside table.

Emma looked excited. She hastily gulped down the chocolate frog and grab another from a bag sitting in front of her. "There's this contest the Chocolate Frog Company and the Chudley Cannons are doing, you see, to promote business or something. Anyways, if you find a picture of one of the Chudley Cannon players on the inside of the wrapper of a chocolate frog, you win a trip to see a Chudley game and meet the actual players- personally." She grinned with excitement.

Lily raised an eyebrow. "How many chocolate frog wrappers have the players?"

"Seven. One for each of the seven players on the team. Isn't this groovy?"

Alice looked up from her book. "I think all that chocolate is getting to you, Emma. Really."

Lily grimaced at the bag of chocolate frogs on Emma's bed. "How many of those things do you have?"

Emma shrugged nonchalantly. "About a two hundred and fifty."

Her friends looked at her with their eyes bulged. "What the hell, Emma? Where did you get all of those?"

"Bought them at the last Hogsmeade visit."

"How much did they cost?"

Emma swallowed another chocolate frog and picked up another unwrapped frog. She looked at the inside of the wrapper and scowled. "Dammit!" She looked up at Alice and Lily. "What?- Oh, yeah. I think they cost about fifty galleons or so. I've been saving my allowance up for months to get them."

"You really want to get one of those winning wrappers, don't you, Emma?" Lily asked with amusement, yet was slightly disturbed at Emma for buying two hundred and fifty chocolate frogs for some silly contest she hardly had any chance of winning.

"Merlin's beard, yes."

Alice scrunched up her eyebrows at the bag of chocolate frogs. "Have you already eaten the rest of them? It doesn't look like you have much left in the bag."

Emma grinned slyly and got off her bed. She bent down and began gropping around under the bed. She soon stood up with a brown (rather ugly looking) bag and turned it upside down. Many, many chocolate frogs began piling out of the bag and onto the bed. "Remember that bag you got me for Chrismas, Lily? In third year?"

Lily scowled. "The one you said looked like it had been made out of dung? Yes, I remember that one."

"Yeah, that one. Anyways, remember how it magically enlarges for you, so you can store as much as you want in here?"

Alice shut her book and grabbed the now empty bag off out of Emma's hands. "Oh, I've always wanted one of these!" She turned to Lily. "Where'd you find this, Lily? I can't ever find one in stores."

Lily shrugged. "Who knows? It was a while back. I think it was somewhere in Diagon Alley... Emma, are you actually going to eat all that chocolate?" She asked, glancing warily at the huge mountain of chocolate frogs on Emma's bed. They could hear numorous frogs chirping away.

Emma looked at the chocolate frog mountain with look a look of despair. "I've been trying eat as many as I can, but it seems like more just seem to keep popping up..."

"What are you going to do once you get sick of eating them?"

"Probably just take off the wrapper and throw the frogs out the window or something... unless..." A sweet smile appeared on Emma's face. "Lily... Alice... unless you want to help me out-"

"Emma, there is no way I am going try and eat two hundred and fifty chocolate frogs. No thanks. I'd rather not turn into some chubby, chocolate obsessed girl." Lily cut in.

"Me either." Alice objected.

"Big help you too are." Emma sat down on her bed glumly and began to slowly putting the mountain of chocolate frogs back into the bag. Alice slowly made her way back to bed. Emma finally closed the bag up and dropped it to the floor, scooting it under her bed once again. She shot a glare in Lily and Alice's directions. "You know, James bought a whole bunch of chocolate frogs for the contest too, and his friends are eating some of them for him."

"Yes, well, James and his friends are pigs. They like to eat fifty pounds of chocolate and clog up their hearts." Lily explained.

"They've eaten a lot apparently." Emma went on, subtly trying to lay guilt on Lily and Alice for not helping her with the chocolate frogs.

Alice raised an eyebrow. "How many have they eaten?"

"Oh, James bought like five or six hundred apparently. You know, his family's pretty well off and can afford to buy five or six hundred chocolate frogs. Anyways, I think they've eaten around three hundred altogether, so far."

"Why don't you join up with them, Emma?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, join up with them, maybe they could eat the rest of your chocolate frogs."

"Yeah right, you mean. If I joined up with them and one of them unwrapped one of my chocolate frogs and it had a winning wrapper, they'd probably say it was theirs for unwrapping it in the first place. No thanks. I don't think I'll give them the pleasure of taking one of my winning chocolate frog wrappers."

"What makes you so sure that one of those chocolate frogs you've bought has the lucky wrapper?' Alice asked curiously.

"I can feel it, Alice. Feel it. You know that- that feeling you get when you just know something good's going to happen to you? Do you know that feeling?"

Alice, who was becoming increasingly worried about Emma, shook her head slowly. "Er... no, Emma, I've never, er, felt that."

"It's an amazing feeling, you guys. I'm telling you."

"I'm sure it very amazing, Emma. Other then the stomach ache you get from eating thirty chocolate frogs at one time, I'm sure it feels absolutely wonderful."

"Oh shut up, Lily."



The three girls sat down near the Marauders a few mornings later. Each other the Marauders had at least three or four chocolate frogs on their breakfast plates.

"You know eating candy in the morning isn't good for you, don't you?" Alice started. She had noticed Emma also had a few chocolate frogs on her plate as well.

Remus glumly look at his chocolate frogs before spooning some gravy over some biscuits on his plate. The gravy drowned the biscuits, along the chocolate frogs. They gave wild, panicked chirps at the hot liquid. "Yes, that is a known fact between us. James just would rather win some contest to see his favorite quidditch team then make sure we eat a healthy."

Sirius and Peter, who had always loved to eat anything, especially sweets, even looked a bit depressed at their pile of chocolate frogs. "I've eaten about fifty this week so far." Sirius groaned. He put his hand on his stomach.

Lily raised an eyebrow over her toast. "Perhaps you should see Madame Pomfrey, Sirius. Or, even better, just stop eating so much chocolate. That might solve a lot." Sirius only gave Lily a look before bending over the table and grumble about a stomach ache and how he felt like puking.

James seemed to be the only one not entire sick of chocolate frogs. He hadn't paid a bit of attention to his friends complaints because he had been too busy tearing open his chocolate frog wrappers. He soon also became depressed too after opening all of his chocolate frogs and finding nothing on the inside of the wrappers. He moodily slouched over his goblet of orange juice.

Remus poked Peter, who had his head laying on the table, eyes closed. Peter didn't make a sign that he noticed Remus' poke. "I think Peter's dead."

"Oh, won't that be an interesting article in the Daily Prophet." Lily started. " 'Teenage Wizard dead from eating an overdose of chocolate frogs, all for the happiness of his friend, James Potter.' I'm sure it would a heart breaking story." She stood up, slinging her bag over her shoulder and walked off.

James didn't seem to pay much attention to Lily's joke, which was a bit strange since anything that involved Lily, he was paid attention. His lack of attention might have been from the fact he had also laid his head on the table and was pathetically eating one of the chocolate frogs.

Sirius abruptly stood up and began running out of the Great Hall. "I'm going to go upchuck all of these bloody chocolate frogs!"

After watching Sirius leave, Alice glanced at Peter. She also gave him a poke. "Peter?... Er..." She looked a bit worried now.

Remus waved her off. "Don't worry. He been doing this for a couple of days now. Just goes unconcious for a few minutes. He's be up in a while." He turned to James, who had his head quite close to Remus' plate of gravy and biscuits. "Would you mind getting your hair out of my gravy?"


Throughout the day, Lily noticed other students also coming up with stomach aches, leaving teachers both bewildered and miffed. At least three students left transfiguration class to go to the Hospital Wing because of a stomach ache while Peter threw up in class. Joy.

Sirius didn't even turn up for classes.

Lily scoffed as she and Alice made their way to DADA class (Emma left class earlier because of a stomach ache). "I'm sure this will do good business for the Chocolate Frog company and the Chudley Cannons. They'll get tons of mail from parents complaining that their children are getting sick from eating so much chocolate for their contest. Honestly, this is the silliest thing I have ever seen. This is such a stupid contest..." She trailed off, noticing Alice eating something out of the corner of her eye.

Alice smiled a bit guiltily, clumsily stuffing a chocolate frog wrapper in her pocket. "Er... well... Oh, Lily, you can't deny wanting to see a some famous quidditch players!"

Lily gaped at her.

"I've never really been much of a quidditch fan, but still! How many chances do you get to see famous people, up close and personal?"

"You've gone to the dark side, Alice."

Alice swallowed the last of her chocolate frog. "Sorry, Lily... It tastes pretty good though, I have to admit."


Lily groaned as she heard James curse the third time that night. She had went to the library after classes to get away from all the chocolate eating since no one was allowed to eat in the library. Yet, there was James Potter. Eating in the library. He was doing it fairly stealthily so Madame Pince wouldn't see him.

What a surprise to see James Potter ignoring the rules. Yeah.

"Damn. From the six hundred blasted chocolate frogs I've bought, you'd think one of them would have a winning wrapper."

"Oh, yes, because there can't be that many chocolate frogs in the world. Only a few million or so. So, logically, you should have one of the lucky wrappers, since you have such a large amount of them." Lily muttered.

"Oh shove off, Evans."

James seemed a bit depressed. If had been anyone else, Lily would have actually felt sorry for him.

"Why are you trying so hard to win the contest anyways? Your parents aren't exactly lacking in the money department, why couldn't they just buy you a way to see the team?" Lily bent her head over her book and smirked to herself.

Until she felt something hit the back of her head. "What the- ? Oh, nice, Potter, really mature. Throw a chocolate frog at me. I was just making a suggestion you know..." Lily bent over to pick up the chocolate frog that had fallen from her head. "You know, just for that, I should have the winning wrapper."

Lily dropped the frog on the table and continued reading for a while. Her stomach growled though. She glanced at her watch. 7:00. It was about time to head to the Great Hall for dinner. Unconciously, her eyes landed on the oh-so-innocent chocolate frog sitting a few inches away from her book. Lily hesitated before taking the chocolate frog and unwrapping it. She munched on the chocolate frog while reading some more. She couldn't concentrate though. There was something nagging her. Something very annoying...

It was that bloody chocolate frog wrapper laying oh-so-innocently on the table with her. She shook her head. She wasn't going to fall for this ruddy contest scheme. She tried to push the wrapper out of her mind, but her eyes kept going back to the wrapper. Finally, Lily gave up. "Argh, this bloody wrapper is going to drive me insane!" She sat up in her chair grabbed the chocolate frog wrapper.

She sighed with relief. It was just a plain. There weren't any quidditch players... Lily was glad that was over with. For a second there, Lily actually hoped she would have got a winning wrapper-

"Wha-? Bloody Dumbledore!" Lily almost fell out of her seat. Her eyes seemed to be playing tricks with her. She could have i sworn /i something just moved on the wrapper. She blinked to clear her vision before watching the wrapper again.

"Oh, great. I'm going insane now. Wonderful- Oh my bloody Merlin!" There it was again! Lily knew she wasn't going insane now. This time, the object that had moved on the wrapper stopped and Lily was able to get a good look at it.

It was a quidditch player. It was a quidditch player.

Lily's eyes bulged as she stared at the waving quidditch player. He seemed to be amused at her shocked state. She examined the wrapper closer. Sure enough, it was a quidditch player. He was flying on a broomstick. Lily noticed the uniform he was wearing...

"The Chudley Cannons..." She breathed.

"Evans, I came over here to get my chocolate frog back-"

Lily spun around, gripping the chocolate frog wrapper tightly and waving it in James' face. The quidditch player looked a bit panicked as the wrapper crinkled. "Is this your idea of some kind of joke, Potter?" Even though she tried not, Lily couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

"What are you talking about?" He scowled at the wrapper, clearly not seeing the quidditch player. "You ate my chocolate frog. Great."

"Don't you try and change the subject! I know you've gone and played a joke on me and it really isn't that funny."

"What are you ranting about?" James asked with exasperation. "I haven't played any jokes on you... as of lately."

Lily scoffed. "Oh right. You just happened to throw the chocolate frog with a winning wrapper at the back of my head. Yes, I'm sure that was just a big coincidence." She said sarcastically.

"What?" James dived for the wrapper Lily was holding and grabbed it from her. He gapped at it.

"Okay, you can stop looking so surprised now."

James opened his mouth to speak, but only seemed to sputter out bits of words. "This- Merlin- You- I- This is a- It's-... It's-" He waved his hand in frustration at the wrapper. He was pointing at the quidditch player. "It's Peter Hamilton!" He finally got out.

Lily raised an eyebrow, standing up to examine the quidditch player. "Oh. How interesting." She couldn't tell one quidditch player from the next. "How'd you get him to fly around on this wrapper?"

James continued to sputter. "I didn't- This isn't- This isn't a joke, Evans!" He stared at the wrapper, a grin slowly starting to form on his face. "I've won... I've won!"

"Okay, this is really getting sad, Potter. Why don't you just admit it's not a joke?"

James only gave a loud laugh (earning a glare from Madame Pince) and picked Lily up, spinning her around. He kissed her and let go, once again staring at the wrapper.

It was now Lily's turn to gap and sputter. "What the- Oh good grief- Potter!" She cried. She watched him as he paid not the slightest bit of attention to her, only talking to himself about winning and staring at the wrapper.

She was beginning to think this wasn't a joke after all.


"-and I grabbed it from you and what do you know? There he was, Peter Hamilton flying around on his Comet 100!" James laughed for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past half hour. The two had been kicked out of the library for "disturbing the peace" of the library and made their way back to the common room. Lily tried to keep her distance again, just in case James had another one of his outbursts and kissed her again, if not worse, tried to snog her.

Honestly. A person could be happy, but coming into Lily's personal bubble like that? No thanks.

Now, even though Lily didn't want to admit it, there was a fairly large bubble of excitement inside of her as well. She'd found the winning wrapper!

"I've found the winning wrapper!" James exclaimed. He still hadn't let go of the wrapper.

That stopped Lily in her tracks. "What?"

James went on, looking about to pee in his pants with excitement. He finally stopped, just then noticing Lily wasn't walking with him. "What?"

"You said you found the winning wrapper."

"I did!"

"No, no. I found the winning wrapper! I opened it remember? I ate the frog it was wrapped around!"

James was beginning to look a bit miffed now. Lily was way passed looking miffed. "Yeah, but I bought."

"But I opened it."

James scoffed. "You would have just thrown the wrapper away, thinking it was just a joke I played on you... besides, I thought you didn't care about the contest."

"Are you bloody mad? Of course I care about the contest." Lily burst without thinking. She must have temporarily forgotten she was suppose to not care about the contest. "Who wouldn't want to see someone famous?"

James turned and began walking again. Lily could here the smirk in his voice. "Well, so sorry, Lily. I'm afraid you won't be seeing someone famous this time."

Lily watched him for a moment before running after him. She grabbed at the wrapper. "I don't think so, Potter. The wrapper's mine."

James pulled on the wrapper. "No it isn't. It's mine."

Lily pulled back. "I don't see your name on it."

"I'll put my name on it." James finally pulled it out of Lily's reach and held it above his head. Lily jumped to snatch it, but found she couldn't.

"Potter! Give me the wrapper!"

James stepped back, still holding the wrapper up. "I don't think so, Evans. Why don't you go find your own wrapper?"

"That is my wrapper. Now, if I can kindly have it back, I'll be on my way."

"No can do."

Lily gave a sigh of frustration. She thought for a moment before looking up at James, eyeing the wrapper. She debated about what she was about to do in her head. Good grief. Why did she have to care about the stupid contest anyways? It was making her go crazy, not to mention, do crazy thing...

"I'll kiss you in exchange for the wrapper." She immediately regretted opening her mouth.

James seemed to consider her offer for a moment before shaking his head with a grin. "Nothing personal, Evans, but your kisses aren't worth giving up the wrapper. Now, if you had offered a few snogging sessions, perhaps a shag even, I would have agreed..." He trailed off, as if tempting her to offer just what he had suggested.

Unfortunately, all he got from Lily was a stomp on his foot and a suggestion to stick i his /i suggestions up his arse.


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