Well this is it, the sequel you've all been waiting for! It's been more than five years since Battle City ended and things have changed for Brian Matthews and his friends. In the first couple chapters I'll show you what they've been up to since then. I'll be in third person as much as possible for this story. Now for the legal mumbo jumbo.

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Chapter 1: Chain of Memories

(New York City, Matthews Inc. Building)

Looks like we're going to have a lot of snow this year.

Brian Matthews looked out from the window of his office on the fifth floor of his corporation's main headquarters building. He watched the tiny white crystals slowly float down from the sky to the ground. It looked like there was already a good covering on the sidewalks. He sighed as he turned back to his desk and sat in the comfortable leather chair. On his desk sat a picture frame that held a picture of him and his friends from graduation day in Domino.

On the right was Tristan Taylor with Joey Wheeler in a head lock under his right arm. Both were laughing. It was, after all, the best day of high school. Next to them was Yugi Moto, who must have forgotten there was a picture being taken and had his head turned to the two goof balls, giving them a funny look. Yugi had grown quite a bit and was just as tall as Joey and looked a lot like Yami, except with a softer face. Brian smiled to himself as he moved his gaze to himself with his arm around the waist of his old girlfriend, Téa Gardner. She was smiling sweetly and had her head resting on his shoulder.

Brian's smile faded as he remembered how he had to leave them. It was only one week after that day in the picture when he received a letter informing him that his father's company was going under. At that time Matthews Inc. was producing computer programs for a top secret government organization. According to the letter, the organization had been recalled and the funding that was keeping the company running ceased. Brian had left his friends without much of a word. He was broken up about it enough and couldn't handle saying good-bye.

Rebuilding the company took almost a year and a half. During that time, Brian sold most of the company's assets in order to pay the debts and converted the company into a Duel Monsters card manufacturer. Only recently could the company stand on its own feet.

A sharp knock on his door brought him out of his reminiscence. A girl with long, light brown hair and eyes to match, walked quickly and confidently across the floor and stopped a foot away from the CEO.

"Mr. Matthews, I have the cards you requested for your inspection," the girl said.

"Please, Miss Hensen, there's no need for formalities," Brian responded.

"I apologize. I guess I'm still getting used to working for you," she continued. "It seems like only yesterday we were facing off in the Duel of the Roses tournament."

"Apologies, later, Melissa. Business, now," he told her. She handed him the cards that she promised. He looked over the pictures and read the text on each to make sure everything was correct. "Very nice. Send my thanks to Alexis and Jack for me."

"Of course," Melissa answered. "Oh, there's still the matter of the skeleton crews still around the buildings."

"Yours, Jack's, Alexis' departments, right?" he questioned. His colleague replied with a nod. "Send your crew on their vacation. Tell them to be ready for work at the end of January. Inform Jack and Alexis to do the same."

Melissa smiled, gave a curt nod, and walked briskly out the door. As she left, she pulled the door shut and Brian was left alone once more. Brian opened a drawer and took out eight envelopes. Into five of them he slipped one of the new cards that he held in his hand. Upon completing the task, he sealed them and set them back on the desktop.

I wish I could see their faces when they get these. He gazed thoughtfully at the items for a moment before gathering them up and leaving his office and walking quickly down the hall.

(Domino City, T&W Repair)

"Aw, that's too bad," Joey said into the phone. "You're gonna miss Yugi's party…I know, it can't be helped. See ya tomorrow, then, sis."

Joey returned the phone to it's place on the workbench and turned back to his partner, Tristan. Both were wearing dirty, dark blue coveralls with their logo on the back. Since high school ended they had done pretty well with their own automotive repair shop, which they managed to open on the outskirts of town.

"So, when's Serenity getting back?" Tristan asked as he wiped the grease off his hands with a rag.

"Not until tomorrow," Joey replied. "Some bad weather came through up there and they grounded all flights."

"That's shame. Your mom ought to move down here so she wouldn't have that problem," Tristan commented. "Heading over to Yugi's tonight?"

"I gotta run 'cross town and pick up Mai, but yeah, I'll be there," he answered. "It's the only time we all get together anymore. I'm not gonna miss it."

"I hear you," the other said. He had slipped into a heavy winter coat and was heading out the door. "Later, Joey."

Joey watched his friend leave and began putting his tools away. This is going to be the third Christmas that Brian has missed. I wonder how he's doing…

After completing his task, Joey pulled on his own coat and went out into the snow.

(Domino City, Millennium Games)

Yugi entered the game shop that he had taken control of after his grandfather passed away. Yugi wasn't much of a salesman and had entered into a partnership with an old friend named Duke Develin. Ever since Yami sealed himself in the Shadow Realm there hadn't been much to do, other than sell Duel Monsters and Dungeon Dice Monsters merchandise. The Millennium Items had been left behind, with their power transferred to Yami, and now resided in a display case in the shop. Yugi had decided to change the name of the place from just the simple Game Shop to Millennium Games. It had been Yugi's final tribute to his other half.

Yugi's stereo system spat out various holiday songs as the owner hummed in unison. He was signing the cards for his friends who were coming over for his yearly Christmas party. Last year's, he remembered, was less cheerful than the previous ones. Téa had been heart broken that Brian had left them and Joey and Tristan kept talking about everything they had done with him, which didn't help matters much. Duke, Mai, and Serenity had been there as well. Mai continuously talked about her clothing store on the other side of town while Duke drooled over Joey's little sister, even though she had been won over by Tristan.

This year will be different…I hope. Yugi tucked the cards into their envelopes and ran them into the adjoining part of the building, his house, and set them under the tree. He went back through the store section to a closet where he had the gifts hidden and carried them back to the tree. As he passed a certain display case, he saw some sort of light out of the corner of his eye. When he looked, the Millennium Bracelet was glowing softly.

"Huh? What in the world?" Yugi asked out loud. He blinked a couple times but when he looked again the glow was gone. He shook his head and continued on his way. "I must be seeing things…"

Yugi placed the gifts under the tree and continued his party preparations. Téa hasn't been the same since school ended. I hope she's doing better now. She's been my friend longer than anyone else and it hurts me to see her sad like last year.

(Domino City, Téa's Apartment)

Téa dropped onto her bed and rested on the soft pillow under her head. She worked from seven in the morning until four in the afternoon and had spent half an hour walking home through four inches of snow. She was exhausted and her feet where nearly numb. She didn't have to work today and her boss even told her that she should take a break. She had gone anyway, though. It was for the money. At the end of her senior year at Domino High, she found out that she had not won the scholarship for the New York Dance Academy. It was her dream to go and she saved money for three years to pay for expenses. She had everything she needed except for the hefty entry fee, which would have been covered by the grant. Her natural kindness worked wonders for her as a waitress, but the pay wasn't high enough and it was going to take quite a long time before she had enough money.

She sighed as she looked at the clock. Yugi's party was in an hour and a half and she was still in her work attire, which was accented for the holiday season. When she sat up, a hand painted, green robotic bird with glowing blue eyes flew to her and took a perch on her knee. It cocked its head at her and chirped a digital sound that sounded like it was saying "birdy" which was the only sound it could make. Téa held out her finger and the bird hopped onto it.

"You're just about all I have left of him, Tori," Téa said to the robot. Brian had made the bird for her as a graduation present. It was one of her two most cherished possessions, that and a golden, heart shaped locket that had her name written across the front in a rose pink script. She never went anywhere without the locket, even though she wore it tucked into her shirt, out of plain sight.

The last time she had heard anything from him was nothing more than a note saying that he had to leave. She never had a chance to tell him good-bye or how much she loved him.

It's been almost two years. Why haven't you come back? Brian…I need you…She turned and looked at the picture of him that she kept on her dresser as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Brian, come back to me!" she shouted at the photo. Tori chirped again and flew over to the picture and landed next to it.

(Brian's Personal Jet)

"I summon Guardian Angel Joan," Paige said to her brother. She brushed a lock of her red-gold hair away from her face as she looked up at Brian. Instead of watching the game, he was staring out the window into the clouds. "Hey, I know I'm not the greatest duelist ever, but could you at least humor me?"

"Oh, sorry. I guess I'm just preoccupied," Brian apologized. He turned away from the window to look at the twenty eight year old woman who was his sister. "I'm worried that they think I abandoned them."

"Are you having second thoughts about this?" Paige asked curiously. She folded the cards in her hand and gently set them down in front of her. She crossed her arms and rested them on the table between them. "If you are, that's why I'm here, to make sure you go through with it."

"No…I know what I have to do," he replied. He ran a hand through his brown hair as he tried to sort out his thoughts. "I just…I don't know. It's like something inside me just turned upside down and nothing fits anymore."

"Ah, to be young and in love…" she joked. "Boy, do I miss those days."

"I'm not so young anymore, you know," Brian informed her.

"I know," Paige responded with a smile. "But you're still in love." Brian didn't respond. He just set down his cards, face up, and walked toward the cockpit. Paige looked at the cards and realized he was holding the five Exodia cards. "Hey! That's not fair!"

Brian paused and smiled when he heard her comment, then opened the door and stepped in. "What's our ETA to our final destination?" he questioned the pilot.

"A little over two hours, sir. It will be around 5:30, their time, when we arrive," the pilot answered. After thanking him for coming out on Christmas Eve, Brian returned to his seat and went to sleep a few minutes later, and remained that way for the rest of the trip.

Paige leaned back in her seat as her brother, one of the last people in her family, slept soundly. Even she thought he looked cute when he was asleep. She could only imagine what Téa thought she saw him. Paige smiled when she thought of the two of them together. You've grown up a lot, kid. In such a short time too. I suppose those years by yourself helped you cope with anything life could throw at you, love most of all. At first, I thought you wouldn't be prepared yet, but you were more than ready to love and be loved. Not only that, but you could also see into the hearts of others and you found your soul mate the first time. Now it's time to find your Cinderella again.

(Egypt, Temple of Abydos)

"Doctor Jackson! I found something you should look at!" a woman called out.

"Have you, Claire? What is-" Daniel started to ask. He walked through a collapsed wall where his colleague had been exploring. It was a previously unknown chamber hidden deep in the Temple of Abydos. "Oh…"

Unlike the rest of the temple, there were few writings on the walls and in the middle was a black ark under a column of light that seemed to come from nowhere. Daniel judged the distance from the outside walls. It put the black ark directly underneath the gold one at the top of the temple.

"Let's see what is inside shall we?" he continued. He beckoned one of their assistants over to help him lift the cover. When it came off, a strange black mist drifted out of it. The assistant was a native Egyptian and took the sign as a bad omen and charged out of the room screaming. Daniel gave him a skeptical look as he ran out. "Well…that's not good. Where do you find these guys anyway?"

"Hey, look at this," Claire commented, ignoring the question. "This drawing looks like your nephew. What was his name? Brian?"

"Yeah, my sister's son," Daniel answered. He walked over at examined the pictograph. "Oh my god. I think something is killing him."

"Killing him? Are you sure?" Claire asked in shock.

"I think so…above him are the symbols for Anubis, Osiris, and Apep," he replied. "According to legend, they were always present during death at some point in time during the after life."

"You have unleashed a great evil," a voice said from behind them. "And I'm afraid that Brian is about to be pulled into the fight against it."

"Shadi," Daniel said he turned around to see who was speaking. "What do you mean? Is he in danger?"

"Only time will tell," Shadi replied. "As you can see, one drawing shows his defeat, while the opposite wall shows his victory."

"Claire, get to work. We need to decipher these texts so we can warn him," Daniel told his friend. "Thanks for the warning, Shadi."

"He's gone," Claire commented. They had turned their backs for only a second and the stranger had vanished. "And you say I find weird people."

"Yeah, he does that. Anyway, we'd better get to it if we want to figure this out in time," Daniel replied. He looked at the first drawing they found. "And we better work fast."