Author's note: a gift ficlet for none other than Kat. I loves you, even though this one-shot is uber sucky. And late. But still, you love me too!


On a breezy afternoon, she finds herself dressed in a soft, periwinkle blue kimono and a delicate hairpin fastened in her hair.

"Really, Kyouko," she groans, "no more pictures. My cheeks are hurting from smiling so long."

"Ne, Kana-chan, but you look so lovely!" Her friend enthusiastically exclaims, and several more clicks are fired away.

Kaname brightens and makes an effort to smile a little more. "Really?"

"Yes! Sagara-kun will be knocked off his feet when he sees you!" Kyouko says with conviction.

"Tsche. As if that otaku would ever notice anything other than Mithril." But already in her mind, she is wondering whether he will comment on her appearance tonight or not. Not that it mattered; it was just nice if he did notice.

"Ne, that's not true. Sagara-kun really, really…" Kyouko stops her sentence when out of the corner of her eye, she sees Sousuke coming, serious as always.

"Really, really what?" He asks, expression fixed in a slight puzzled, frown.

"None of your business, Sagara Sousuke!" Kaname snaps, flushed and blushing as he makes himself at home beside her on the grass.

He seems to be unfazed by her random burst of anger (or quite used to it by now) and asks, "have the fireworks started yet?"

"It should start any minute now…" Kyouko responds, glancing at her watch.

Kaname studies him through the corner of her eyes. He is dressed simply as always, with a white shirt and dark cargo pants, and as usual, his hair was slightly disheveled. She allows herself a soft, surreptitious smile. She feels happy when she is with him. Well, most of the time.

"Chidori?" He sounds like he's been asking her a question, and she suddenly becomes nervous. Does he know that she'd just been staring at him?

Blushing furiously, she plays with the sleeves of her kimono. "What is it?"

He pauses for several minutes, as if nervous. "You look lovely."

And when the fireworks go off, a brilliant hue of blue and violets, she gives him a rare smile.

He noticed.