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Denying Facts

Chapter 1

Dean was worried, that was what scared him. Dean was never worried about anybody but himself except for right now. Right now his full attention was on his little brother, Sam. Dean knew that Sam still blamed himself for his girlfriend's, Jessica, death. Dean knew it was not his brothers fault; but Sam still blamed himself because Sam was the type of guy that blamed himself no matter what. Of course it did not help that his girlfriend went up in flames just like their mother had when Sam was just a baby.

Dean looked over at his brother who was driving their Chevy Impala. Sam was going about 90 miles an hour and had a white knuckle grip on their steering wheel . He had deep black bags under his eyes that could only be described as dead like. It was not until this moment that Dean noticed how thin and frail his brother looked.

What worried Dean more then his brothers ghostly appearance was Sam's nightmares. At first it was about every other night but now every time Sam closes his eyes even for a few moments nightmares would plague him. Dean started to notice that his brother seemed to have given up sleep in hopes to avoid the vivid nightmares that haunt his dreams. Also Dean could not remember the last time he had even seen Sam eat something.

"Pull in here," Dean said pointing at a rundown hotel in the middle of nowhere.

"Why?" Sam asked looking over at his brother, "If we keep driving we will be into Night Water by noon tomorrow."

"Yeah," Dean said with a smirk, "But if you fall asleep we will be lucky if we live. So you can either pull in here or I'm gong to start driving."

"Whatever,"Sam grumbled as he pulled into the hotel parking lot


The room was small, but it had two beds and a broken TV in the corner. The wallpaper was puke pink, but all that matter to Dean were the two beds.

"Dibs," Dean said flopping down of the bed furthest from the door. Sam kicked off his shoes before laying down on the bed.

"I'll keep watch," Sam said sitting up, "Just in case the police track down your fake credit card. I would prefer to stay out of jail."

"They won't come," Dean remarked, "Now stop making stupid excuses and go to sleep"


"Sam, shut the hell up and go to sleep." Dean yelled sharply. Sam just sighed and curled up into a ball and fell into an uneasy sleep.


"No Mom! Jessica no!" Sam screamed in his sleep waking up Dean. Dean shot out of bed and was at his brothers side in a matter of seconds. Dean roughly shook his brother until his brothers eyes blinked open

"Another nightmare." Dean said. It was not a question. It was obvious that his brother had yet another nightmare.

"Lets get going. The sooner we find dad the sooner I can find the thing that hurt Jess." Sam said getting out of bed and going over to their bags.

"Stop avoiding the subject Sam," Dean said harshly. "You of all people should know dreams aren't real. Look in the mirror, would mom want to see you like this? How about Jessica, would she want to see you like this? Because if she loved you, I know she wouldn't want to see you like this. You look like hell!"

"Stop it!" Sam cried as he stopped throwing his clothes in their bag and looked up at his brother blinking back the tears the rimmed his eyes, "Don't you dare bring Jessica into this. You didn't know her so you have no right what so ever to use her against me in this conversation. I loved her. I still love her. You've never loved anyone but yourself!"

Both boys just stood there in silence until Sam tossed a duffle bag at his brother and softly said. "Here, go wash up. I'll go load the car."

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