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Denying Facts

Chapter 3

When Dean came back to the room, he saw Sam curled up at the bottom of the bed reading some book. His eyes traced the words as though each word fed an internal craving. Sam's long hair dripped water onto the pages but he was so focused on the words that he didn't notice. A tornado could pass though the room and Sam wouldn't even spare it a glance or even a slightest acknowledgment.

"You are such a pussy," Dean said tossing his brother the bag of fast food. "I swear, you will never change!"

"What?" Sam asked, "Because I read? I'm sorry that I am well educated instead of some red-necked hick."

"I mean a real man when left alone would have turned on pay-preview porn. A chick on the other hand pulls out a book." Dean said flopping down on his bed.

"I'm not the one that insists on taking a bubble bath once a week and washes his hear with Herbal Essence while singing the song from the commercial off key."Sam retorted.

"Hey! That chick for the commercial was hot!" Dean defended. "At least I wasn't the one who went dressed in tights and a ballerina tutu on Halloween."

"That was you, not me." Sam laughed. "In fact you were very proud of that costume when you wore it."

"Yeah well I was drunk." Dean said sheepishly.

"You were eighteen." Sam reminded him.

"When has that ever stopped me before?" Dean smirked.


Dean awoke to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It would have been a nice awaking if he felt like he had actually slept. Dean opened one eye and grabbed the cup of coffee that was on the night stand. Sam was sitting on the bed to him dress and ready. Once again Sam was reading a book.

"What time is it?"Dean asked mid-yawn.

"6:30," Sam replied not looking up from his book.

Dean groaned and pulled the covers over his head. "Why are we up so early?"

"You used to wake me up earlier than this when we were kids." Sam pointed out as he set down his book and turned to the lump of covers known as Dean with a cocky grin.

"I was excited to go hunting. You're just trying to get revenge. That's not the same thing!"Dean muttered from beneath the covers.

"Revenge is sweet." Sam laughed.

"Bitch."Dean said throwing his pillow at his little brother who received it right in the nose.


It took Dean two hours to get ready. They got to the ridge at nine which was when the tourist came out. Okay so there were only 10 other people but Dean wished there was none. The two decided since the last victims had no family living close, they would question the local rent store.

The store had very little walking room because everything was stored in the back. There were faux wood desks that lined the walls. Dean ringed the bell and a girl about sixteen walked out with knotted brown hair and a blue ski jacket. She reminded Dean of a very fat blueberry.

"Can I help you boys?"The girl asked smacking her gum louder then anyone the brothers had ever heard.

"Yeah we were wondering if you ever rented gear to the guys who died up here?" Dean said unsuccessfully trying to sound the least bit pleasant but he was ticked off that she called them boys. I mean what was she, twelve?

"Yeah. They returned it clean and everything." She said.

"You think we could see it?" Dean asked though his teeth, clearly annoyed with the girl.

"Nope." The girl said picking at her stubby nails.

"Well why not?"Dean asked starting to get angry.

"Duh, it's our busy season. We rented it out yesterday."

"Do you know where the bodies were found?" Sam asked fed up of his brother getting nowhere.

"Goddamn it Sam! I ask the questions around here!" Dean yelled slamming his fists onto the desk.

"I was just trying to help! It wasn't like you two were getting anywhere!"Sam yelled back.

"Your brothers aren't ya!" The girl said excitedly. "In that cause my name is Ruth and I can take you to where they died. My sister is over there now looking for leftovers."

Sam looked over to his brother and nodding before sighing and said, "Fine, but we leave now."

"Okay," Ruth said suddenly cheerful as she bounced around closing up shop. Dean leaned over to Sam and whispered, "Is it me or does she remind you of the fat blueberry girl in Willy Wonka?"

This cause Sam to put his hand over his mouth to stop laughing. As soon as he recovered, he leaned to Dean a whispered back, "Maybe her sister is an Oompa Loompa?

"Come on boys. We've got a lot of ground to cover." Ruth said before heading off on one of the paths. Dean and Sam both rolled their eyes before following her.

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