Summary: Princess Diana of Themyscira visits Metropolis on a diplomatic mission. Sparks fly when her and Clark meet. Plus what does Clark think about Lex and Lana spending so much time with each other. How is Chloe doing after her brake up with Bruce Wayne.(Reviews Please)

Pairing: Clark/Diana , Lex and Lana.

Spoiler: Some from "The Billionaire" and all seasons.

Notes: Chloe knows about Clark's powers.

Princess Diana of Themyscira, looked out the window of the luxury private jet and saw the city of Metropolis expand below her. This was here first time she had ever been anywhere but her home land of Themyscira. She was impressed by the size and beauty of the glass and steel buildings.

Diana was a young girl at the age of nineteen. however she was consider by many to the best warrior on Themyscria. She was of average height and weight. She was beautiful. Her shape would a tract any man. Her long shoulder length raven hair dipped below the collar of her conservative white suit. On her head was a golden tiara with a red star. Her deep blue eyes study the city below her.

"Are you sure that you want to do this mother?"She said

Her mother Hippolyta,the queen of Themyscria. She was a tall elegant woman in his mid forties. She had her shoulder length blond hair done in styled in a braid. A golden tiara sat on her head. Her cool blue eyes looked softly at her daughter.

"Diana we have been thorough this before. It's time that we stop hiding from the world."Hippolyta said.

"But can we trust them."Diana said.

"We will only know if we try."Hippolyta said.

The plane landed on the runway and came to halt. the door opened and Hippoltya and Diana stepped out into the warm sun. Diana put on her sunglasses. She looked around and saw a fleet of cars. They was SUVs and police cars and limos. Near each car was a armed guard. She walked down the stairs. Her and her mother were greeted by two men.

The older of the two was Lionel Luthor, the owner of Luthor corp and the go between the US and Themyscira . As always Lionel was dressed in his finest suit. He smiled to Hippoltya.

"Your Majesty,welcome to Metropolis."Lionel said.

"Mr. Luthor."Hippolyta said.

"May I present my son,Lex."Lionel said.

Diana noticed the handsome,bald man standing next to his father. Like his father Lex was dressed in a fine suit. Lex carried himself like one of the Gods. Diana noticed,she smiled at him. Lex could not help but notice Diana's beauty.

"Your Majesty."Lex said.

"Lex, this is my daughter. Diana."Hippoltya said.

"Your highness."Lex said taking Diana's hand.

"Lex Luthor,a name worthy of the Gods."Diana said.

Clark walked into the house to find Lois and Lana admiring the dresses that had just been delivered. He watched Lana for a moment. The way she moved, the way she pushed a lock of her hair out of the way. The way her eyes simmered in the sunlight. The way her clothes hugged her in all the right places. The way she smiled.

"Smallville,take a picture it will last longer."Lois said.

"Hi,Clark."Lana said.

"Hi,Lana."Clark said

"Clark don't you have some cows to milk or chickens to feed?"Lois said. She could only take so much of Clark's admiring Lana from a far.

"Actually I'm all done with me chores."Clark said.

"Then go find something to do."Lois said.

"Clark are you going to see Lex today."Lana said. Hoping to end the verbal war that took place between Lois and Clark.

"No he's out of town today."Clark said.

"Aw,Clark doesn't have anyone to play with today."Lois said.

"CLARK!"Jonathon called from outside. Clark said nothing. He stole one more glance at Lana a walked outside.

"You enjoy doing that, don't you?"Lana said.

"A girls got have hobby."Lois said.

Chloe smiled when she heard familiar British accent of the phone.

"Wayne Manor."said the voice.

"Hi, Alfred is Bruce there?"she asked.

"I'm sorry madam but Master Bruce is at the office at the moment."Alfred said.

"Okay thanks"She said then hung up. It was third time she had tried to call Bruce but she could not get a hold of him. She was beginning to worry.

Clark walked in a moment later. He walked over to her and sat down.

"Hey you okay."he asked.

"Kind of, I tried to get a hold of Bruce,but no luck."She said.

"I'm sure Bruce is fine. He's just busy. I mean how many people do you know fight a one man war on crime."Clark said.

"This from Smallville's self appointed alien protector."Chloe said

Things between Chloe and Clark had become very different since he told her about his powers. Clark thought that Chloe would be surprised. He was surprised to find out that she had known about his powers for awhile.

"Why don't we head to the Talon and get you some caffeine,my treat."Clark said.

"Deal."Chloe said.