Clark stood next to the Lear jet. He had come to the airport to say good-bye to Diana and her mother. He was going over the details of the past three days. It was odd how things turn out. First he meets Diana, who at the time seemed like a prim and proper princess was in fact an Amazon warrior, with super-human powers granted by the gods.

Then there was the situation with Lex and Lana. He still didn't know how to handle the whole thing. He knew he should feel something, anger that his best friend and the girl of his dream began dating. No, anger would not be right, he was more heartbroken that anything else. Clark knew that he would have to get past this, Lex and Lana were his friends and he should be happy for them, but it was going to get some getting use to.

His train of though was broken when he saw the limo pull and Diana and her mother got out. They both walked over to him and hugged him.

"Clark, once again thank you for everything." Diana's mother said.

"It was the right thing to do." Clark said.

"Yes it was, are you sure that your not a god?" She asked.

"I'm just Clark Kent, mild mannered high school student." Clark said.

"Never the less. You know that you have a gift and unlike others you use those gift to help people, you should be part of that. Goodbye Clark." She and then got on the plane.

"Thank you for helping me find my mother." Diana said.

"I sure you would have helped me if I needed it." Clark said.

"Your right I would." Diana said.

"So going back home?" Clark asked.

"For a while yes, then I have to comeback to Middleton." Diana said.

"Colorado, why?" Clark asked.

"That's where we are opening our embassy." Diana said.

"A ribbon cutting ceremony?" Clark asked.

"No, I'm going to be the ambassador to the US." Diana said.

"Wow, one day you're a princess that sneaks out goes and gets drunk and winds-up in my barn to an ambassador." Clark said.

"We have real jobs one in a while Clark." Diana said.

"I still haven't decided what I'm, going to major in." Clark said.

"You should try journalism." Diana said.

"I don't think so, I mean I just write for the Torch." Clark said.

"Your good at it Clark, besides with those fast fingers of yours you'll never miss a deadline." Diana said.

"We'll see." Clark said.

"If that doesn't pan out you can put on bright red boots and a cape and be pro wrestler." Diana said.

"The wrestler thing might work but I don't know about the boots and a cape." Clark said.

"If you do go that way call me I'll out on star covered panties and be your ring bunny." Diana said.

"What are you going to call yourself?" Clark asked.

"Amazon girl?" Diana said.

"Nah, Wonder Woman." Clark said.

"Only if you call yourself Superman." Diana said.

"Diana it's time dear." Her mother said.

"Well I guess this it?" Clark said.

"Yeah, goodbye Clark." Diana said.

"Goodbye Diana." Clark said. They hug and Diana kissed Clark on the cheek. Diana boarded the plane and it took off. Clark watched the plane leave.

He was about to leave when he saw Chloe walking towards him with a suitcase. She smiled at him.

"Taking a trip?" Clark asked.

"I'm on my way to Gotham." Chloe said.

"Gotham, why." Clark asked as if he didn't know the answer.

"I'm going to spend the weekend with Bruce." Chloe said.

"You know I still don't see what you see in him." Clark said.

"You just don't like him because he reminds you of yourself." Chloe said.

"That is not true." Clark said.

"Really, that's why you two have the biggest hero complex." Chloe said.

"Well you can add a other one to that list." Clark said.

"Let me guess, Diana." Chloe said.

"Yeah." Clark said.

"Clark you should three should form a club, you know kind of like bunch of Super Friends." Chloe said.

"Sure and will spend most of our time in a place called the hall of justice," Clark said.

"Here comes my flight." Chloe said. Clark turned around and saw a Lear jet taxi to a stop. The door opened and a man in his early sixties, dressed in gray suit. He walked toward Chloe and Clark.

"Miss Sullivan, Master Wayne sends his regrets that he was unable to meet you here personally." He said.

"No problem, Alfred." Chloe said.

"And you must be Clark Kent, Master Wayne sends his regards." Alfred said.

"Tell him I say hi." Clark told Alfred. Alfred took the bag and started toward the plane.

"Be careful Chloe." Clark said.

"I'll be fine Clark." Chloe said. Then she hugged him and started toward the plane. She then stopped and came back toward him. When she got back to him she hugged him.

"Thanks for saving Lois." Chloe said.

"Your welcome." Clark said.

"I'll see you when I get back." Chloe said then she turned and headed toward the plane.

Clark walked into the Medical Center and was met by Lois' father.

"Clark, it's good to see you again son." He said.

"Thank you sir." Clark said.

"Chloe and your parents told me that it was you that brought Lois here." He said.

"Yes sir it was." Clark said.

"I just want to say thank you." He said and then shook Clark's hand

"I'm sure that Lois would have done the same for me." Clark said. Lane laughed

"Then you don't you Lois that well do you?" Lane said then walked out of the hospital. Clark watched him leave and then he knocked on Lois' door.

"Come in." Lois said. Clark opened the door and walked in. He found Lois sitting up in her bed flipping through the channels on the TV.

"Hi, how are you feeling?" Clark asked.

"Like a house fell on me literally." Lois said.

"Well, the main thing is that you're okay." Clark said.

"Yeah, thanks to you. Know you have a major hero complex that you might need to see a shrink for that." Lois said.

"You're going to make a full recovery." Clark said.

"Before I make a comment on your fashion I just want to say thanks for saving me. But I just hope that this is not your way for telling me that you have a secret crush on me." Lois said.

"Me having a crush on you is like you becoming a reporter for the Daily Planet." Clark said.

"That's in the realm on never going to happen. So what happened with you and the princess?" Lois asked.

"We're just friends." Clark said.

"Well that figures, tell you the truth I don't see what she saw in you anyways." Lois said.

"I'm going home I don't need this abuse." Clark said.

"Come one Clark just consider it a form of flirting." Lois said.

"You're flirting with me?" Clark asked.

"It's the drugs." Lois said.

"Right." Clark said and then he turned and left the room. Lois though about the dream she had for a moment.

"Me and Clark Kent, Give your head a shake Lane, that will never happen." She said to herself