Tohru Honda walked down the halls of Kaibara High School with Yuki and Kyo Sohma, smiling and recalling the fun times at the Sohma summer home at the beach.

"I had so much fun! With the swimming, stag beetles, watermelons, and the fireworks!"

"I'm glad you had fun. I believe also had a good time." said Yuki.

Unknown to them, they was being watched from inside an empty classroom. Motoko Minagawa, president of the Yuki Fan Club, turned from the door to face the two other representatives.

"There goes the witch again with our Prince. I am so sick and tired of seeing her hanging all over him! We must do something!"

"And soon!" put in first year representative Mio Yamagishi.

"Something she'll never forget!" added second year representative Minami Kinoshita.

"Yes, tomorrow at lunch, let's find her and teach her a lesson. One that will stick, so she shall stay away from our prince! And his cousin too!"

"All hail the prince!" they all exclaimed.

Yeah, it's really really short, but there should be more chapters coming. This is my very first post, so be nice please! .