Eddy: "Is it over? With Max I mean?"

J-Dude: "…Not sure. I can't sense him…"

Max: "Oh, the suspense is killing me."

They all turned so quickly that they cricked their necks. On a monitor, was Max Payne, in what looked like a small ship. He looked slightly battle damaged, but still whole, and still smirking.

Edd: "How did he ever…?"

Max: "A simple matter of ordering the launch of one of the Leviathan's wormhole generating escape pods. I had one deployed before I confronted you, in the case I had to leave with urgency. Always have a backup I say. Once I was inside, using the hyperdrive along with Instant Transmission was more than enough to get by. I should reach the Leviathan in a half hour. It was clever. I wouldn't have figured such a distinctive plan could come from such small-minded tots. Bravo, I applaud your efforts. You should be proud Jacob, they have indeed thwarted me, and for once without your aid. But I apparently am still alive, so until we meet again. Just remember, 'evil never dies'…"

The monitor went blank, as Max switched off the communication. A disgruntled silence fell upon The Eds and crew.

J-Dude: "Well, then it looks like we have a Uinverse scale war on our hands."

Edd: "You mean, it could be years before it's over?"

J-Dude: "Over? Before what's over?"

Edd: "Well, the struggle between the good and the evil. Surely this conflict will bring the Universe to either peace or ruin?"

J-Dude: "Sorry to disappoint you Double D, but that's not going to be decided by us."

Eddy: "Say what!"

Edd: "But, if we can't do it, I mean to say who can?"

J-Dude: "You don't entirely understand. The part we play in the epic battle between good and evil is still trivial compared to the big picture. In a sense, Max was right. Evil never dies. No matter what, even if you were to make all people with evil within them drop dead where they stood, evil would resurface again. It would in a sense, re-evolve. Whether it was a manic illness, or some kind of childhood grief, there will always be evil that comes out of even pure good. But it also works the other way around. You see, if Max 'wins', then sure, he will reign supreme for maybe as long as a few decades, maybe a few generations. But, whether he likes it or not, someone would surface from the darkness, and restore balance to the Universe. You ask me, will everything be alright in the end? I ask you, what end? The end of our lives? The end of Earth? Even if every planet was ground to dust, and all life destroyed, somehow, that dust would reform into rocks, and those rocks into asteroids, and those asteroids into planets. Soon, life has made a comeback, and the cycle starts over. So Max is right. Evil never dies, but in the same way, neither does the side of the good. It's what you do with the time that is given to you, that makes the difference for the here and the now. We sentient beings rarely look at our present. All our lives we look away, into the horizon, never concerned on where we are, what we are doing. It's a blind spot for all beings. We can't help it. But neither should we concern ourselves with the non-existent end of all things, rather than focus on problems in the near future at least. All that you need to decide is what to do with your present, and leave the future to itself. Let the future come to you, rather than run toward it, like trying to make your way up a descending escalator. This confrontation will clear itself as we work to solve our current problems. Time itself, the future, will find its way to us. The only thing people like us can do is fight, fight and keep fighting. Only then can evil be kept at bay, though never completely eradicated. What will come will come, and we'll be there ready to face it."

Outside their window, they looked out and saw the brilliantly glowing stretched oval that was the center of the Milky Way galaxy. So clustered with stars that it was vague and uncertain, like the future ahead of them. Yet even from where they stood, it still looked magnificent…

To Be Continued...

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