Being Serious

It was a new bright day and a little angel awakened to the beams of sunlight. Getting up and stretching she thank the Heavenly Father for a brand new day and a wonderful start to the day. The auburn haired angel went downstairs to find her mentor making breakfast and coffee was already made. The sight and smell of coffee woken up the little angel completely. And so, she got her first coffee of the day.

"Good morning Tess." greeted Monica cheerfully.

"Mornin' baby" Tess replied smiling.

"So what are we going to do today? Do we have another assignment yet?" Monica asked eagerly, always ready for another assignment.

"Yes, angel baby. I'll have to meet you up later, to tell you what's your assignment." Tess said becoming serious and giving Monica a piece of paper containing where to meet and the time.

With that done Tess went off to her own business and left Monica to her own musing.

'Tess didn't seem too happy about this assignment. She seemed so...serious about this one. But then again all the assignments have to be taken seriously. Right?' Monica thought as she ate her breakfast alone in the kitchen.

'Oh Heavenly Father, please help during this assignment. I don't know what's going to happened but it doesn't feel like there's going to be any good things happening.' Monica prayed as she finished her breakfast and got ready for her assignment.

The clock chimed 12:30pm. It was time for Monica to go meet Tess. Monica was worried about Tess and the up coming assignment. Tess usually was happy or was in a light mood when it came to an assignment. But she didn't seem too happy excited. Come to think of it she seemed very much the opposite. As Monica finished up getting ready and prayed a quick prayer she set out to her meeting.