CATEGORY: General, Het

STARRING: Ronon Dex, John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett

INTRODUCING OC: Maggie Jackson "Jax"

SUMMARY: Ronon Dex meets a member of the Atlantis expedition and he can't stand must be love.

WARNING: PG for language

Disclaimer: Don't own it; just borrowing the universe for a short while...and some fun. Have no money; please don't sue.



"Stop being a pain, get your ass back over here, sit down, shut up and take off your shirt!"

Ronon Dex slowly turns his head, glancing back over his shoulder, sending the small, annoying female his best death glare. Her impudent right eyebrow raises and her dark brown eyes match his, glare for glare. She doesn't blink. She barely breathes. She simply refuses to back down.

She's tiny compared to him, at least a foot shorter. Not delicately built, but not large either. He could easily break her into small pieces, twist her neck in a split second, crush her with one blow…but she refuses to back down. What is with the women of Atlantis anyway?

He's been here two weeks now. He's never met this woman before, but she speaks to him in a familiar tone that raises the roots of his hair. He feels guilty for not complying immediately which makes his blood boil. Where does she get off making him feel guilty?

She places her hands on her hips, raises that arched brow even higher if that's possible and purses her lips, sliding her lower jaw to the side in a show of annoyance. She refuses to back down!

Ronon grunts, tears off his shirt as he stomps back to the gurney and sits with his back to the nagging woman. Her fingers are like feathers over his injured skin, tickling almost and he can hear the snips from the scissors.

"Done," she says firmly. "Now get out."

Ronon shakes his head, grabs his shirt and stomps back to the door where his guard is waiting. He tosses a quick last glance at the woman, but her back is to him as she cleans up the bright blue stitches and strips off the white gloves. With a growl, he heads out the sliding doors, followed by his ever present shadow.

"Who is that woman?" he asks his shadow.

"Jax," is all the man says, but Ronon can clearly hear a slight amused tremor in the soldier's voice.

"I would enjoy shooting her."

"Get in line."

Ronon darts his eyes to the other man, but the soldier remains steadfast in his expression. So this, Jax, is not a well-liked female among the Atlanteans. Ronon nods in understanding.