These are new set of drabbles I'm writing for the "7 Snogs" LiveJournal Community. This drabbles was written for Theme Three: Embrace. Please enjoy.

Their relationship had never been a simple one, regardless of whether it was within their workplace or mingled in messily with their private lives. Riza Hawkeye assumed it to be natural that even now, after so many years together with Roy Mustang, she was still picking out his flaws, probably seeing him differently to what other women saw in him.

"Well for one thing, he's lazy," she thought, caught somewhere between rightful bitterness and some form of bemused affection as she watched him twirl his pen between his fingers and stare towards the heavy wooden door like it was denying him from the rest of his life. Perhaps it was useless to remind him that he should be working, but she does it anyway. She knows that if she attempts to keep him on task (or continues to annoy him, depending on whether you were taking it from his perspective or hers) he'll eventually get it done. Unfortunately for him he seems unable to realize that the more effort you put into something during the designated timeslot, the less you have to rush when something is overdue.

He was also untidy (or perhaps she was too clean?), but that came hand-in-hand with the unwillingness to work. She often just volunteered to file his reports, because more often than not, they ended up as a towering, dusty stack at the corner of his desk. She wouldn't have minded so much had he used the time she gave him to catch up on the paperwork he was almost definitely avoiding. Usually, it was spent either scribbling on spare sheets of notepaper or watching her move about the office, regarding her paradoxically when he thought she wasn't watching, or breaking into the familiar, lady-killer smirk when their eyes met.

Of course, this was their working life. Sometimes her personal and professional lives meshed together with such strange perfection that it seemed strange to look at him in a different way.

Then there was the private side of their relationship, the side kept to stolen glances and brief contact in the office; the short-lived public moments where their eyes might hold a delicate gaze for the briefest of moments, or he might trace the curve of her wrist with his gloved hands, the rough material leaving the faintest line of pink across her pale skin.

This is where she felt the "good side" of him could shine through; where she could see the truer semblance of him and judge him in her own eyes without any outside interference on how he acted, what he did.

It was the little things that make her feel like she's falling in love all over again. It was the way they would bid each other farewell at the end of the day, take two different routes home and end up at the same location. It was the look in his eyes when he watched her from across the table as they ate in companionable silence, with Black Hayate curling around their feet, looking for scraps. It was the way his gaze consumed her nakedness and he held her close to him, like they were a couple long married.

And in the mornings, when she got up to leave for headquarters first, he would always watch her as she moved around the bedroom, fiddling with her hair with an air of supreme frustration, almost tripping over Hayate's discarded toy but recovering with grace and smiling as she watched the little mutt crawl under the bed guiltily, tail following body limply.

And before she left, she would sit on the side of the bed and let him draw her onto his lap and draw her into a last, searing kiss before they returned to the world of work and masks and make-believe.

And perhaps that simple sign of acknowledgement what she loved about him best of all. There were times when he needed her to be Riza and others when he needed her to be First Lieutenant Hawkeye, but the feelings of love and loyalty were always there.

And that was one thing that none of his flaws could make her forget.

Notes: What was the "embrace"? Well, the final kiss was one, but the real "embrace" was supposed to be Riza embracing the highs and lows, and the public and private points of their relationship. It wasn't really clear (and I didn't write it as if I wanted it to be) but that was the hidden meaning, so to speak.

I hope you enjoyed this. One theme down, six to go!