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A Golden Bubble

I am innocent. Nothing they can say or do will change that fact. I have suffered for what I have done and I have suffered for what I have not done. I will remain strong. I will not be a lemming or a sheep. I will not follow blindly believing because they say it is so. I am strong and I will not die.

I cannot think for the pain. Reliving my life again and again, I betrayed my family and I paid for it by their hands, I sent Snape in under the willow, I told Lily and James to use Peter instead of me, I saw the house, I saw Lily, James, No one in this world believes I deserve any better that what I am getting. But do I? Do I deserve to be here? It is my fault that Lily and James are dead. Maybe I do deserve this place.

NO! I cannot believe that! I am innocent. If I believe any thing else then I will die. And I am not ready to die. Before I give up I must avenge Lily and James.

I begged a paper off of one of the inspectors today. He was startled to see me sane. The date on the paper tells me that I have suffered nearly 13 years for my crimes, whatever those may be. I do not entirely remember. To remember causes to much pain, and any thing worth remembering is long gone. The family on the front page seems familiar. I do not know for certain. To know causes pain. I do not think. I turn off my mind. The only time I must remember is when I dream, and I sleep rarely.

Peter! Wormtail! NO! Why? Why is he here? Has he come to finish me? He is staring at me. No. Be calm. He is not here. It is only the rat in the paper. Though he does look like him. Why that & & (#$#. He's found a wizarding family to take him in. the boy is at Hogwarts. Harry is at Hogwarts. He will be close to Harry. No one knows but me.

I am free! The curse is lifted. I can think and feel once more. I will always bear the scars but they will help more than hinder me I think. I would like to eat so I will eat. Freedom is such a wonderful thing, and you never realize what it means and entitles until you must go without. I have been without hope for a very long time. But now there is hope and now hope is a golden bubble, in a sea of black ink. Wouldn't the world be pleasant if you did not need the darkness to truly feel the sunlight on your shoulders? But it is not so. Their will always be pain and suffering in our world. The only thing to do is to accept the darkness with the light and just keep swimming. Persevere until you have made something of your life. And go down proud.