A Golden Bubble

Chapter 3

A Stagnant Pool OR So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

By: Padfoot'smoon

With Thanks to:

My mom, for actually leaving me alone long enough to write this. (A rare event)

Melodey70: for reading and reviewing all of my stories, and being helpfully sarcastic when I'm feeling depressed.

Everyone who has ever reviewed any of my stories. I'd put in a full list but since I'm so lazy that I don't want to go look it up… you know who you are.

And Remember, this chapter is here for three very simple reasons. 1) Because I feel like it, 2) BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT and 3) Because I feel like it. And what makes me feel like it is LOTS AND LOTS OF REVEIWS, Got that?

My mind decays like a stagnant pool, a puddle in a parking lot, snow by the side of a highway. My thoughts do not come clearly. My Mind is a muddle of pain, fear, and negativity. Time has lost all meaning but for one. The neat stack of cross word puzzles the answers to witch I have memorized in the long hours. I have 13. Bad luck. My luck can't get much worse now. It has been a very long time since I saw another human. The stone walls prevent any view of other prisoners, and the guards come infrequently. The Dementors I see more than enough of. If I ever saw, or felt another Dementor again it would be to soon. Far, far to soon. Oh look, here one comes. I'm sorry I have a previous appointment you can't have me just now.

James! No! Prongs! Lily! Harry…. no….

Maybe James will come back from the dead, Peter will come from back from the dark, and all will be as it was. Happiness, friendship, pranks and detentions. But I am afraid that time turners are rather scarce in Azkaban. I remember the time I caught Peter whispering in a corner with Malfoy and Snivellus. He said they had him cornered and where threatening him but I think he was Lying. Treacherous rat.

A guard comes. No. It is different. There are more. And that man. Where have I seen him? I do not know. Blustering fool. Good Crossword. The news is average drivel. Oh look, Rita Skeeter, still insulting people. Some people never change. The Date is July 19 1993. Oh. The light has faded to the point of not seeing anything. I will read it all in the morning. For now I will try not to sleep, for sleeping brings dreams and dreams bring fear and pain, fear and pain breed madness.

I have read the paper straight through twice. Dull as it is it is not good to dwell on my misfortunes. The picture on the front seem like I should know them, who they are. The rat. The rat. The rat. Where have I seen the Rat? The rat. Peter! Peter is the rat. peter is the rat. Peter is the rat. THAT RAT RATTED ON LILY AND JAMES! The boy! The rat is on the boys shoulder. The boy is at Hogwarts. Harry Potter. James Potter. Lily Potter. Harry is at Hogwarts. That rat could kill him at a moments notice. Harry. I must go. Padfoot is thin enough. The bars are spaced. So long, and thanks for all the fish, I'm going home.

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