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Things Don't Always Go Your Way


Summary: It's up to the Rangers and few old friends to stop Rita and Zedd. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have come up with a plan that forces the Rangers to go to the moon and bring with them three old friends. The question is…who are the three new Rangers?

Chapter 1 Return of Old Friends

"Zordon, why did you keep these power coins from us? Why didn't you ever tell us?" the White Ranger asked.

Tommy Oliver's mind was spinning with questions.

"Because, Tommy, their powers never held zords for them to control," Alpha explained.

"Where you nine are going, you don't need zords," Zordon said. "Tommy, your power coin was one of these. Alpha and I gave the power of the white tiger to the coin. There was no time to give these coins a zord."

Tommy nodded, understanding a little better.

"And where will we not need our zords?" Kimberly Hart asked.

The rest looked at the girl in pink, then back at Zordon.

"And who are the three new Rangers?" Rocky DeSantos added.

The thought of three new Rangers was something Rocky did not like. They had no idea who they were or anything like that. How would they work together in battle?

"Ever since the three new Rangers came into power, Rita and Lord Zedd have become stronger and are planning to move their castle to Earth. You must stop them before they do," Zordon said.

"How are we going to do that?" Aisha Campbell asked.

"By going to the moon," Zordon answered.

"Zordon, you know we just can't teleport ourselves to the moon," Billy Cranston said.

Zordon nodded his head in agreement.

"You are right, Billy. That's why you're taking this shuttle that Alpha has made," he said.

Alpha teleported the Rangers outside the Command Center. There they found what looked like a space ship.

"You're kidding, right?" Adam Park asked.

"This is unreal," Tommy said, just staring in amazement.

Alpha came walking out of the shuttle.

"This will be your transportation," he said.

"Prodigious," Billy smiled.

"Now back in the Command Center," Alpha said.

The rest followed him inside.

"And now, Rangers, I present the Orange, Aqua, and Purple Rangers," Zordon said.

The stream of the three colors entered the Command Center. Tommy's eyes, as well as everyone else's, grew as they looked upon the three new Rangers in front of them.

"Jason, Zack, Trini," Tommy yelled.

"All right," Kim said, running over to Trini Kwan to hug her.

"When do we leave?" Jason Lee Scott asked with a smile.

"This is great," Rocky said.

Zack Taylor's eyes met Aisha's.

"Hello. Aisha, right?" he asked.

"Right," she answered. "And you're Zack, correct?"

"I sure am," he said.

Kim finally let go of Trini.

"I'm so happy you're here," she said.

"It's good to be back," Trini replied with a smile.

"You know what that means don't you?" Adam asked Aisha.

Aisha gave Adam a puzzled look.

"No, what does it mean?" she asked.

"You three are going shopping," Adam laughed.

"I don't think we'll have time," Kim said walking up to them.

"You won't be leaving until tomorrow. I'm sure you three have a lot of catching up to do," Zordon said.

"Thanks, Zordon," Zack said.

"Great," Kim smiled.

It had been a good six months since they had seen each other.


Kim, Aisha, and Trini began to shop the very next day.

"Are you nervous about being back in action?" Kim asked Trini.

The three of them were walking through the mall.

"Not really. I think it'll be good to get back to action," Trini smiled.

"Oh, let's go in here," Kim said, taking Aisha and Trini's hands.

Aisha could not hold it in anymore. Trini had to know.

"Zordon didn't tell you," Aisha whispered.

"Tell me what, Aisha?" Trini asked.

"Yours, Jason's, and Zack's coins don't hold enough powers to stay PR's permanently," she sighed.

"I know that," the girl in purple said with a smile. "It's great to be back, even if it isn't for the long run."

Kim's communicator went off. They sighed and walked out of the store.

"We read you," Kim whispered.

"It's that time," a familiar voice said.

"Already, Tommy?" Kim asked.

"Zordon just informed me. We got to get going," he said.

"All right. Kimberly out," she replied.

"Boy, Zordon doesn't give you much time to catch up does he?" Trini laughed.


"All right, Rangers, it's time," Alpha said.

"Let's do it," Tommy responded.

"I've been ready for this for way too long," Jason smiled.

They all grabbed hands and began walking out.

"Rangers, one other thing," Zordon said.

They all turned to Zordon.

"Zedd and Rita will more than likely have traps," he told them.

"Don't worry," Billy assured him. "I think we can handle our worst fears now."

"May the power protect you," Zordon said.

Summary to the next chapter: The thought of the Rangers as they head to the moon.